ISO: Recomendations for Planning a Trip to Spain from the U.S.

Updated on July 21, 2011
K.M. asks from Los Gatos, CA
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I'm helping my dad plan a trip to Spain, I have the following question
- where to go, Madrid? Barcelona? Another part of the country?
- Best and not so good time to go? We were planning on October but I don't know if it will be too cold...we might be able to go in Spring?
- Is there a service to use to find a "rental", I would prefer if we can rent a condo instead of having to do a hotel, but we are open to hotel suggestions
- things to do? things we shouldn't miss?
- Any books or good websites that would give me ideas?

thanks for any info you can send my way

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answers from Davenport on

I LOVE Spain! Barcelona, San Sebastian, and Maorca are all wonderful!!! I have been there a couple of times in May and June and it was nice, a little warm though. I would think that Oct. would be perfect.

I always use the Eyewitness travel guides. They have great pictures and hit the tourist traps and the "local's" spots that are great. Spain is wonderful, and I think it will be hard to go wrong.
Happy Travels

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answers from Kansas City on

Hubby and I went to Costa del Sol for our 3rd anniversary. It's the southern coast of Spain. We went to Gibraltar for a day. We LOVED it!

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answers from San Francisco on

We spent about a month is Spain -- about 20 years ago. I really liked Andalusia -- Granada, Cordoba, Seville. Toledo and Segovia were also really neat. There is a really famous palace near Madrid -- Escorial that is worth the excursion. From near Gilbrater, we took a ferry to Tangiers Morrocco for the day -- its a trip we've talked about for years!

I read the James Michener book "Iberia" while traveling. It complemented the trip well. He has a whole chapter about Santiago de Compostela -- a major medieval prigrimage site. It's a long way from Madrid and Barcelona.

The biggest "issue" we had in traveling for a whole month was that it was really hard to find laundry mats. Things have probably changed in 20 years, but they only place we could find them were at the tourist beach areas -- costa del sol and the costa brava. We went in October and the weather was pleasant, but not hot.



answers from San Francisco on

San Sebastian - OMG! I L-O-V-E-D it!!

We did Barcelona and the Pyrenees. We drove up to Bilbao, went to Guernica and San Sebastian/Donostia. It was amazing!

To me, it seems the climate was very similar to California. I'm sure it varies but it was great weather. Warm but mild (I was there in June).

Have a great time!



answers from San Francisco on

We went to Barcelona two years ago in December with young children and it was wonderful. We had so many adventures and the architecture, restaurants, parks and museums were great for the whole family. I searched for Barcelona with kids and found a ton of great resources. One that was wonderful was the rail museum outside of Barcelona. It was fantastic, lots of engines and cars in a huge roundabout. If you have even a passing interest in trains it is worth the trip.

We worked with Lina on an apartment and were really happy. She was helpful and he apartment was wonderful.
Have a great time!
Lina Vysotska
tel. +34 600 85 82 40



answers from San Francisco on

Hi K.,

I don't have a lot of specific advice but is a good site for vacation rentals. Enjoy your trip!!!


answers from Sacramento on

Barcelona is a must-see if you're visiting Spain, if only for the architecture. (Google "Sagrada Familia" and you'll see what I mean!) Gaudi did some of his finest work there, and the food there is wonderful as well. Barcelona is actually one of my favorite places in Europe.

It's been a while since I've been (I mean, the last time I used a guidebook there, it was Let's Go! Spain ;), so others may have more current rental suggestions, but I wanted to put in a vote for Barcelona anyhow. Have fun!!



answers from Philadelphia on


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answers from San Francisco on

We had a magical family vacation in 2006 renting a 450 year old farmhouse outside of Girona, Spain which is about an hour from Barcelona - here's a link to it, Can't recommend it highly enough. Alternated days around the house's pool with days to different beaches on the Costa Brava and day trips via train to Barcelona. Girona is also where a lot of US pro cyclists train, by the way, if you're into cycling at all.

We went in summer and it was INCREDIBLY hot so I imagine October would be perfect.

Lucky you - have fun!

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