Jewelry Party Ideas!!

Updated on July 03, 2011
V.N. asks from South Point, OH
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Hey guys! I haven't been on in a while, but it sure is good to be back with all the mommas out there. You are all so very helpful, which is why I trust you all to help me with my new problem.
So, I'm having a Jewelry show/party. I am super excited and cant wait, I have soooo much fun doing these shows, and everyone always has a great time at 'em. I haven't done a show in a while, and this show is kind of my getting into the company show, and I want so badly for it to be a huge success. It's sort of a fundraiser show for me, my Step-Mother is in the company, and is using the profits from this show to help me get into the company myself. I'm so passionate about it, and have been struggling to come up with the money, then she came up with this idea to help me, which is unbelievably generous of her, there aren't words!
My problem is this...I don't want this show to be the same old thing, ya know?! I want it to be different, I want it to be better than any other show. So, I was thinking of having a theme this time, and maybe having a few games where jewelry will be the prize, obviously And I have been thinking and thinking, writing idea after idea, and just cant seem to come up with something I really like. It's tough to think of a theme that would go along with jewelry, that would make it fun. What I do at the show, well I personally don't do a whole lot since I am mainly the host and my Step-Mom is the jeweler, but never the less, we show all the pieces we can, talk about our favorite pieces, pass all the pieces around, talk about their names and why they have those names, and talk about the company. I need a way to make that more exciting, I need to appeal to more ppl, get more ppl there, and get more wallets open. I know that sounds horrible, but I gotta sell stuff to make money, b/c I need money to get started.
One idea I seem to keep going back to is like a pretty in pink type thing, but I don't want to use the color pink, and def don't want to use black(although black is great for most jewelry, but it is hot outside, so black is so not ideal) I was thinking white, and use a couple words to play off of white, ya know what I mean. I've had a few suggestions from family and friends, like doing Christmas in July, but Idk about that. The show is on a Saturday, so I was also trying to come up with some things to play off the word Saturday as Safari Saturday, Sunwear Saturday, Sunkissed Saturday, and a few other not so good
So, there it is, my big problem. I need a theme, and a good one!! Any ideas are appreciated, and no ideas are bad at this point, all are welcome. Oh, and pleeease feel free to throw in game ideas, decoration ideas, clever snack ideas, anything you can think of to go with your theme.. Thank you all so much. I know with all of us women puttin' our heads together, we'll come up with something great!

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answers from Houston on

Royalty theme - make every reference to royalty as much as possible, who wore something similar, say things like "feel like Princess Di wearing this piece" or "this is a necklace that will make even members of royalty green with envy". Display pieces on velvet next to pictures of royalty in all their bejeweled glory.

Dessert theme - display as many pieces as you can on dessert trays and dishes, cake and pastry stands, even in cupcake holders. You can even have a different pieces sitting next to real pieces of fancy desserts like cake balls, truffles, petites and tell anyone who tries it on can have the piece of dessert.


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answers from Minneapolis on

What about a Mardi Gras theme? Everybody wears necklaces and jewelry during Mardi Gras (you just dont have to flash yourself to get them at your party--lol). They can pick out their favorite stuff to wear during the party. I know i hate being put on the spot, but maybe as an ice breaker they can go around and talk about the piece they picked out. A fun game we played once at a party was everybody had to find the pieces of jewelry in a book, and whoever found them the fastest won a prize. That was fantastic for people seeing what else is available, other than what is on display.

Have Fun!!!!

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answers from Kansas City on

Okay what about doing a cocktail party theme...I think you already have your time planned, not sure when you said, but even if it's the afternoon, I'd go with cocktails and mocktails. Look up some fun and funky drink recipes and go crazy with summer drinks. You could spin it like boat drinks or pool side drinks or something to tie into some decor, but honestly I'd be thrilled to go someplace and have some fruity drinks and buy jewelry! You can always display some pieces inside of martini glasses. Plus your reference to "ice" is built right in! There are plenty of tasty, fruity drinks that don't involve alcohol for people who don't drink or only want one or two alcoholic drinks if they're driving.

As far as the food, do water related, either pool side or boat type stuff and serve little sandwiches, super yummy desserts, candies, etc. Do you have a Dean and Deluca near you? They are pricey but they have fabulous chicken and tuna salads that are great to make into sandwiches or good dips, pastas, veggies, everything!

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