Jeans for Little Girls with Big Bums

Updated on September 02, 2009
A.T. asks from Fayetteville, NY
5 answers

My 8 year old daughter has been blessed with a beautiful "Jennifer Lopez" butt and muscular thighs.
We are trying to find jeans that fit over her bum and her thighs and do not leave a gap that shows her panties. Also, her waist is a lot smaller in porportion to her bum and thighs.
Over the years she has found a couple of jeans here and there that have fit her but not one brand that we know will absolutely fit her body type. As of now she doesn't own a pair that fit her and for years have relied on stretchy yoga type pants.
We have tried every brand from old navy, gap, to sears and jcpenney but absolutely no luck. It's even harder now with all the skinny legged jeans overwhelming the racks.
Is there a brand out there that fits this kind of body type for little girls that someone buys for their's?
Like I said we have tried every store I can think that sells jeans so instead of suggesting a store to try I would really like input from someone who's child actually wears the jeans for this particular body type.
Thank you so much!

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answers from New York on

try children's place.. they seem to have stuff that fits pretty good... also check out boys jeans.. also you can check out kohls.. good luck... maybe the type of jeans with the pulls inside.. children's place have these.. good luck... it's so hard with kids being all different sizes..



answers from New York on


I go through the samething with my little cousin. I shop for her in target its great.All there jeans have adjustable elastic waist.

Hope this helps



answers from Cincinnati on

My cousin's daughter has the same problem... have you tried the jeans with the adjustable waist... maybe those could help



answers from New York on

Children's place is great they have the bands that allow you to customize.



answers from New York on

I would try Lands End. They have a big girl fit with an adjustable elastic waist. I get them for me and they do not look like mom jeans. I have hips and a small waist and their jeans fit me great. They have so many cute styles. Good luck!!!

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