Itchy Ears and Throat!

Updated on June 13, 2008
S.S. asks from Saint Paul, MN
4 answers

I hope someone has a remedy for me. It is 3:30 am and I am going insane. Yesterday afternoon my throat started itching like crazy...I ended up falling asleep and now here I am and my ears and throat are itching me so bad that I cant even sleep. The allergy thing is pretty new to me. I have doctored for the itchy ears several times and all they have come up with is for me to take claritin and some cipro ear drops 2 times per day. Well obviously something is not working. Seriously, right now my ears and throat are raw, the muscles in my neck are sore from my tongue trying to scrath my throat. I am praying that someone out there has the same issues but has it under control or has some ideas to help me out. I feel like when I go to the doctor for it they look at me crazy because im coming in for "itchy ears". I will take any advice someone can give me...Thanks in advance.

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answers from Milwaukee on

Hi S.,

That sounds serious to me! I do believe you should get it checked out further, to see what you are allergic to! Until then you can take allergy medicine, Benadryll to help with the symptons. I couldn't even find any answers at
Sorry I'm not more help!

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answers from Minneapolis on

My mom works at an allergy clinic in St. Paul. Your best bet would be to go get tested to find out what you are allergic to so you can emliminate it and decrease your symptoms. It could be something your eating and if you can eliminate it your symptoms should improve. I would ask your doctor about getting a referral to an allergy clinic. The meds you are on might not work as well if you are constantly coming in contact with what is doing that. Hope that helps.



answers from Lincoln on

When my ears get itchy, I have to take my allergy med consistently, without forgetting, for 3-5 days to stop, and if I forget, it comes back. I take Claratin D, or the generic version.



answers from Omaha on

I do feel for you. I have the itchy throat symptoms with my allergies. I take an over the counter medicine. What works best for me is the Sudafed Allergy PE. I have been dealing with the itchy throat since I was young. So Yes I do know that it can drive you crazy. Just keep taking your allergy medicine and it should help. You just need to find the right combination for you. Good luck!! A.

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