Itchy Skin After Sun Exposure

Updated on July 16, 2011
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
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yesterday I was in the sun for little less than 2 hours from 4 to close to 6. I've been noticing that when the sun is strong (no matter what time of day), my skin gets itchy (but it doesn't happen all the time, but I am noticing it more I think). I didn't want to put on sunscreen since it was late in the day and I knew I wouldn't get sunburn... plus I only put it on if I'll be in the sun earlier in the day. I have a breastfed 6 month old so I don't want to have sunscreen on when I hold her to nurse (I just feel slimey... maybe I need a better sunscreen??). Last night my skin was SO itchy! Better now but still a little itchy. No sunburn or anything, just itchy. I am guessing that I should wear sunscreen whenever I am even going to be in the sun (I can't remember if I get itchy when I have something on or not). I didn't know how to relieve the itch. I was slathering my arms with all kinds of stuff and nothing helped much (had very short term relief). Any suggestions? Not really sure what to do. And I don't take any medications, just a prenatal vitamin each day (since I'm nursing).

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answers from Harrisburg on

I get like that, too! I try to keep sunblock on at all times. I like Aveeno brand but they also have spray on types that aren't very greasy feeling. There are alot of great sunscreens out there that are safe to use. There is a website ( that you can look up whats in the cosmetics you use and how safe it is.

For when you forget try a cool shower, it feels so nice! And if all else fails-aloe.

PS-I'm also still nursing and don't like to put alot of chemicals on my skin.



answers from Philadelphia on

Sunscreen is protect you from the effects from the sun, not just sunburn. It may be causing a drying effect that is causing you to itch. I would use sunscreen more often. Try something that has some moisturizer and something that is less greasy. There's a ton of stuff out there. Even if you don't burn you will get effects from the sun. Try using 100% pure aloe after coming out of the sun. Don't use the stuff that has other additives. It defeats the purpose.

K. B
mom to 5 including triplets



answers from Washington DC on

My sister is very sun sensitive and cannot go out at all in the sun as she gets the sunbumps. She wears long sleeve shirts, White cotton men's shirts work well.
I get them when I drive and have the window open. I just limit my time in the sun.
To get rid of them you can try some Gold Bond, but I don't know what meds are in it, or if there are any in it. I usually sufffer or use a bit of vaseline intensive care, if I am close enough to the lotion to think about it.


answers from Sacramento on

try drinking a bunch of water - maybe you are just a little dehydrated??


answers from Pittsburgh on

This happened to me last fall, but the next day I got a ton of bumps and it turned out to be sun poisoning. I couldn't figure out how that happened since it happened on the areas that I remembered to apply sunscreen. Then after talking to the derm, I realized that the areas were also where I applied a spritz of perfume, so the alcohol reallllly sensitized my skin.

We use coconut oil for our sunscreen and its worked beautifully for several years. My sun didn't have one tan line his first year. Maybe using that will help? Good luck!



answers from Sacramento on

I have fair skin and get sun rashes a lot. The best things for relief from the itch are calamine lotion and Cortaid. Try one at a time and see which one works best for you.



answers from Lexington on

A friend of mine has a sun allergy- also called photosensitivity or a photoallergic reaction. ( ). When she goes outside to do yard work, etc. she wears a long-sleeved white shirt and a wide-brimmed straw hat. And even white cotton gloves when she'll be raking or sweeping or doing other stuff outdoors. You might want to try an antihistamine and cold-compresses on the itchy areas.

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