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Updated on October 08, 2007
D.J. asks from Fort Lauderdale, FL
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it does not matter to me your age or if you work or would be nice if you had a child around my son's age(almost 10M).
i would like to make a good new friend.
i have a few friends from work(worked at the same place 9 years now) but they & their kids are about 10-15 years older then me and my son.
my 2 child-hood friends (my age) are in OHIO where i am from.
i have been down here in fla. for almost 10 years now.
i am not a chatty phone person so i do prefer to e mail more so, then chat on the phone.
also i don't smoke or drink, i don't mind if friends drink socially but i would rather not have smokers around me or my son.
i look forward to having someone to talk to and share ideas and advice on any topics kids, marriage,work ,ect.
Thank you for your time in reading this,
D. (Luke's mom) :-)

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I have a 6 month old. He is my 2nd. I have been married for almost 6 years. I am a SAHM. You can always email me. [email protected] I am not a phone person myself since my son seems to have a melt down as soon as the phone rings.




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I am a 26 year old 1st time mom. My daughter Lily is 11 months and such a handful. Shes learning to walk and loves to get into everything! Ive been married for 2 years with the most wonderful husband. We both work full time and would love to meet new people on the weekends. My email is [email protected] I live in Pompano but work in Boca.



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Hi D.,

I'm a 39 year old first time mom and my daughter Ivy is 10 months old. I live in Plantation and work full time.

My e-mail address is: [email protected] can e-mail me anytime. I check my e-mail at least once every evening. I am actually in the planning stage of the big "1" birthday party so if you had any thoughts or ideas let me know. Hope to hear from you soon. K..



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I have a 6 month old baby girl, her name is Gianna. I am 31 years old, I am a first time mom, and I work full-time. I live in East Lauderdale, I would love to talk and maybe meet up once in a while, that would be great!! you can send me an e-mail [email protected] I too am looking for some friends that are kind of in the same pplace I am, I only have one other friend with a 4 month old baby boy. My other friends, want to party, and go away for the weekend, and I can't do that anymore!

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