JFF - Ever Wish You Had a Different Fashion Lifestyle?

Updated on June 22, 2012
B.F. asks from Redwood City, CA
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I love the fact that I don’t HAVE to get dressed up all the time but every once in a while a magazine or TV show will make me miss the days of getting gussied-up! (Ok, I’m not as old as that phrase just made me sound ;)

I lead a very full but very casual lifestyle both professionally and personally – no office dress code or work parties, no fancy friends’ parties, no time or money for any other types of outings anymore. It’s not like I’m in sweats all the time and most of the time I’m grateful. But there’s a part of me that misses having places/occasions to wear dresses, heels, jewelry… REAL makeup! Part of this wish is severely flawed since I hate shopping and think everything is overpriced. LOL But still, the urge is there. Maybe when the money comes in and the kids get older I can start finding more opportunities and until then I’ll just be try to be content with my fairly stylish but very boring wardrobe.

Do you find ways to get dressed up on occasion just because you feel like it? Or do you wish you DIDN’T have to get dressed up every day? Dads chime in too… I know there are some very fashion conscious men out there so give it up ;)

Happy Friday! (as I get ready to go home and pack for camping… *SIGH ;)

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answers from Los Angeles on

I just wish I had any fashion sense at all anymore. Its summer, school is out and my DH asked "are you ever gona do anything besides a ponytail? its been that way all week...."


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answers from Dallas on

My good frined is Hispanic. Her family gets dressed to the hilt for special occasions. Weddings, and quincineras especially. Her budget for a dress is between 500 to 2,000 for each event for herslf. She has probably 15 to 20 formal events, per year. She doesn't like to wear the same dress twice and loves the gogeous, embellised, tight fitting evening gowns. She also dresses her children beautifully. Sometimes I envy the dress up events, not just for the clothes, but for all the glamour and pomp and circumstance. mostly I'm really glad my culture doesn't require that type of financial drain.

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answers from New York on

whenever I watch the show What Not to Wear I wish that someone would take me on shopping spree and tell me how to dress. I wear scrubs to work and usually jeans and tee shirts at home. I feel pretty blah. Would love a more put together look. As far as getting dressed up in suits and dresses - I don't really like to bother with that, probably because I don't have anything and if I go to a function that requires dress up, I have to go shopping and I can never find what I like.

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answers from Cleveland on

Oh I feel ya! I'm not a "girlie girl" as far as ever HAVING to have a mani/pedi. Or expensive jewelry or shoes. But yes in my "hayday" I ALWAYS had on makeup (eye shadow and liner and mascara) I wore nice outfits, even if was just nice jeans w/cute boots and enjoyed going out!
Now I am home 99.9% of the time w/ my hubs and boys and wouldn't change it. But the I see the unrealstic shows like the "real" housewives of what ever and I start thinking "I really should get my hair colored/nails done/workout/get implants/tummy tuck.................. lol
But I could never belike that every day!

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answers from New York on

I don't. The office went to office casual about 5 years ago and I love it. heels and stockings and skirt suits, are a real bother when you face an hour long subway ride in the summer. Not much fun in the winter either. great savings on the drycleaning too. Now I wear smart trousers, blouses, sweatersets, sheath dresses and the occassional blazer, cute flats or kitten heels and I am so much happier. Mani and pedi go without saying. Makeup has never really been my thing, but a swipe of lipstick and I am out the door.
Weekends have me in darkwash jeans, a witty or black t-shirt and converse or flipfops.

Take your fancy, and take your schleppy. I'm happy with my middle ground.

good luck to you and yours,
F. B.

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answers from Detroit on

A couple of months ago I started to feel the same way. What I did was

1. subscribed to several different fashion blogs
2. started to try different styles outside of my norm.
3 started to purchase a lot accessories like purses, bracelets, neclaces ect..
4. Yes I dress up even when I am not going anywhere because it makes me feel good.

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answers from Colorado Springs on

I don't have too many grass-is-greener moments. But I find that "wanting to dress up" is usually a warning to me that I'm not caring much about how I look here and now. I'm getting lazy - or discouraged.

Then it's time for me to get myself a better attitude. I can put together outfits from what I have in the closet (maybe they'll be casual, but they'll be put together). I can make sure my clothes fit. And do I really have to wear pants all the time just because I'm at home? No! Must I stick to flip-flops or athletic shoes or clogs? No! I do wear makeup every day because without it I look like death warmed over, and nobody should have to see that even in the grocery. If you don't have to wear it, be happy. If you want to wear it, wear it.

I can't make it possible for myself to go out to a fancy place, but where I am I can look good, if I decide I'm worth caring about.

Have a good time camping with your family! I bet you'll be the best-looking camper there - and the most fun.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I feel this exact same way! Although I do love shopping-alot :-)
I love things like pencil skirts and heels but if I bought them they would just sit in my closet. And on the rare occasion I have to dress up I have more than enough already. It is one thing I do miss about working-getting to put together fun outfits every day and then talk fashion with my work friends.

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answers from Kansas City on

The only time I wish I had different fashions is when I watch things like Captain America and wish I could look as glamorous as Agent Carter. I'm thinking of doing a vintage pinup girl photo shoot with a lady that does them around here, if I can save up enough for it.

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answers from Dallas on

I don't like to dress up and my job usually does not require it but when it does usually I am the least dressed up of everyone. I don't wear normal dress shoes because of back problems. I am not allowed to. So dresses do not happen for me!!!! Which is not a problem!!! I have no issue with wearing slacks and a nice blouse. If I must. But would be happy to never have to dress up ever again!!!

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answers from Pocatello on

I love getting dressed up... I wish i could wear evening gowns every weekend... but unfortunately, I would look like a fruitcake.

What I do do is overdress my girls for any occasion, and wear somewhat fancy clothes myself on every holiday. I make excuses to be froo-froo. I bought my eldest pageant "blank" dresses (dresses that are poofy and fluffy but haven't been bedazzled yet, and she wears them to parties, on holidays, at weddings, etc. We go a little crazy with halloween and on the very seldom date night, my husband and I will go clubbing and I wear some risque clothing then. I do wish we had super nice formal resturaunts around here, you know- the kind that you are SUPPOSED to wear a suit and jacket to, and ladies wear evening gowns and heels... but we don't really... when the kids are older and we have purchased a house I keep promising myself i am going to host cocktail parties, since our friend's beer-pong parties, though fun... don't quit do it for me!


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answers from Norfolk on

I have a passion for fashion. I'm retired now, so I wear a lot of jeans. I always pair them with nice shoes, sweater, or blouse. I wear complementary jewlery, and put make-up on everyday. Also, I love jeans with a shirt and a jacket. I don't want to look old and dumpy! While I was staying home for a few years with my kids, I still took the time to look put together. I figure it's one of the only presents you can give yourself. Also, it sends a positive message to your kids about how you feel about yourself! I go to thrift shops often, and I find a lot of designer clothes that are in good shape. I also scour the internet for huge sales. I tend to find that shipping is also free a lot of the time. You will definitely feel a lift in your spirits if you feel good about the way you look!

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