Itching and Crawling Sensatiion in Private Area

Updated on June 09, 2010
T.D. asks from Orlando, FL
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What do you think cause itching and crawling sensation in the vaginal area? I'm trying to assist someone who has done some tests and nothing was found. I told her maybe it's yeast infection but I don't know if that usually show up on tests. Also she doesn't want to keep going to the doctor and spending money. Please share your thoughts. Thank you

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This person hasn't any other questions listed and the last few days there have been some rather weired questions asked. This sounds like another troll.

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answers from Boston on

Does she have crabs?? You really need to go to the dr for this. Just so you know if it is crabs you can get them also if your checking her.

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answers from Miami on

Could be caused by sweat entering the pores, especially if she shaves. This happens to me when I shave my bikini line and am wearing pants in the heat, plus the stretchy, elastic material of the panties can cause itching and irritation on freshly shaved skin. Or, sweat can accumulate down there even if she doesn't shave, causing bacteria to grow and cause itch. Tell her to try Vagisil itch cream, and keep some wipies handy for this scenario, assuming it's not a yeast infection or crabs (public lice). Sometimes pee can itch and irritate if not wiped enough and if it is too acidic, hence the wipies suggestion. Also, if she doesn't shave, the pubic hair could be moving around when she walks and rubbing on the underwear, causing itching. Maybe trimming would help her if that's the issue (sorry about getting too graphic, not sure of a "tamer" way of saying this...)!



answers from Indianapolis on

If it were public lice (crabs), she'd certainly be able to see them. They require hair, so depending on how she "keeps" the pubic area, it may or may not be "crabs". If so, combing and medication will likely be required.

But, if she's been to a doctor, and they're not finding anything, chances are it's unrelated. I'm sure one of the first tests would be to check for yeast (candida albicans) and then to prescribe an appropriate treatment.

If she's not been to an OB/GYN, that would be my best recommendation. Family Practitioners/Internists, though trained in GYN issues only deal with them a small majority of their time and may not be able to keep up on the medical information related to that area as well as a GYN.



answers from St. Louis on

During my third pregnancy I got a vaginal hemeroid. I still have occasionally flare ups and it causes an intense itching and discomfort just like hemmroids in other areas *_*



answers from Washington DC on

If it's not crabs, bed bugs, a yeast infection or anything else like eczema or shaving irritation, then it could be a nerve thing. Itching and crawling sensations that have no other explanation are often associated with a pinched or irritated nerve somewhere. I get that feeling in my left foot sometimes and I have permanent nerve damage in that leg and foot.


answers from Dallas on

My 1st thought is crabs. What tests were done? If she saw a dr and they came up with nothing I'm sure they told her what else to check for. DId she put on a new pair of panties without washing first or try on a bathing suit at a department store? A new laundry soap? Maybe she shaved and it's the new growth. Could be a bacterial infection.



answers from Miami on

Children get pinworms and that will cause that sensation. If it's yeast, stay off all sugar and get on probiotics and if it's really bad Monistat.



answers from Tampa on

Sounds like crabs to me...She needs to see a doctor asap...

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