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Updated on September 12, 2011
C.C. asks from San Francisco, CA
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Hi mamas,
I love Halloween and have such happy memories of it from my childhood. So of course, every year I go totally overboard with my kids' costumes. This year my older daughter is going to be Glinda the Good Witch, and my younger daughter is going to be Dorothy Gale (complete with Toto in a basket). My 6 year old looked at me and sweetly asked, "Mommy, will you dress up as the Wicked Witch? Daddy can be your flying monkey!" BAHAHAHA!

So, what Halloween costumes are you considering in your house this year? Do you buy them early, or wait until the last minute?

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answers from Tampa on

I love to make them and my daughter loves me making them! Although, I will say with all the time and money I put into it, it would probably be cheaper to buy! But, I usually start the process around this time. My younger daughters have worn the hand me downs. This year, my 5 year old decided on all the costumes: Alice in Wonderland for her, Queen of Hearts for the middle girl, and the Cheshire cat for the youngest. I love the idea and have started looking online for some cute homemade ideas :)

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answers from Chicago on

We ♥ Halloween! We are all about the scare! This year we will be a Zombie family. I found a costume for zombie girl w/cut up footed pajamas and pig tails. Of course creepy makeup! I figure ill get one at target for 12.99 and rip and stain it myself. Save me the $40 they want for the costume. It does include a headless teddy bear, but i figure we can pick one up at the dollar store and torture him! LOL. Have a great Halloween! Make it fun!!! My daughter originally wanted to be a smurf. I said "are you sure? ALOT of kids are gonna be smurfs because of the movie". And she is all about not having a costume like everyone else.She says "ok, then ill be a dead smurf". Ummm bad idea i would hate to do that to the kids that love them! LOL

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answers from Rochester on

We never buy costumes because it's too expensive...we have to make them. For my oldest daughter's second Halloween, I made her a nun costume, which was so adorable! We've made her a pancake, bacon and eggs costumes, a robin costume, Holly Hobby, a butterfly princess...and I guess for her first, she was a pumpkin because my mom bought her the costume.

I don't have any ideas this year, but a fun one when I was young was to dress as a bunch of grapes. You wear all green and blow up a bunch of purple balloons and tape them around you. :) I remember dressing up as She-Ra once.

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answers from Kansas City on

we have a 2 1/2 year old and 9 month old twins. Our oldest boy has only had 1 costume (it is unusually large and fit him 2 years in a row). He was 7 months old for his first halloween and 19 months old for his 2nd. and he wore the same costume for both. He was a chicken!!!!!!! It is the cutest little costume you have ever seen in your entire life!!!!! lol, at least we think so. This year we would have to get him a new costume if we were going to take him out. This past Halloween my hubby just took him up the street and to a friend from church who lives 1 block over and then drove him over to my in-laws. I was 8 month pregnant with the twins at the time and there is no way I could have waddled around in the dark, LOL. BUT, we did paint my gigantic tummy like a great big pumpkin and wrote each twins name on the sides of my tummy. so I stayed home and handed out candy, i actually scared one little kid, he was scared of my big tummy and didnt know what was going on, i still feel a little bad about that. we arent really big on halloween, but it is so fun to see kids dressed up all cute then they are little!

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answers from Kansas City on

we get really into halloween :) my mom always has a huge party, this year she wants to do a "fortune telling" table, complete with crystal ball. i am thinking of doing professor trelawney from harry potter. my son is so dead set on spiderman, and it would be hard to do a really good spiderman from scratch, so to walmart we go. i have made lots of our costumes. one year when he was little, i was a devil, my husband was an angel, and he was half devil/half angel. it was adorable! the next year he was a rock star, he carried his toy guitar, and i just got him some combat boots, baggy jeans, a sleeveless t-shirt, bandana and some fake tattoos. that one was awesome :) LOVE IT! i feel like i start thinking about it earlier each year lol. since my hubby and son both have late september birthdays, i try to keep it toned down until after them :)

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answers from Honolulu on

Well my whole thing is not spending a lot on it.
I have limited budget.

My kids dress up the same. They are cute that way.
They have been ghosts, or just in their pajamas, or wearing a matching superhero t-shirt with red capes etc.

Oh I buy them already, before the stores run out.
I go to E-bay.
They have all kinds of costumes or props etc.

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answers from Austin on

My mother used to find the best costumes at garage sales for our daughter when she was little.

As she got older she started designing her own..

She want as a Mexican Free tail Bat. (We have the largest colony here in Austin).

She went as a Tree.. Lots of painted foam and wires with an all brown body suit.. with a head full of leaves.

For some odd reason our little neighbor across the street always went as a food product. (her parents only let her eat "healthy foods").
A Chocolate Milk shake one year, French Fries, A fried chicken leg, A Hostess cupcake. You get the idea.. They all looked amazing, but I wondered if her parents understood her fascination with Junk food, And what happened to al of the candy she collected?
Hee, hee..

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answers from Milwaukee on

Already have them for all 3 of my kids :) I pick them up when I see something they want that's a good deal.
The 2 year old boy - Old Navy purple dragon off Craigslist for 8 bucks
The 4 year old girl - Sleeping Beauty costume (blech ;)) rummage sale 3 bucks
The 7 year old - Scary werewolf costume from the consignment shop for 10 bucks!
Everyone is happy this year!

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answers from Phoenix on

Well, our ex's were supposed to have our kids this year and mine flaked (as usual) so we will have the kids and they have not decided yet although there is a LOT of discussion about it. When we weren't going to have the kids, hubby and I were going to dress up really bloody and scary and run around the neigborhood and scare the kids! Darn...will have to wait til next year maybe...

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answers from Topeka on

I'm thinking of making a s'mores costume for the youngest,butterfly fairy for my 4 yr old,& my 8 yr. old have no idea.We do buy ours on clearance but I have yet to go there,plus I have this idea of making a s'mores costume this year they all want to be one.

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answers from San Francisco on

Oh, dear! I'm always partial to family themes too!

This year, pur family is debating Harry Potter theme- with me as Professor McGonagall. I was fine with it in principle, but when I look at pictures the character, it's a little hard to take. No disrespect to the distinguished Dame Maggie Smith, who looks amazing for her age, she is just 40 years my senior.

PS- The kids are asking Daddy to be Hagrid!! So fitting!!! (but don't tell my husband I said that!!) ;) haha!

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answers from Charlotte on

I love Halloween too! I bought my girls costumes the other day b/c they were on clearance at Party City and it was just what they wanted. I was so happy! One is Star Song, my little pony and the other wants to be an indian princess. I got a princess of persia costume and i'm going to get some sparkly material to make a sari to go over it.

I'm already planning our halloween party too! I was also thinking of doing a countdown calender to halloween, like an advent. Overboard? hahaha!

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answers from Tucson on

My 8 yr old wants to be a cheerleader, maybe a dead one or a monster high girl. My 3 yr old will be a kangaroo (hand me down from 8 yr old), and my 5 month old i really want to make him a monkey.

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answers from Los Angeles on

IDK about myself or the kids but I do know that the husband is going to be the Phantom from The Phantom of the Opera and I am going to have fun helping him get dressed but even more fun helping him get out of his. costume! Yum!

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answers from Los Angeles on

Our daughter is going to be a pirate and we were going to be zombies. But we decided on just being pirates with her. My guy is a mechanic and if he can't make it home to change thats what he will be for Halloween. =P

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