Jewelry Suggestions for a 1-Year Old.

Updated on September 01, 2010
D.J. asks from Honesdale, PA
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I'm looking for some advice regarding jewelry for my 1-year old daughter. I saw a bracelet that I was thinking of buying her for her birthday to wear for her party and then keep as a keepsake. It was made with crystals. Then I looked around a little bit more and saw that there are bunches of bracelets for little ones. Does anyone have their own experience with baby bracelets that they could share with me? The one I was looking at had a "1st" birthday charm on it and many that I saw had their names on them. Any advice you could share would be nice. Also, I'm not into really gawdy stuff....after all she's just a baby still. She doesn't have her ears pierced, we don't do finger nail polish, so I'm not trying to make her grow up too fast, just looking for a nice keepsake. Thanks in advance...

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My husband is Mexican, and in his family and other Mexican families, it is very common to see small babies wearing jewelry. I've even seen a 9 month old wearing a ring. I personally think it's a little over the top. I think earrings are alright on a baby, and they look so cute. Many times I've seen them wearing a mini ID bracelet, with their name engraved on it, that fits tightly to their wrist so it won't fall off.

What I think is soooo cute, and if I have a girl someday I will do, is to buy her an Add-A-Pearl Necklace. You buy the necklace and a few pearls, and then each year for her birthday you "add" new pearls. Then, by the time she reaches her wedding day, she's got a beautiful pearl necklace with a lot of meaning behind it. It can get expensive, but you could also enlist the help of other family members to keep it going.

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answers from Houston on

Etsy has a lot of these. Just keep in mind, the ones make with Swarovski Crystals or ab treated crystals are not safe, because they have lead in them, and if the baby puts it in her mouth, that is lead exposure. You would really have to research to make sure it cannot break and be a choking hazard.

I'm a jewelry designer myself, so there have been a lot of talk about this lately.

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Think chew toy or choke hazard when you are thinking of jewelry for a toddler. These things you are listing will be eaten and choked on. Please reconsider letting her wear it. Maybe just long enough to take a picture then remove it. It's just not safe for her. Age 3 is when most toys and items are not choke hazards anymore. Kids that age tend to not put everything in their mouths.

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I think if you bought a charm bracelet that would fit a 7-10 year old would be better - buy her a charm for every year, and give it to her when she is a lot older. That way she'll have a keepsake for years to come. You can stil have photographs of her wearing it on each birthday, and the photos will be a keepsake in themselves as her little baby arms grow to fit a 'grown-up' bracelet. This just wouldn't be an everyday 'accessory' for your baby in case a charm comes loose.

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My MIL got one for my baby when she was one. I think she got it at Khols or Sears. It pushes into itself to secure, but the cool thing is to get it off, you have to have two hands and sort of twist. I know it sounds weird, but that way the baby can't get it off themselves.
It's a very cute idea. We buy earrings for our baby's birthday keepsake. =)



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Keep in mind...if the bracelet doesn't fit very tight, and she gets it off her wrist, there is a serious chocking hazard. Not to mention, other little babies and toddlers will be very interested in it and grabbing at it. If it breaks, there is another choking hazard. Anything with a charm is even more dangerous. My son always tried to chew on my charms, at that age. On her wrist, it will be more tempting. Charms are quite easy for little teeth to detach. Jewelry is truly not meant for babies. A baby can't understand, that it's not a toy, or something to mouth.



answers from San Francisco on

Hi D.,

I would say no jewelry for baby, too much chance of chocking. I think Rebecca F has a great suggestion.



answers from Saginaw on

My oldest daughter had a bracelet made for her by one of my friends moms with her name. It is beautiful! Perhaps you can find someone on Ebay or the internet to something like that.

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