JFF: Are You Following the Hockey or Basketball Playoffs? What Teams?

Updated on May 03, 2011
J.B. asks from Boston, MA
9 answers

Just wondering if any other mamas are watching basketball or hockey playoffs. We are a hockey family and the Bruins are in the 2nd round, so every game is a big deal in my house. We've had a lot of late nights in my house over the past two weeks lol! I haven't been watching the Celtics but will definitely tune in to those games as they go deeper into the series. So...are you following any teams in the playoffs? Which ones? Is the interest your own or do you go along with what your husband and kids are interested in?

I try to not get too emotionally involved in playoffs (too many years of getting way too invested in the Red Sox and Patriots have scarred me) but this stuff is just so exciting. We're in sudden death OT now and every time there's a shot on goal for either team my heart skips a beat!

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answers from Richmond on

NHL.com... that's the only way I can keep up with hockey anymore. My fiance hates watching it unless I drag him to an actual game, and my kids can't sit still long enough to let me watch on tv... but they'll play some street hockey like champs!!.... NY RANGERS BABY!! Like a boss!!

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answers from Chicago on

Heck yeah!! I'm a sports junkie!!! Go BULLS!! I was following the Blackhawks as well. They came so close to winning...again!
But, yes, I love sports!!!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Even though my Penguins have been eliminated, I'm still following hockey. I *NEVER* follow NBA, both because we don't have a team in Pgh. (although I grew up in Philly with the Sixers), and because they are whiney, overpaid dopes. When I played basketball in high school and twisted an ankle, it was, "OK, sit out a minute, then go back in. What are you, a baby?" NBA players will sit out for games at a time for hangnails, I swear. And they're paid INSANE amounts of money in a sport that is not even particularly physically taxing, especially if you are 6'7. Sorry, hockey players are real athletes, playing a physically demanding sport with a chance of getting seriously injured each time they're on the ice. It's not unheard of for hockey players to play on broken feet like it's nothing. And how many hockey players do you hear about getting arrested each year? How many NBA players? Exactly.

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answers from Los Angeles on

OOh I love hockey! ;) Go Canucks Go & take the Bruins (or whoever!) with you!!! LOL Cant wait till its over, too much noise (partiers & horn honkers!) & as good as our team plays- they never win!



answers from Los Angeles on

my husband is a die hard Montreal fan.. unfortunately they lost the first round of the playoffs :( but he supports any other Canadien team so go Canucks!!! Hockey is a HUGE thing in our house.. we try to go to as many games as we possibly can when they are close.



answers from Detroit on

My hubby is from MA - I lived in Boston for a year, then met him and we were in Worcester for a number of years, then Southbridge (he originally grew up around the Milford/Franklin/Attleboro area). We moved back to my home state of MI 2 years ago but he is still following his teams, so it is Celtics and Bruins in our house right now (great win tonight Bs!). But I am still following the Red Wings too!



answers from Boston on

How great was that game!? Go Bruins! I think I'm a little in love with Tim Thomas : )



answers from Sacramento on

Big-time hockey fan ... Go Sharks! My husband also watches, but I'm the bigger fan. We both agonize over the games together, though (and anyone who knows the Sharks' playoff history knows why I'm a nervous wreck each game). So far, so good, though.

Maybe we'll meet up with your Bruins in the Final. :)



answers from Chicago on

Go Bulls! Although Derrick Rose hobbled off the court tonight, which sucks. Oh yeah and they lost.

I was following the Blackhawks and they *almost* made their comeback. *sigh* At least they won't have to trim the roster as much this year.

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