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Updated on May 15, 2011
S.M. asks from Lakeside, CA
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I do realize what I said was rather confusing. So I'll say it better: I am on facebook with my cousin Andy's wife Crystal. She and I grew up in the same town and didn't know each other. My cousin Andy is my mothers, brothers son. My aunt is Marlene and married to my fathers brother. My cousins wife Crystal is my Aunt Marlene's brothers daughter. That's still confusing! LOL

Do you families have any very odd couplings?

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So What Happened?

These are all such crack ups :) I was just as confused with some of yours as you were with mine LOL!

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answers from Rockford on

My mom's sister married my dad's brother, so all of us cousins are practically like brothers and sisters. My dad's father thought he was raised by his "older sister", but she was actually his mother but no one told him because it was such a scandal that she had him at a young unmarried age.

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answers from Kansas City on

HA! it's a little "close" to really be funny to me, but everyone else seems to enjoy it, so here ya go - my mother was married to my father for 20 years. her sister, was married for 25 years. my mom divorced my dad (who as an alcoholic, and had other issues), when i was 19, and less than a year later, the sister (who has always had ISSUES as well) divorced her husband of 25 years and married my father. also giving a big FU to my entire family at the same time, but that's irrelevant. i am now my own cousin. my "aunt" from my entire life, now considers herself my "stepmother". grrrreeeaaaat.

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answers from San Francisco on

I could spend hours figuring out what you just said. :)

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answers from Seattle on

Technically my dad is my brother and my cousins are my nephews, because I am adopted by my paternal grandparents =)

Not my family, but I know one mom who has two kids by two brothers, so the two brothers are also cousins. Now her nephew is getting married to the two brothers' niece, should make for an interesting family reunion at the wedding, huh?!

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answers from St. Louis on

what fun! Thanks for asking!

my parents divorced when I was 23. 10 years ago, my dad remarried. Are you ready? He married my mom's best friend's sister. OMG....talk about awkward! & sadder than sad....she's morphed into our evil stepmom since his passing. It's soooo difficult, because we still absolutely love mom's best friend (she's been our 2nd mom since I was 5!).....& can't stand Ole' Evil One. Unfortunately the two sisters attend all of our family functions together. :(

My uncle married for the 1st time....late in life. He is 14 years older than me. His wife is MY age...only 4 months older. I love calling her Aunt & having my kids call her Great Aunt! Recently at a wedding, we were on the dance floor & she asked me what I remembered about when the song that was playing came out (Bee Gees- Staying Alive). I couldn't remember....had no connection to recall....& so my smart-mouth said, "well, I don't remember....but I do know I was younger than you when it came out!" OMG....she shrieked....everybody looked at us....what a riot!

Anyway, they had children very late in life. Even tho' my uncle is a generation older, their children are the same age as mine. Their daughter was a teenager before she knew that I was not "Aunt S.....but really 1st Cousin S.". Now that she's almost 18....she loves calling me "Aunt/Cousin S.".....even on Facebook! It's our running gag now.

Thanks again!

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answers from Portland on

My father married his brother's sister-in-law. That is, brothers married sisters.

Oh, and I discovered a few years ago that my stepmom's sister had put up a daughter for adoption at birth. That daughter contacted her about 4 years ago. Turns out, it was a gal who I almost became roommates with when I was 19-- we had mutual friends and hung out together. Small,small world.

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answers from Seattle on

Oh Page W....I am so glad I am not the only one!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

My sister married one of my really good friends...so it is sort of weird but cool at the same time to have him in the family....And I have a super cool nephew outta the deal...

All of my second/third cousins are my age...My actual cousins are all old enough to be my grand-parents. My aunts are old enough to be great grandmas...and some are!!There is 25 years between my mom and my oldest aunt!! who is still living:)

I am sure that there is wayyy more odd-ball stuff...We were one of many many many people on my moms side...most of whom have not spoke in so long...I grew up not knowing them. My dads brother married but they never had kids...So, it is pretty quiet on this western front.

My hubbies family is ''divorced'' several times over. We all came together when his grandma Duckie pasted away. And he hasnt seen any of them for about fourteen years. We have yet to see them since.

I have made my family within my friendships...and those do get odd ball!! But they are all amazing family to me!! There is not one i would trade, to know my ''real'' family...life is good no matter

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answers from San Antonio on

Oh, yes! My family has some oddities for sure.

