JFF: How Will YOU Celebrate the Start of School Year?

Updated on July 26, 2011
J.W. asks from Gardner, KS
17 answers

Do you or your other adult friends/family have a special way to celebrate the return of school?

I'm not referring to special things you do with your kids, meals you prepare, photos you take or any other special family traditions. I'm talking about the devilish and selfish joy marking the return of school and some of your own breathing room to tend to your things.

Last year on the first full day of school I went to a favorite restaurant to read the newspaper and ate a beautiful piece of cake in complete silence. And I didn't have to share it with a single sole! It was heaven. I'd like to plan another such indulgence but haven't yet decided.

@ Dawn B: Hugs to you. That certainly is a different struggle and one I am not looking forward to.
@ PS: I know your feeling. I had a temporary tinge of sadness with my kids entering kindergarten but I quickly began to love the few hours of freedom it offered me.

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answers from San Francisco on

I'm with Dawn B, I'm doing the same thing with my son, it's a whole new experience. I am just thrilled that we are arriving a few days early and my son and I will be seeing and hiking in the Grand Canyon together, the first time there for both of us!
As far my other two go, I can't wait. They are both pretty much loafing around and cramping my style, lol, I am looking SO forward to them going back! They are going into 7th and 11th grade, I plan to spend the first week or so just chilling out and enjoying some QUIET in my own house :)

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answers from Topeka on

It will be hard for me to celebrate. My last and youngest child will be going to Kindergarten this year... I will miss his silly self!

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answers from Charlotte on


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answers from Houston on

My 1st day will be different. I'll be crying the whole day. It'll be my kid's 1st day in K :(

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answers from Phoenix on

My husband & I always go to lunch on 1st day of school. He has it on the calendar.

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answers from Dallas on

This will be my first year to have both children in school all day long. I think I will celebrate by climbing back in bed and sleeping until at least noon. I mean, I really need to rest since I will be having a baby in January.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I have three days left of him being in summer school. August will be interesting because my husband works a LOT in the summer. It's going to be the "mom show" until school starts. That reminds me I need to get planning some play dates ASAP!

On the first day of school I'll be doin' the Snoopy Dance!

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answers from Seattle on

LOL... We're TRYING to start a tradition of going to Disneyland Not Back To School Days that first week that school is back in session. But we keep ending up broke. Shucks!

<grin> We homeschool, so we're on a bit of an "opposite" schedule than most. During school breaks is when *I* get my break... because kiddo goes to camp!!! (usually, the past few months have been wacky with us in and out of the hospital). During the school year all of the 5yo+ daytime activities shut down, so I've got him all day every day sans his outside classes/activities. And lets face it. Even if you don't stay and watch, needing to be back in an hour puts a serious crimp on "personal" time. Sanity saver? Yup. Serious adult time? Not so much.

That first day of camp? I live in my car (because my house always needs cleaning, to have true freedom I need to not be in my house!). I bring my laptop, and chainsmoke, and call friends, and read, and go lingerie shopping, and watch R rated movies/Tv -on the laptop-, and essentially just do every little self indulgent unhealthy thing that I can think of with my 'role model' / 'responsible adult' hats flung up on a flag post for awhile.

LOVE camp.

Sigh. Kiddo was sick this spring/summer so there has been not only no camp, but none of his regular sports and activities. No spring break camp. No summer camp. Mama's a little loopy right now.

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answers from San Francisco on

This is the first year my oldest will be going to school. I am very sad that he won't be with me during the days anymore. I am looking forward to more quality time with my littlest, but I will miss my oldest terribly! I know it sounds silly, but he is such a joy to be around---I don't want to miss anything new that he does. I think he is so ready for kindergarten, but it will be an adjustment for us bothe for awhile.


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answers from Minneapolis on

With a sigh of relief and a proud smile...that's about it!

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answers from Denver on

I start my job the first day of school this year. It was the same way last year, so it helped to divert my attention a little. Not a huge job, but just doing something differently that I don't do all summer.

So I will stop the car so my middle schoolers can escape in a safe manner. And then go to the other building and take my 1st grader to before school care. Come home and enjoy the quiet for an hour while eating breakfast and catching up on the news. Then I go to work.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Dawn, I want to blubber!! Mamazita, I feel you. My daughter is starting college as well but her university is close to home, she wanted to stay in Southern California. I am so proud of the young lady she has grown into and I look forward to this next phase

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answers from St. Louis on

I hate sending my kids back to school...life is sooooo good when thy are out!



answers from Denver on

I'm not sure that it is a day to celebrate for me. My oldest will be starting her Senior year of high school and my youngest will be starting her Freshman year of high school...BOO HOO. I love my kids and love having them home over the summer. The school year is always so hectic with homework, extra curricular activities and everything else that I never feel like we have time to "let our hair down" and relax. Summer breaks are just too short and I never want them to end.



answers from Chicago on

My sweet, kind, loving, mama's boy will be going into 2nd grade....i will be sad

my 2 loud, crazy, drive me nuts, daughters will be in kindergarten & preschool....they get out at 11:45, it's till going to be a very long day with them



answers from Sacramento on

Maybe as my kids get older I'll feel differently, but I dread school starting again. I work from home so I am home with my kids all the time and I LOVE having them home in the summer. For me they grow too fast... I miss them when they are in school. I do love to hear about the stuff they learn and how much fun they have though. I'd rather have a break from work than my kiddos.


answers from Medford on

well our grand daughter will start preschool,, so her mommy will take her to school before going to work, and I think I am picking her up a couple hours later. So my plan is, to make sure they stop here first to see me, and get photos,, and send her off with mommy,, then set the timer so I dont forget to go get her,,lol

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