JFF: How Old Is Your Child/weight/height

Updated on October 01, 2013
Y.G. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
16 answers

My son is going to be 7 on Friday... He's 47lbs and 48ish inches tall....Little guy :)
He has some friends that are over 60lbs already...

He will eventually have a growth spurt. I'm 5'10" and my husband is 6'2"...

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answers from Minneapolis on

My daughter is 6: 44" (3'8") and 45lbs
My son is 9: 57" (4'9") and 74lbs

My daughter is a peanut and my son is very tall.
I'm 5'3" and my husband is 6'1"

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answers from San Antonio on

14 5'3" 95lbs (average)
12 5'0" 50lbs (skinny)
(they EAT all the time!!!)

me 4'10" 115
dad 6'4" 350

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answers from Seattle on

My son just turned 8 last week. He is about 54 inches and weighs 76lbs. He is active, plays on two soccer teams and is a muscular guy. His doctor said he is in the 97% for weight and 80% for height. He is not worried.
My other son just turned 11 last week. He is 5 feet tall, size 8 1/2 men's shoes, and weighs 87lbs. He is a tall and thin kid! Over 100% in height but only 50's for weight.
My boys are so different!! But both healthy.
My daughter is 2 1/2 and I don't remember her exact height and weight. I just remember that she is perfectly perportionate at 97% for height and weight.
I grow 'em big. :)

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answers from Norfolk on

At 4 yrs old our son was 42 lbs and 42 in tall.
Between 4 and 5 he shot up 4 inches.
He did it again for 6 and again at 8.
Right now he's 14 (will be 15 end of Oct),and is 6 ft 1 in and 210 lbs - we've got to watch his weight - he's at the stage where he barely slows down to chew his food.
He might grow a few more inches before he's done.
I'm 5ft 5in and Dad is 6ft 1in.
Our pediatrician said he could easily end up being 6ft 4in.

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answers from San Francisco on

My son has been in the 95 % for height and the 25% for weight since he was an infant. He eats well, exercises a ton. He is just built this way. No surprise that he loves endurance sports (he just did his first triathlon at 14--Olympic distance). I used to worry about his weight a lot. Then we went to his first cross country meet....all the kids there were built like him. He also eats a lot, but gravitates toward very healthy choices first by his taste and now because of listening to his coaches.

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answers from New York on

My daughter is 11 1/2. She is 4'10 and about 78 lbs. She's always been right around 50th percentile.

My son is about to turn 9 and he is about 4'6 and probably 65 lbs. He's one of the tallest in his grade.



answers from Boston on

My 7 year old is about the same size...maybe and inch or two shorter, actually. He's going to be 8 in January so he's a really, really little guy. My youngest son (the 7 year old) normally tracks in the 20% range for height and weight.

My 9 year old son has gotten a lot bigger in the past year (in terms of bulk - he's not fat but has put on some muscle) and is now 54 inches and 73 lbs. He normally tracks in the 50th percentile for height and weight.

My 15 year old (step) daughter is 5'2 or 5'3 and a little under 110 lbs. Size 0-2. I have never, ever been that thin! She's been done growing height wise for several years so her challenge will be to not gain too much weight as she gets older. Her mom is naturally very slender so I hope she inherits that gene. She has always tracked short and slender.

My 16 year old son is over 6 feet tall and under 140. His projected growth has always been about 6'3 (80th percentile?) with weight in the 50th percentile and BMI in the 20th percentile.



answers from Los Angeles on

My seven year old is 44lbs and 45inch. He's even smaller than yours! I don't know how he's going to end up. I have jockeys on one side of my family and giants on the other.



answers from St. Louis on

My son just turned 7. He is 54" tall and weighs about 57 pounds. He has ALWAYS been off the charts in height and around the 50th percentile in weight. My girls on the other hand are both about 5'2". One is 19 and the other is 13. My step son is 6'5" (he is 24).
I am only 5' 2 1/2" so, I have long come to terms with the fact I will probably be looking up to my son well before he exits elementary school. LOL My hubby is about 6'1".



answers from San Diego on

My son just turned 6 and is 62lbs and 49" tall. He has been in the 98% tile for height and weight since he was born.

My daughter just turned 1. She is 22lbs and 31" tall.



answers from Des Moines on

My 8 year old son (this past April) is 46.5 inches and 45 pounds. I think he is 1% on growth chart for height. He has not grown the standard two inches a year for at least 2 years now, so we are going to see an endocrinologist.

So, your guy is pretty tall compared to my little guy ;)



answers from Chicago on

My daughter is 11. She is 5'3 and weighs 88 pounds.
My son turned 5 a couple of months ago. He is 45 inches and 44 pounds.
My youngest son is 17 months. He is 34 inches tall and weighs 26.4 pounds.
My kids are all pretty tall for their ages.



answers from Kansas City on

12 yr old (almost 13) 55. 1/2 inches tall & 62lbs.
7 yr old (almost 8) 51 1/2 inches tall & 49 1/2lbs
6 yr old 42 inches tall & 38lbs

My oldest is finally starting to grow, but she is still the smallest one in her class. She is small but MIGHTY!!! My other two take after daddy in height, so they are both going to be tall.



answers from Orlando on

My oldest son will be 6 in November. He is 45" tall & weighs 44lbs.
My youngest son is 4yo. He is 43" tall. & 44 lbs.



answers from San Francisco on

6 year old - 48" and 52 lbs
Almost 3 year old - 36" and 28 lbs



answers from Santa Barbara on

My son will be 7 in a month. He is 54 lbs and 49inches. I'm always told (by strangers or who ever) that he is so tall. I am not really sure now after seeing this post. He has put on weight (he is now in the 60th percentile for weight and I think 70th for height).

I am tall for a woman (5'9") yet my husband has some very short people in his family, so I am not sure how tall he will end up.

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