Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem??

Updated on May 12, 2008
L.S. asks from Virginia Beach, VA
8 answers

I was hoping someone could direct me on either of these companies. I am thinking of trying one out to try and lose some weight. If anyone has used either if you could give some feedback I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

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answers from Washington DC on

I would suggest weight watchers. Before this pregnancy I had lost over 80 pounds by using this and learned how to eat instead of buying prepackaged foods. It also allows you to use organic, fresh foods, etc... Good luck!

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answers from Richmond on


I would not suggest either one because you have to buy the food to use the system. Then when you loose the weight you want, will you be trained how to portion your food? Not that I found. I used weight watchers because it is not a diet to loose weight. It is a life style change to loose weight. I didn't have to buy their food and I could eat all my favorite foods without changing my likes and dislikes for food. I lost all the baby fat I wanted and I've kept it off for 6 months now. It's awesome. It is also cheaper than Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem. I paid $40 a month to go to meetings and have the accountability that I needed to find new ways of making my favorite foods and getting my kids to eat their veggies too. I would highly recommend Weight Watchers. Try it out for a week or two and go to a meeting to see what it's about.



answers from Washington DC on

I also recommend weight watchers. I was very successful with this system a few years ago and I need to go back to it, to take off baby weight plus some. I found the system to be easy and very motivating. Meetings in the DC area are $14 a week, but there may be more cost if you use some of their e-tools. WW teaches you how to portion your good well. It also allows you to be eat some of the bad foods because you know how many points you're eating, and you just deduct them from your daily total and eat better later. I lost 40 lbs in 6 months with WW. Check out www.weightwatchers com for info and meeting locations.



answers from Washington DC on

I have a friend who's tried both and says the food from Jenny Craig tastes much better than Nutrisystem, which she says tastes like cardboard. One benefit of starting with premade meals is that you learn what a proper portion is supposed to look like without having to weigh and measure.

To address the concerns raised by some other posters, Jenny Craig starts you out with premade food supplemented by other foods (e.g., you provide your own salads & veggies), and then after a while you transition into making more meals from scratch. They also provide you guidance for eating at restaurants.



answers from Lynchburg on

Hi L. I have a friend that did Nutrisystem she did wonderful but it was also alot of work. You had to buy alot of " extras " at the grocery store to go with your plan and to my understanding it a bit pricey. Have you thought about the weight watchers point system. Good Luck



answers from Washington DC on

here is a cost free solution

take what you would normally cook and serve for your self, and half the portion if nesecasry use the cup measurer.

nutrasystem works the same way.

not sure about the others the key is portion controll, also eat more fruit. like strawberrys and watermelon and cantalope they will help curb your appatite apples are good too.



answers from Washington DC on

I've tried Jenny Craig. Lost some weight, but once off their food I gained it backed. I haven't tried Nutrisystem, but I'm sure my results would have been similar.

My preference is Weight Watchers. You learn about real food and real food portions, which gives you a better of chance of keeping the weight off once you've lost it.

They have weekly meetings. I personally haven't found a moderator at my local center that I click with, so I've been doing it online. It worked for me so far; 6 weeks and 10lbs lost.

Good luck.



answers from Washington DC on

Hello L.,

All weight loss programs are basically the same. You have to purchase the products and add more to it. Also increasing your exericse. Having a 2 yr. old can take up alot of you time and exercising can be limited.

I've tried Nutrisystem, Slim Fast etc. Once the weight is off, it's hard to keep it off if you dont continue eating their foods.

I know of a weight loss product that's healthier, safer and works well. Also with a 2 yr. old you might want to think about the cleaning products you are using in your home. Are they safe to use around you and your family.

Take a moment and look at my website,, and see what cleaning products are doing to the body and how the toxins in them are causing alot of your health issues. I look forward to hearing from you.


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