My sister's first husband was X. My sister-in-law's first husband was also X. My sister and X had 2 boys together, my nephews. My SIL and X had a kid together too. When my SIL was married to X the boys were also my husband's nephews through marriage. When SIL and X got a divorce, the boys weren't my husband's nephews anymore. When we got married it made my nephews my husband's nephews again, and I inherited a niece.

If you followed all of that...

My MIL and FIL were cousins through marriage before they got married. Her aunt was married to his uncle.

I know a married couple that became brother and sister after they were married. Their parents were single and met through them. Her mom married his dad after the kids were married for a year.

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answers from Kansas City on

I got a couple of good ones. First of all, I have 19 aunts and uncles so we have a lot of room for weird stories.

My Grandma was married to my grandpa for 25 years. When he passed away, my dad was twelve. A year later she married my grandpa's brother. So my dad's uncle became his stepfather and his cousins became his step sisters.

The next one is about one of my cousins. She met a really nice man and got married. At their wedding her mother met his uncle and they fell in love and got married six months later.

At my wedding, my cousin (on my mother's side) brought his nineteen year old stepdaughter. She and my cousin (from my dad's side) hit it off and dated seriously for almost a year. After they split up she pursued my brother for a while. But he thought that a second cousin through marriage was still a little too close.

I have another cousin who was high school a few years ago and decided to bring his girlfriend to a family dinner. It turns out she was the niece of one of my aunts but related through my aunt's mother's side, while my cousins was the same aunts nephew through her father's side. They broke up later that day.

Another one- My mother was the product of a relationship between my grandma and a married man. His wife and children never found out about my grandma and his other children (my mom is a twin). Years later my mom's half sister married my mom's cousin. They were married for twelve years and no one ever mentioned the relation. My grandfather had passed on by this time but his widow was still alive and no one thought it was worth hurting her over.

Writing this I realize how weird my family sounds.

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answers from Chattanooga on

You mean like my uncle marrying his wife, then finding out years later that they are 2nd cousins... then taking it a step further when my mom left my dad for his SIL's brother.... (The uncle's wife's brother...) and had a baby... So I have a sister, that is also my cousin by marriage.

Something like that?

OH! Then we also found out that my fiance's uncle is my (other) uncle's ex-wife's father. Hmm. lol.

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answers from Los Angeles on

These are cracking me up, even though I can't figure half of them out! As far as I know, no weird connections in my family.

But, when I went to my best friend's wedding, we shared a condo with her fiance's best friend. He was quite a character and we left with some pretty funny (but good-natured) stories about him, which I then told to my brother. My brother said, "Wait, is his name X?" I was totally shocked that he knew who I was talking about!! Turns out that this guy (my best friend's husband's best friend) is my cousins' cousin on the other side of their family (we're related through our dads; they are related through their moms). Weird. I've seen him twice now at the mutual cousins' weddings.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

My husband's dad married my husband's aunt. Basically, his uncle and dad are cousins and his mom and aunt are sisters. He basically only has one side of the family. It's cool because there's hardly ever any "Mom's side" or "dad's side gatherings." They just do it all together! :D

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answers from Charlotte on

Well, it sounds like your and Kristina's posts are "keeping it in the family"! SLM, I had to read it 3 times to get it in my head - no wonder you were confused!

I can't think of anything interesting in our famiy tree - too bad! But fun post!


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answers from Oklahoma City on

I have 47 first cousins on my dads side, then they all got married and the number more than doubled.

My moms side has numerous halves and wholes. She came from a rather normal sized family though.

I have cousins that divorced then they remarried but to the others ex's and etc....

BTW, I accidentally dated my ex-husbands wifes ex-husband for a while. Until he realized who the guy in our family pictures was. I agreed it was just too odd. If she got rid of him I surely didn't want him was what I really thought about it.

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answers from Kansas City on

My mom married my dad's cousin who was technically my second cousin but because he was my parents age we called him "uncle". After they got married we dropped the uncle but I couldn’t ever shake the weird feeling! It took me forever to figure out they weren’t blood related it was my siblings and I that were.

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answers from Chicago on

Well my aunt married her sister's first husband.

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answers from Austin on

Well my father has been married many times. Each time they have gotten younger. His latest wife is 5 years younger than me. I love her to death.. I love calling her mom.. It freaks my dad out.

And yes there are many cousins and Aunts and Uncles that have married each others exes.. to explain how we are all now related now, I would probably get a migraine.

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