It's Time for a New Mattress and Pillows

Updated on April 21, 2012
J.H. asks from Birmingham, AL
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My neck and back are killing me! We have been sleeping on the same mattress for the past 8-9 years. It isn't any sort of top of the line deal. My pillows came from WalMart and are now flat as a pancake after a year. What kind of mattresses and pillows do you guys sleep on? Have you found any great deals? If so, where? Thanks in advance!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your ideas. We went to a Mattress Firm and spent about an hour laying on beds. I never knew that mattress shopping was so stressful! At any rate, we bought a Sealy Posturpedic Irresistible pillow top.It is a hybrid coil/memory foam mattress. My husband could flop around and I never moved on my side. It was awesome! Soft, yet firm. Perfect. They gave us pillows to test out the beds. I fell in love with the MeYu Coconut pillow. If you have never tried one, I highly suggest it! Thanks again!

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answers from Chicago on

I would not recommend the sleep number beds. I don't have one personally, but know of a couple people who do and they have had nothing but problems with it. All 3 of them.

My MIL and FIL and BIL all have a temper pedic mattress and they love it, but I think it is pretty expensive.

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answers from San Francisco on

Almost 2 years ago, we bought the NovaFoam mattress at Costco. We have a few friends who had bought one, and were very pleased with it - and we figured, it's only $700ish for a CalKing size, so why not? Anyway, we have been extremely happy with our purchase! My back feels soooo much better on a memory foam mattress than on our previous spring/pillow top mattress. They've re-worked the foam in the newer memory foam mattresses so it's not hot like the older style memory foam was. Anyhow, very comfortable mattress!

As far as pillows go, that has always been a challenge for me. It's so hard to find a good one. I recently heard of My Pillow, so I went online and ordered one. It's supposed to get here tomorrow. They make different sizes for different sized people, side sleepers vs back sleepers vs stomach sleepers. I am very excited to try it because it always seems like I get a new pillow and it feels great for a little while, and then a month or two later, it's too flat and my neck hurts. The My Pillow has a 10 year warranty, so hopefully it works out and will hold up! We will see.

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answers from Portland on

There are now numerous sources of natural latex mattresses and pillows. We got a mattress with an extra-soft layer on top over 7 years ago, because both husb and I were suffering back and neck pain, and sleeping poorly on our all-natural but very firm cotton-padded mattress. I developed hip pain that would wake me several times a night.

We both LOVE the new mattress (and pillows). It's yielding enough to treat shoulders and hips gently, but surprisingly resilient and supportive for the rest of the body. And now, several years later, there is still no sign of breakdown or indentations. It's guaranteed for 20 years minimum (they've only been available for about that long, so nobody knows yet how long they'll really last). When they do retire, the all-natural products will decompose like compost, though more slowly.

This is not a cheap mattress – we saved for it for two years because we refuse to go into debt. But now that we have it, I wish we had gotten it sooner. I would gladly have paid off a credit card for 2 years for the comfort this lovely puppy brings us. I also bought a natural latex crib mattress for my grandson when he was born, because I didn't want him sleeping in the off-gassing chemicals from standard synthetic mattresses. (Of course, latex allergy could still be a problem for some people.)

Here's one source with very good customer service: There may be other sources that are more local and/or less expensive for you. Even some big mattress stores now carry these.

Whatever you get, I hope you find it comfortable.

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answers from Sacramento on

My best advice is to ask around and see where friends and family bought their mattresses locally. A good mattress retailer can help you narrow down the best option for you and your budget. The Tempupedic mattresses are the hot thing right now, but they're expensive and may not meet your preferences. What's great for one person may not be great for another. The best way to buy a mattress is to try a lot of them. I thought I liked plush but quickly realized I much prefer a firm mattress, so you never know.

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answers from Phoenix on

We bought our new mattress 3 months ago, and we still like it. It is spa sensation spring hybrid mattress. Combination of spring and memory foam. We bought it from walmart for 300 dollar, king size. Idk whether it is still on sale or not.
Good luck, sleeping is important. For pillow, my father bought my mom a king koil pillow and it is till nice even though it was bought 7 years ago ( why I still remember it? It was his last gift before he passed away a month later).

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answers from Los Angeles on

just don't get a sleep number bed. I hate mine.

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answers from Provo on

We got ours from IKEA and have been pleased...but our old mattress wasn't all that great, so it's not like I'm comparing it to anything stellar :p.

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answers from New York on

I find with the fiber filled pillows they need to be replaced about every 2 years, although I've had some for 4. I watch for sales. My last batch I bought at Kohl's.

I beleive in a good quality matress. I remember when I bought mine, I was pregnant with my 2nd (now age 15) and we didn't have much money. I had a miserable night and my back hurt, I woke up and announced "we're going to go buy a new matress today". It's your old fashioned type firm matress. It was an investment, but worth it. I've had it 16 years and it's still in good shape.

I've slept on temperpedic type matresses in hotels and found them to be comfortable. Very good if hubby moves around a lot, so you won't feel it.



answers from Shreveport on

love latex pillow but hard to find....also make sure you don't get a pillow top can always add that on it you need...firmer is better...

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