January Party Ideas Such as Re-Gift Party, Holiday Unwind Party, Etc?

Updated on December 09, 2008
V.C. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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Hi ladies,

Most of my friends & cousins love to get together, drink and have a great time. I'm wanting to find a fun idea to get everyone together in January such as a Re-Gift party (bring a gift you didn't like, gag gift, etc) or simply a Holiday unwind Party. Maybe even a Board game night?! Do you have clever ideas? If it's a hit we're going to make it a January tradition.

Hope you are enjoying this holiday season :)

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answers from Phoenix on

Since I belong to a few networking groups for business owners, I would organize a "Get back to work" party. Nothing big, just a lunch for us to bring out business cards and marketing ideas and re-focus after the holidays and try to get some serious business going to pay off those holiday bills! I think the re-gifting party is a great idea! I may do that one too!

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answers from Phoenix on

We have a January tradition on New Years Day- we have a tamale party. We cook the tamale meat all day and then invite everyone over in the late afternoon to help us assemble the tamales. We set up stations: spread mase on husk, add meat, add fillings, roll up tamale, put in steamer. We drink, eat, play games while the tamales are steaming. We send families home with a ziplock of tamales and we keep a bunch to freeze for dinners the next few months.



answers from Phoenix on

since all of my kids are out of the house i.e. military, college, married, every time they come home we have game night. they love pulling out the old games they had as kids and yes i kept them and playing. that is our tradition so it may work for you. we sometimes have two or three games goingon at once if there are enough people. we stay up until the wee hours of the morning because we have so much fun. the boys sometimes play poker using "chips" which are the tops from beer bottles. i have an old pail on the porch that they drop their caps in when they come over and when they play they use those. they have fun bringing over different kinds of beers so that they have an assortemnt of caps. whoever has the most caps at the end of the night doesnt have to buy the next time they get together. it also keeps them in the house if they are going to be drinking and sometimes we have a lot of their friends over for game nights but we have a rule. the keys if they are going to drink and lots of sleeping bags. during the holidays i buy gag gifts all year long and they get to choose a prize when they win a game. the re gifting is a good idea although i would feel weird if anyone got their feeling hurt if i regifted something they gave me .



answers from Phoenix on

I suggest going for the game night.
What if someone accidentally brings a gift someone else @ the party gave them? Someone's feeling might get hurt.



answers from Flagstaff on

I think there's traditionally so much gift giving during December that come January it gets to be too much. I personally think that coming together doesn't require a reason other then a party.
Games are a lot of fun...We are having our annual company/holiday party in a rental house so everyone can stay the night if necessary. It is a potluck, with a variety of team games, music, movies and kids. We are providing babysitting for later end of the evening....
Have a great time!



answers from Albuquerque on

We've done the re-gift party, and also a "break from your new year resolutions" party. Both were great fun!

I also one year had an un-party, where I sent invitations to everyone to stay at home, order pizza (I sent coupons I clipped from the paper), and watch TV (I copied that night's TV guide schedule and highlighted programs which looked promising). Friends called me when they got it and didn't understand at first, but then thought it was a great idea. I did it that year because I couldn't do our annual holiday party, and I'm tempted to do it again!
Good luck and have fun!



answers from Phoenix on

My family and friends have done this - with the regifting - dinner - and apples to apples game. But we separated the family and friends so no one would be offended if we brought their gift.. good luck!



answers from Tucson on

We always have a game night on New Years Eve. Everyone brings a white elephant gift and who ever wins the round of card games/ cribbage etc picks a gift from under the tree or steals from someone else it is great fun!

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