Jeopardy Questions for a Wedding Shower

Updated on June 29, 2011
M.H. asks from Marquette, MI
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I am in charge of games for my friends wedding shower and I need a couple more categories. So far I have movie quotes, crafts and wedding facts. Any other ideas?

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So What Happened?

good idea on the couples, now I just need one more topic.

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answers from Washington DC on

You could have one category called "The In-Laws" and ask questions about them, just to get everyone involved.

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personal couple questions -you need five soooooo

1. where did they meet
2. when was their first date
3. was it love at first sight
4. how long have they been together
5. who said I love you first

Something like that maybe?

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answers from San Antonio on

not sure what you mean by 'crafts' ....

How about "HISTORY" and ask questions about the couple, how they met, how old they were, their first date, siblings, where born, family, etc.

ADDED: Seems my "history" idea is the same as your "couples" idea.
Maybe a final catergory could be like Dione said - "Traditions" and ask about traditional anniversary gifts, why the veil, what the groom did/bride did traditionally back 100 years ago .....

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answers from Rochester on

Questions about the couple perhaps?

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answers from Redding on

If you still have time and havent sent the invitations, you can ask each guest to bring a picture of them from their wedding, if married. Dont let them show anyone else, and then number them and set out for others to see and try to match up who is who.
Oh wait,, edit,, you want Jeopardy stuff,, well, get those pictures anyway and pick the ones you think will be the hardest, and use them as a catagory. Each spot will be the picture and they still have to guess "who is Aunt Betrice?" maybe name the catagory "WHO Comes the Bride".



answers from New York on

Not sure how this would work, a "him or her". The answer would be something a little embarassing like "ran naked through Walmart", the person would respond "who is her". (my daughter did this at age 2)

"Famous married couples" - provide the name of one celebrity, and the contestant needs to name the spouse


answers from Bloomington on

Famous people and their wedding destinations?



answers from Seattle on

Memories of all the guests attending. Make them funny, and match them to a person. Then see who can guess them. Always a fun time.

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