Itchy Nipple - HELP PLEASE!!!!

Updated on February 20, 2008
S.H. asks from Toledo, OH
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Hello Ladies,

This is most definelty one of the most embarassing questions I have ever asked about. Here's a little about my "itchy situation".....
Since late Friday evening my right nipple has been non-stop itchy! What could be the cause of this? Can someone relate? I have compared them in the mirror (as funny as that sounds)and it doesn't have any bumps, rashes, or anything that would cause me to see that could be the reason. It looks 100% normal except maybe both areas around the nipple look bigger. Could I be pregnant? I guess I am mostly wondering, how to make it stop and what could it mean. If anyone out there has had to deal with horriblely emarassing ordeal I would so greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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answers from Dayton on

I've had the same thing lately. I breastfed, and I think they're still sensitive. Plus with all the dry Winter air they seem to have gotten dried out. Too much fun! Anyhow, the thing that's worked for me the past month is using the tube of Lansinoh (Gerber and other companies make it too) gel/creme and it's helped so much! I hope it'll help you too because it's extremely aggravating!

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answers from Wheeling on

Try a moisturizing lotion. I have a similar issue whenever the weather gets cold.

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answers from Fort Wayne on

Try some anti fungal cream such as used for vaginal yeast infections--extreme itching is often a yeast infection, if it were just dryness it would probably be both nipples. Also a mom on here said she sprays her perfume on clothes not her skin: if your skin is reacting to scent your lungs are too! Most perfumes are synthetic these days and are very toxic--check Environmental Working Group web site for safe products. Of course, check with your Dr also--I don't want to alarm you as it is probably something quite simple like perfume or a yeast infection but I have read that Inflammatary Breast disease has symptoms of itchy nipples.

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answers from Bloomington on

Try using vitamin E oil. This worked for me when I breast fed.

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answers from Toledo on

Have you changed laundry soap or fabric softner? A New Bra made of different material than what youre used to? New soap or shampoo? New perfume or lotion?

Basically anything new youre putting on your skin?

I kept breaking out on my whole chest and after about a week, I realized it was from my clinique Simply..

So while its my favorite perfume, i have to spray it on my clothing and THEN get dressed.

I've taken to calling my "rash in a bottle" scent

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answers from Detroit on

Message sent- Good luck !
Share it if you want -especially if it works for you !

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answers from Terre Haute on

You have had a lot of good responses! I have the same issue as you. During the winter days I have to use a lotion that has shea butter and the lotion can not be a runny or really oily lotion..... the thicker the lotion the better it last longer with me. I have very dry skin now since i have had my 3rd child. Vitiam E oil is another good thing.

Good luck!

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answers from Toledo on

I too have had random itchy nipples. What I've noticed is as gross as this sounds I kind of squeeze my nipple-not hurting-and lightly scratch the surface. I can notice small pieces of what I think is risidual milk that may have leaked out ever so slightly and dried up. The last time I nursed was when my son was 9 months old, and he is now 2. I think that even though you are not nursing, there is still risidual milk that is left and over time it surfaces to the nipple. Either that or somehow soap gets trapped in the teeny tiny pits of the nipple and dries up and becomes itchy. Once I remove the small particles it is not itchy any more. Sorry so gross.

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answers from Indianapolis on

If you are looking for some really thick lotion for very dry skin I can help. I am a consultant for the body shop at home and we have nature inspired products that are absolutely amazing. Shea or cocoa butter body butters are thick and fabulous for dry skin. You can check out the products on line at, or if you would like to get together to try some of the products I would love to have a one on one with you. You can also earn free products if you would like to schedule a spa party where you would get to do pedicures, or facials or try makeup. If you would like to contact me to set up a meeting time you can email me at

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