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Updated on March 10, 2012
L.O. asks from North Platte, NE
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Okay I thought this would go away and now I'm out of town. I've been very itchy in my vaginal area for like 2 weeks now. I thought it would go away. It hasn't. It started immediately after my last period ended. Copays are $40 for my doctor and money is extremely tight right now. I really don't want to go to my doctor if the answer is wait it out, go get an over the counter medicine or even here is a simple anitbiotic (I'm at my Dad's for break and he is a physician but this is not the kind of discussion to have with him if not necessary). I just wanted other women's opinions. Is this a yeast infection or something else. If it's over the counter what do you recommend. It's just driving me extremely crazy and I want to fix it now.

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answers from Orlando on

ok i haven't read the other responses. But, this happened to me a while back and I actually posted a question. Anyway, I went to the Dr - I didn't have a yeast infection (I didn't think I did) but she said I had a "slight" bacterial infection. She gave me a prescription for antibiotics but - told me to go to Whole Foods (health food store) and buy some PRO biotics. That should clear it up. She said pro-biotics are good in general for womens health "down there". Well I took probiotics and after just a couple days I was 100% better. I didn't even have to fill the prescription. Might be something worth trying. I still take the probiotics. they're good for you.

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answers from Portland on

I suggest that you really need to see a doctor. Yes, it could be a yeast infection. Do you have a white lumpy discharge. If so, then I'd try using an otc treatment first. But it could also be a bacterial infection which would need a prescription.

You could also have developed an allergy to soap or feminine products. If you're using any feminine products try stopping their use. Try using just plain water to wash that area.

Here is a really good description of different vaginal infections.

If you have a discharge seeing the doctor is your best plan of action.

Hmm about not talking with your Dad. I feel sad that you're not comfortable being open with him. He is a professional. He won't be seeing you naked. He has information that would be helpful.

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answers from Tucson on

If you have never had a yeast infection before i recomend going to the doctor to get checked.
I have used vagisil before for itchyness but it ended up getting worse because it was a yeast infection.
I can usually tell now if i get one and just go get an over the counter monastat 7 day medication and its cleared up within a week.
There is also an over the counter test strip you can buy i believe for around 20 bucks at target, walmart, walgreens or wherever to see if you have a yeast inf, uti, ect...
And if you wear thongs i recomend laying off them and wearing some cotton briefs for a while. Good luck
added: someone said it may be bacterial vaginosis....I've also had this and yes its itchy but also very stinky. fish like odor. I get bv and yeast inf while pregnant a lot.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Sounds like it's either a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis. You haven't tried an over-the-counter product for a yeast infection yet? I don't think I could stand two weeks of that! Anyway, vaginosis will require a prescription (and is characterized by smelly discharge). If you decide to try a yeast infection product, I highly recommend that you skip the one to 3 day treatments and go for the full 7 day treatment. My doctor told me that the 1 or 3 day treatments often don't do the trick and they are so concentrated that they have made my infections worse (burning sensation) because they are so strong.

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answers from Santa Barbara on

I would probably be in for diagnostic testing at day two, not week two!! Yikes!! I don't think the answer you will get from a physician or NP is "wait it out". Go to a physician and get it properly diagnosed so you can get appropriate treatment.



answers from Charleston on

7 day Monistat asap. Also cut back on sugars and carbs. Take a probiotic and eat lots of yogurt. Drink tons of water and cut out sweet drinks. If you're still not feeling better toward day 6, you need to go to the doctor.



answers from Detroit on

You could try a Monistat external cream and see if it helps. If you have lots of white clumpy discharge, it could be a yeast infection, but you should get a doctor's diagnosis before you do an internal treatment if you're not 100% sure.



answers from Salt Lake City on

While it sounds like a yeast infection to me , if there is also burning or need to urinate frequently it could be a UTI and those definately need an antibiotic. I would reccomend seeing a doctor to find out for sure.



answers from Boston on

I've had that happen to me and Vagisil creme (over the counter) really helped. It cleared up in a day or two. It helps with what you are describing :

•Instant Relief, from Itch and Irritation associated with
•Patented Odor Block Proctection
•#1 Creme Trusted By More Women

If you do notice a heavy discharge then it could be a yeast infection and you would need to talk to your dad or a doctor.



answers from Chicago on

It could be a yeast infection or it could just be sensitive. My daughter has this a lot. The dr. told me to use Hydrocortizone cream on the outside to help the itch. Hers is not a yeast infection, but you could also try one of those creams for yeast infections. I have never had a yeast infection so I can't help with what that feels like.



answers from Pittsburgh on

It sounds like a yeast infection.

Yeast (candida) overgrowth can result from high amounts of sugar in the body (yeast feeds on it), moist conditions and /or an insufficient amount of good bacteria / flora to balance things out. Here's what I suggest:

-Cut WAY back on refined sugar, including juice, and push the water

-Wear cotton underpants during the day and try to go without at night

-You can apply yogurt (I know, it's weird!) directly to the area. Make sure you use one with "live cultures" that will feed on and eventually eliminate the yeast. This really works once you get past it. =)

-Supplement with a probiotic to restore the normal balance of good bacteria to yeast

I'm a bit "crunchy" and will always use a more natural remedy before going on a drug and I have found the above steps to be really effective. Of course, if you're concerned, a trip to a MedExpress or your doctor won't hurt, either.

Good luck!

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