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Updated on March 02, 2011
A.M. asks from Elmhurst, IL
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Has anyone bought kids bedroom furniture from JC Penney? I'm looking to buy a set for my daughter and the sets are fairly inexpensive. I'm sure they aren't the best quality but for the price, they look pretty good. I'm wondering if anyone has bought a set from them online - what was your experience?


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answers from Chicago on

I bought the Allie bed set. The twin with a trundle and the daybed with a trundle, nightstands, tall dresser, and a shorter dresser. The beds are wonderful very solid!! The dressers have held up great as well. I was going to buy them online but decided to go into the store to see how they looked first. The lady ended up mix matching the online price and the store prices and giving me the cheaper of the each. I bought my at the woodfield mall JC Penney. They delivered them brought them up to the bedrooms and set them up. I bought them 3 years ago. The bed is more solid then you would think considering the price. I've paid more for beds that did not hold up. I would definitly buy from JC penney again.

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answers from Chicago on

After spending a small fortune on our first child's furniture (Stanley Young American), we decdided to be a bit more economical when we planned our second child's nursery. I had gift cards to JC Penny, so we purchased our son's crib, dresser/changer, and nightstand from them. I have to say, I was actually quite surprised at how sturdy and well-made it was! I can't tell a huge difference between that and the more expensive brand we purchased for our daughter. Our son is now 15 months old, and everything is holding up well! If/when we are blessed with a third child, we will purchase his/her furniture from JC Penny as well!



answers from Milwaukee on

My son's crib and dresser are from JCP. We have been very happy with them. They weren't the least $, but not the most either.

The quality was nice and they aren't something I feel we'll need to replace any time soon.


answers from Bloomington on

I bought our son's convertable crib/dresser from their catalog. It is real wood and very nice. The assembly was a little time consuming, but like you said, worth it for the price.
My brother bought my neice a canopy bed from the catalog as well, and they love it.
No bad experiences here!


answers from St. Louis on


My daughter has the Taylor set from JCPenny and I LOVE it!! It looks so good, not cheap. Some advice, if you dont already know this, if you order it and have it shipped to the store and pick it up, it will save you hundreds on shipping. I think they were going to charge me almost the price of the bed to have it shipped to my house. I was fine with picking it up. :)



answers from Denver on

I LOVE the set we bought for my son - crib and two dressers (that will last him until 12 or so!). For my daughter - first born we bought Sorelle at some boutique kids shop (mistake)... it's fine, but I swear the JC Penny furniture is more sturdy (and less than 1/2 the price). The draws slide easily and it's really held up -he's 3. I will buy more furniture from JC Penny...



answers from Dallas on


Yes. I bought two sets from JC Penney. We bought it because we felt when they got older they may not want it anymore and it would not be a huge loss of money. The first was for our oldest daughter. We purchased it over 9 years ago and she will has it. The other set was for our youngest daughter. She also still has it and it is about 7 years old. So far they have not asked for new furniture.

I remember the only problem we had was they did not deliver it to the bedroom, like a regular furniture store would. They put it in our garage (after I told them not to leave it at the front door.) so my husband and brother had to carry it up two flights of stairs to their bedrooms!


answers from Chicago on

After research ourselves, we ended up purchasing our children's bedroom furniture from JCP. For around 1800k each child, we purchased twin bed and two dressors and nightstand for each. One set it a little bit better quality (and we only had to put the bed together). The other is still great quality but at points a little less. But overall... GREAT set and I completely see it lasting until they go to college. I highly recommend! Good luck!


answers from Washington DC on

I bought my son's bed from them. It's GREAT quality! solid wood. Very sturdy. No problems at all. I want to get him the matching dresser too. He is using my daughter's hand me down and it finally broke after 6 years, it was from baby depot. But, JC Penney has really great quality!

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