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Updated on March 28, 2012
C.S. asks from Racine, WI
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I started working on a bucket list for the summer. Things that I want to accomplish, (ie: longstanding summer projects around the house), but more importantly things I want to do with the kids...visit the Zoo..but different zoo's in other cities, etc...fun stuff..whether it's at home or not...what's on your summer bucket list of funtastic times with the kiddo's?

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answers from Phoenix on

I'm home with the kids all summer...only thing on my list EVERY summer is to try to stay cool and out of the heat! Its consistantly over 110 here every day. Yuck! =)

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answers from Austin on

Clean garage and finally stop being a hoarder.

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answers from Philadelphia on

hmm a bunch
most of mine are pretty much free because i'm poor besides gas (all accompanied by picnics) so I'll be doing them a lot hopefully
-grill and picnic outside as much as possible
-take Emmy on a boat /canoe ride
-play in the river
-go tubing down the river -the free kind where you go yourself
-go to the beach for day trips and picnic whenever possible
-go to the mountains and hike and play in th waterfalls and swim at the lake
-hike in diferent state parks and find awesome places to eat lunch -we ussually eat behind or next to a waterfall or up on a huge rock ...
-make a firepit outside
-bbq with family and friends
-go camping
-emmy will want to go on as many rides as possible
-find new areas to visit close by
-go to a waterpark with my boyfriend
-I'm hoping to go on a 5 day trip camping and have emmy join the 1st 2 or 3 days and then have my ex pick her up and finish the trip with some alone time with my boyfriend
-visit my niece in NC with my daughter
-visit DC again and do the free museums
-find free zoos and go
-lots of trips to go swimming with friends
-start my website up again and get free tickets to amusement parks and fun places to review them again!!

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answers from Savannah on

Take our son to the beach for the 1st time!

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answers from Atlanta on

I haven't come up with it completely yet since I'm still working on Spring ~~ but it will definitely be a lot of swimming and water fun, the zoo at least a few times (we have a year membership) gardening, the kids especially love picking the fruits and veggies, go to the Indian Mounds and a couple of museums, a trip to Mn to visit my daughter and family which is a two day trip - while there we'll do a lot of walking, going to the lake and going to the park and picnics and just enjoying the sun and each other.

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answers from Dallas on

I have a Spring Bucket List. It's too hot to go outside in the summer in Texas. You have to smash all your outside fun into March and April.

My list
wear my six flags season passes out
Take the kids to San Antonio for a couple days
Take a romantic overnighter with my husband out of town
Create a stylish, comfortable outdoor seating area in my front yard
Plant some cherry tomatoes

This summer, at least one trip to Galveston Beach

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answers from Savannah on

"Summer Fun" starts NOW here...right now we're attending little league / Tball games to cheer on friends, doing horseback riding lessons, going on picnics, some backyard camping while it's not too hot still (I hate camping when it's too hot/humid), going to the farmer's market, and we have started our little vegetable patch with jalepenos, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes. We're going to be preparing for kindergarten for my oldest son, and for fall semester (part time) for me as well, throughout the summer. My dad and little sister (she's 8 or 9) will be coming next week and we're going to take them kayaking, hopefully with the dolphins, something we'll do as often as we can. Taking the boys fishing off the dock. Going to the museums and "stuff" around here, and doing the "tourist thing" in Columbia and Charleston for the first time (history, scenic, museums, zoos, etc). In summer we go to the pool, beach, and swim lessons often. At the beginning of July we'll be going "home" to Ft Worth to deal with our rent house (taking photos, checking things out, preparing to list it since our tenants will be moving at the end of July) but we'll make that a little vacation. Stop in Louisiana to see my mom and buy stuff we can't buy here. Go be tourists in DFW and let them play with old friends (kids of my friends), eat at our favorite spots that we miss, run around downtown, the Stockyards, play at our community waterpark, whatever we can during that time. Want to start a blog. Make friends with our library. Hopefully my mom will take us up on the offer and fly out here to visit. Want to get a part time (nights) job so I can put money aside to help out with my husband's goal----he really wants to enclose our back patio. (WE won't be doing the enclosing, lol, but you know---hiring a company to do it). That's our summer this year.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Well, we just booked a week at the beach....
The usual suspects around our area: zoo, amusement park & water park.
We would like to TRY to get to DC for a long weekend this summer--ran out of "daylight" last year.
We're installing a pool which "they' tell us will be in by May...we'll see....

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answers from Los Angeles on

Good question. Funny, I'm working on my life-long bucket list right now.

But for summer:

a trip to NY, DC

visit a friend on the East Coast

get more organized

several fun days at the beach w/the kids

lots of zoo days

several trips to the city (SF)

spend time w/family

lots of reading (library books)

home projects (painting, fix fences)

some birthday celebrations w/friends & sis

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answers from Seattle on

We told our kids we would take them to the ocean again this year. We went for the first time last year and had SO MUCH FUN. They just walked the beach and ran in and out of the water for hours on end. They haven't stopped talking about it. I am VERY excited to go again this year.

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answers from Washington DC on

Oh last year was the best! We did Operation Summer Mini-Trips 2011. I don't think that summer can be beat! We did so many things, but a lot were day trips or overnight for one night.

This year we have my husband's side family reunion in early July, dance finals in July for a week at the beach, and then we come back the kids will have round two of swimming lessons and it will be time to get ready for school.

On my Friday's off (every other week) the kids and I always do something fun, but we haven't sat down and listed our places yet. So we'll do that soon :).

Great question!

We don't get a real relax vacation because we're saving our leave and $ for the cruise we're taking in January!!

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answers from Greensboro on

Mine's not all fun but here it is:

Week long beach vacation with hubby, our five kids, our oldest daughter's bff, my sister, my brother in law, their two kids, my mom, and her husband

Lots of use of our family zoo pass

The water park

Getting prepared for homeschooling my youngest daughter for pre-k this fall

Preparing for our new son or daughter to join us (early October). Lots of projects to do.

Lots of just fun down time with the kids since I am taking this summer semester off of school

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answers from Chicago on

We promised to take a trip up to Wisconsin Dells this year!! Our kids are finally old enough to have fun at the Dells, Noah's Ark, etc. So, I would say that's #1 on our list!!
This is a fun one! I'm looking forward to getting ideas from everyone's answers!!

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answers from Minneapolis on

Love this question!
This will be my first summer my kids will be with their dad most of the time so I've been thinking of what to do when I do have them and just for myself:
Spend at least one weekend a month at my parents' cabin
Spend a week with my whole family (including my kids)
Have a girls weekend
Take the kids on a camping trip
Get the hot tub fixed
Go fishing more

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