JFF- How Many Unread Emails in Your Inbox?

Updated on January 16, 2014
J.S. asks from Chandler, AZ
19 answers

I am horrible about cleaning out my email. So many ad emails come through daily that I often ignore. If there is something important, say email correspondence between my ex and I about the kids, or confirmations of an online order, I will save to a different folder. But anything else gets left in my inbox, read or unread. I am now up to a whopping 23,771 unread emails! And this account is only a few years old. Anyone else terrible at this as well?

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answers from Spokane on

No unread emails in my work email or my home email. I either open and complete the task and delete, move to appropriate folder, add to calender or delete the email.

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answers from San Francisco on

I guess I have a good spam filter, I would say 98% of my inbox is valid, legitimate stuff. I don't usually get more than five or six messages a day so it's easy to read, respond then delete or save.
Maybe you need some new software!

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answers from Richland on


I can't even stand spam in the spam filter.

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answers from Wausau on

One. It's an email with links to free eBooks. I know it is there but I'll look at it later when I have my Kindle handy.

The very first thing I do when I check my email is go through and delete all the ads and similar that I don't want to read, leaving behind only the important and interesting stuff. Then as I deal with the rest, deleting or filing as I am finished with whatever each email requires of me.

Unless I intentionally save something for later, like the email I mentioned before, I have no unread messages left when I'm done.

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answers from Reading on

Yep. Same - 19,850

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answers from Portland on

4217. Just checked. I feel like I'm on everyone's 'list'. Don't know how it got that bad, but it did!

My spam is cleaned out daily, however. I check to make sure 'good' mail didn't get in there.

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answers from Miami on

Dear heavens. I do clean out all the ads and junk - I delete them before I read any of my emails. But I keep so many emails in my "not read" inbox because they either have pictures in them that friends have sent me, or I might want to go back and read them, that I now have over 3000. I remember when 300 was shocking. I didn't know that email would even hold in the 5 figures! Wow!!

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answers from Chicago on

2205 in my active Yahoo account (I use it to communicate with tenants and all my retail address shares for getting coupons or ordering online)

I don't even check another Yahoo account -- I abandoned it to the SPAM years ago

0 in my Gmail account (I use this for school communication and my family--parents, siblings and husband only)

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answers from Dallas on

47,000 all totaled. Not sure about the unread I really need to delete stuff...

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answers from New York on

None! But there sure are a lot in my trash!

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answers from McAllen on

More than 12,000. Yes, I am ashamed.

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answers from Jacksonville on

I dunno. I have a Mac and anything designated junk and filtered by my provider goes into a junk box that I never get in my mac mail box. And I practically never go log into the actual provider's mail account. Just in my mac mail, though, I usually sort through old stuff and delete when I notice it has hit the 3,000 range.

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answers from Washington DC on

nothing unread. but 1200 to which i haven't replied, or wanted to save for some obscure reason..........
S. (grateful for her excellent spam blocker)

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answers from Grand Forks on

3250, but I recently tried cleaning it out.

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answers from Santa Fe on

I just delete daily. But I don't move emails I want to keep into folders except for a few topics. So, I have an inbox of 85 read emails that I want to keep for some reason. I think I have 2 unread. What I do is open email and immediately delete all the ones that are not personal. I don't usually even look at them.

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answers from Austin on

Over 2500 tonight, but I cleared out 3000 earlier today..




answers from Kansas City on

Holy cow!! I thought I was bad. I have over 4,000 unread messages.


answers from Phoenix on

I did have over 8000 but now it stays just under 1000. I hated it so I'm glad I have it relatively under control. lol


answers from San Francisco on

I have 208 unread currently. And I clean it out daily. :(

That being said, I guess I should get back to work. Ugh.

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