JFF How Many Items Do You Have in Your Inbox?

Updated on August 24, 2012
F.H. asks from Gilbert, AZ
21 answers

I have over 7,800...I'm a little behind in my Outlook filing. Ugh.

I have been working at it for a couple hours and I'm down to 5,725 now. Please tell me I'm not alone!

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So What Happened?

Jo, read and just sitting in my inbox. I have ADD so I don't do anything with them after I open them. lol I have clients and folders to stick them in, but don't have all of them in there. So I've sorted it by "from" and am either deleting them or filing them in the client file under clients name. Ugh. Its going to take forever doing this in my "free" time and I'm NEVER going to let it get behind again!!!

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answers from St. Louis on

You mean unread? 0! It is one of my things, I can't stand unread mail. I can't stand when I have a red number in the corner here. I can't ignore it, it drives me!!!

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answers from Phoenix on

1900. I've maintained 1900 for years now. I've had my hotmail account since 2001, so some of the emails are important and have information and recipes that I don't want to write down, but want to keep handy.

The funny thing is, I will not let it get over 1900. I will go in and delete lesser important ones if I'm going over the 1900 mark. I don't know why.

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answers from Kansas City on

I'm completely with Jo W on this one!!!

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answers from Columbus on

Almost 5,000. I read them and then hang on to them. I probably could get rid of a lot, but I've had to go back to old ones before and sometimes it's interesting to see the really old ones.

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answers from Seattle on

1,603 in my hotmail inbox.
I have 5,616 here on mamapedia (but that's my flowers and personal messages!)

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answers from Williamsport on

I have 1439, but only because I purged a couple of months ago.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

9078. I never go read them, well, maybe once a month I will go and click on the 'Messages only' line. Then I see old messages and might answer them.

If I get a message that I was reported for an inappropriate answer to someone then I look at the messages and flowers for that day and almost always I will have messages and a page or two of flowers from the others that wanted to say the same thing I did but couldn't figure out a way to say it nicely.

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answers from Albany on

I've got 55 emails in my only email account.

I can't STAND looking at them. It's like the electronic equivalent to the pile of papers on the counter.

But then I don't have any work related stuff there, and you probably do, right?


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answers from Chicago on

In my personal email: About 400 unread messages.

I started a new email account whose address I only give to family members, personal friends, and my son's school.

All other email gets sent to the other address.

When I was working I once let my in-box get up to 2k some. Most of it was booking confirmations which I was supposed to be saving to the shared drive. Whoops--no one mentioned that to me for my first 4 months at my job :)

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answers from Charlotte on

I hate this question. Ya know why? Because I hate my answer! I have 1845. I hate it everytime I look, too.

Most of them are pictures that I am afraid that I will lose one day. If they are kept in my unread mail, I can't lose them, right?

I remember laughing when a friend told me she had 300. I will never laugh again at anyone who says they have 300 emails in their inbox...


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answers from Chicago on

Personal gmail - about 2500.
I do a 'delete unwanted mails' day once a month.

Alternate gmail - about 3000.
Mostly ads or such. I do mass-deletes once every fortnight.

My older yahoo ID - about 9000 when I last checked, which was 4 months ago. Now, I forgot my ID itself.

When I was working, my office inbox used to have about 15000 mails. I always filed and cataloged into personal folders.
Work - communications - always saved and stored. Never deleted, except for announcement and Ad mails.

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answers from Chicago on

yahoo has 2932 unread
gmail 1 has 490 unread
gmail 2 has 40 unread

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answers from Pocatello on

LOL yeah that's a lot! I just never let mine get out of control. I usually clear mine every couple of days. I get frazzled when i see like 10 on there and think, "I gotten clear this!" I think 7000 would drive me crazy! lol

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I have 20,647! Every once in a while I will try to clean them with the hotmail sweep feature. A lot of them are from stores who send email almost daily.

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answers from Chicago on

23, 000 and I have to delete stuff to send each day as it's full.

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answers from Boston on

4383 in my personal e-mail unread.

4919 at work in my account, 911 unread

87 unread and 112 total in another shared mailbox that I'm in charge of

Here on MP...4503. I never look at those.

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answers from Austin on

You mean here or on your email.?

I always have 580 on here, because when it switched over to mamapedia, I tried to clear out the 1000 + messages and it just was taking too long. I finally gave up at 580, but it does drive me insane. How many years has it been?

On my husbands computer, he also gets my emails.. because I used to use his machine it has over 7000 "unread" even though , I also have email on my cell phone, my ipad and my desktop.. So I read my email off of my ipad and desktop..I need to get my daughter to get rid of the emails off of my phone..

All of it drives me batty and with my husbands ADHD, I have to every once in a while and delete the emails i do not want archived or he has a fit, because he really thinks I have ignored all of those emails.

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answers from Detroit on

last time I noticed, it was 3,478. I thought that was a lot till I see what
others have! Thanks for making me feel good. I also hate to delete
the ones with personal pix on them. Love pictures!

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answers from Amarillo on

In my e-mail box I have over 7,000. My other account in gmail I don't know I have to find the password to clean it out.

You are not alone with many. One time I had 10,000 and vowed not to have that many again.

The other S.

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answers from San Francisco on

I have just over 350. I thought I was bad! You made me feel better!



answers from Wausau on

Zero, because I've been keeping it clear on a regular basis lately. I've had the mega-stack of email too though, so you're not alone. Once you get it under control, it is easy to maintain on a daily basis.

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