Jeans for Low Weight Toddlers

Updated on September 09, 2011
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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My son is 16 months and very tall for his age but weighs very less(3-5 percentile at his last appointment). I have bought many pairs of jeans/pants for him , but have returned all of them. All of them are loose at the waist. Even 12 month size pants are loose on him and the length is too short as well. We have been able to manage fine this summer as he wears shorts all the time, and they fit him just fine. But winter is around the corner and I need to get him few pairs of jeans.
Any place that sells good jeans for tall and thin toddlers? Would you suggest buying 18 month old size and getting it altered to fit my son? Roughly how much would it cost to alter toddler jeans and where can I get it done? Thanks!

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Thanks mamas!

I found great jeans at baby gap. I looked in other stores as well which were suggested by you moms(like JCPenny, Target ) but all these stores had jeans with adjustable waist bands starting for ages 2 and up. Baby gap had them for sizes 12-18 months and 18-24 months.
Old navy has great jeans too for a lower price. I think I am returning the ones I got at baby gap.

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answers from Kansas City on

I also use the adjustable waist pants that GrammaRocks suggested. LOVE THEM! Both of my kids are lean (average height) but in the 10th percentile...

Also you can find them at all the places listed plus Old Navy and now Walmart.

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answers from Dallas on

My son was a very tall bean poll (well, still is) and I found the Gap to have some styles of their toddler pants in slim which worked great and still do for my kid. Also, always look for pants with the adjustable waistband, not just an elastic waistband.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Adjustable and elastic waist jeans, pants (and shorts in summer) have been what works for us, along with sweatpants with adjustable drawstrings in the fall and winter. I buy them at Gymboree, Crazy 8, OshKosh, Carter's, Target (Circo, Cherokee & Hanes) and Toys R Us (Miniwear). I also sometimes have to roll the cuffs up some, even though the waist is adjusted ; )

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answers from Chicago on

if you go to khols or jc penney or even babygap type place you can find jeans in the proper size that have the button system in the waist band. you can make them tighter for as long as you need to and then loosen them as he gains weight. good luck

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answers from El Paso on

Omg I was having this small problem for the longest time but I gave up and just bought 18 month Jean overalls at target!
My daughter like your son is super tall but on the skinny side so she is a 9 months waist size but 18 month length so I can imagine what your going thru
It is so difficult buying clothes for her
Good luck

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answers from Austin on

We tried the adjustable waist jeans, but they seemed to be very bulky and my son was not good with buttons. We bought sweat pants at Walmart and The Children's Place, and thinner elastic-waisted jeans from JC Penney. Then I sewed together about an inch on each side of the waistband. I used a sewing machine, but it can be done by hand with a needle and thread, not much harder than sewing on a button. Since he wears t-shirts untucked, the waistband is mostly covered up. With some pants and shorts that had fake drawstrings, I altered them to make the drawstring functional.

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answers from Phoenix on

My son is average height and 5th-10th on weight and is 3 yrs old. Last fall, I bought him 2 pair of skinny jeans from JC Penney and they worked beautifully. They have an adjustable waist and the length was right on. I believe the brand was American Living.

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answers from Washington DC on

Look for pants that have adjustable elastic in the waist. My DD is trim, too, and without that elastic with the buttons to adjust it, it's very hit or miss what will stay on her butt. We found some at Target and Walmart.

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answers from Dayton on

I have a tall skinny girl...many times I have had to take her pants in.
I have never done it w/ jeans but I imagine it can be done...
(Oh and I have noticed they do not put those elastic bands-which don't work so great, IMO-in little boys pants until they hit the bigger sizes like 24mths. and 2T...)
What I do is pinch a bit of each of the sides and sew it up tight.
I am no seamstress, but it works.
Now I have the opposite problem w/ my boy-lol!

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answers from Dallas on

We survived this by buying pants with the adjustable waist (synch them up and they stay put) and belts. No sense in altering something that he might be able to continue to grow into. Some of the toddler sweat pants worked too. They may have been larger sizes, but sometimes the elastic was tight enough or a few had drawstrings.

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answers from Detroit on

Once he gets to a size 4.- not 4T they sell slim pants.. not every store.. but many stores will sell slims regular and husky.. JCPenney seems to have the best selection of slims. Right now.. buy overalls and sweat pants. Both of my kids are tall and super skinny. When I buy pants I compare several in a size and buy the skinniest one they have. You dont really need the pants altered.. just sew a dart in the waistband.. quick and easy. If hte pants have wide thick elastic it can be hard to sew the dart in so I dont buy that kind. I do buy adjustable waist pants but you can only adjust so much or it looks like the kid is wearing a paper bag tied on their waist.. some stores sell clothes that are just cut smaller. Target and childrens place tend to be made for skinny kids.

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answers from Harrisburg on

I have the same problem with my daughter she's 2t height but has a 12-18 month waist. I've found that the adjustable waistbands work the best. The best jeans Ive found were from 77kids. :)

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answers from Houston on

I buy bigger pants, roll them up at the hem and use a belt. Many jeans have elastic little red stretch bands on the inside of the waist. I wouldn't waste money altering them. A lot of dry cleaners have altering services.

My kids aren't low weight, even a bit on the short side, but they have no butts to keep their pants on, so it's always been belts/adjustable waists for us.

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answers from Tampa on

Adjustable waist bands. We've had to do that for the majority of my 4yr olds shorts and pants, and alot of his have been on the tightest setting just to fit him.

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answers from Augusta on

My 3 year old has always been underweight for his age. The adjustable waist pants are the way to go. I've always had to start out most of his pants on the last hole on the elastic band but they've stayed up for the most part. Jc Penney and old navy is where i've bought most of his pants. Good luck!

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answers from Savannah on

Get adjustable waistbands! You can find them at most stores. The first time I saw the sign, I couldn't figure out how it adjusted. Just look inside the waist and you will find elastic with holes and a button to hook it to. Pull to the desired size and . . . Viola! Custom fit pants!



answers from Tallahassee on

I think your best bet would be to get the adjustable waist jeans. I've bought them for my daughter before at Target and Old Navy.

Also, what about sweat pants or knit cotton pants? You can open up the waist and stitch the elastic together to make them fit your son.


answers from Rochester on

I know, at least for girls jeans, that most of them come with an adjustable waistband and we've ALWAYS had to use these for our children. It's elastic in the waist that you "pull" to the desired fit and then rebutton. I don't know if they make the boys pants that way...they ought...but if not, you can find very plain girls jeans that don't look any different. However, I think they do them with the boys jeans, too...and I get them at Target. I know the Children's Place also does the waistband thing.



answers from Seattle on

My favorite were ralph lauren/polo, super skinny and long...I found many on ebay and at nordstrom rack, so I didn't have to pay too much for them too. I also liked gap jeans too. Old Navy was the worst fit for a skinny toddler! My dry cleaning lady did kids alterations/fixes for free with our regular loads.

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