Is Your Car Insurance Great?

Updated on May 03, 2016
T.H. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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I've been seeking a better car insurance quote. I'm paying $147 mo for 1 vehicle/1 driver. Ive had my license for almost 20 years. One accident my 1st year. I'm not interested in Geico or Esurance. I'm really wanting a better quote, even if from a less popular company. Thank you.

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answers from Phoenix on

I've been in insurance my whole adult life and owned an independent agency for many years.

You don't need to be as concerned about the company that insures you as you do with your coverage's. You can't compare your rates with anyone else because it's based on many factors such as your age, address, credit, driving record, car and coverage's.

Most people don't "like" to pay for insurance because frankly, most insurance isn't used. However, I always told my clients, the LAST thing you want to be worried about while sitting in the middle of an accident is...what's my insurance going to cover???!!!!! It's WAY too late by then.

A couple things to keep in mind is that the lower your deductible, the higher your premium. Also, don't skip the Rental Reimbursement. If your car is in an accident, don't just assume it will be in the shop a couple days. I was in an accident and the dealer had my mini van for FORTY FIVE days and that was with them looking at my back window that had all my agency info on it...knowing I could bad mouth their service if I wished because of my position. Anyway, I had a car rental that was paid the whole time. Had I not, I'd have been in trouble. And your liability should be enough to cover you if someone were to sue you for all your worth. INCLUDING future income. So if you are 28 and cause permanent damage to someone (like paralyzed) and they get a settlement, they can get part of your pay for as long as you live. No joke. So don't mess around when you've got something to lose, and we all do.

No one ever thinks anything will happen to them. I'm sure all the people in the accidents we see didn't know they'd be in an accident that day. So don't skimp on your insurance and only pay for minimal won't help you if you need it. Talk to an independent agent in your area. They have a computer system where they type in all your info once and it goes out to 10+ companies and compares the same info with each one to see who has the best rate. Do this every few years as rates are cyclical. Good luck.

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answers from Norfolk on

There are sites where you can compare insurance rates.

Google "compare car insurance rates" and you'll find a lot of information.

What I pay for mine isn't relevant as there are many factors which go into the calculation.
What sort of car(s) you drive, how new or old, where you live (country or city driving), how many drivers you have in your household, are any of them teens/new drivers, accident history, ticket history, have you had any driver improvement classes, etc.

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answers from Dallas on

I use an independent agent who shops different policies and protection for me.

I insure 3 high end cars for myself and my daughter (21), no tickets, no accidents and I still pay around $2800 for the entire year.

I get a substantial discount for paying in full for the year with both my car and home insurance. It sucks but you know the bill is coming so I save up to have it ready when it's due every February. It's worth the discount... About $500/ policy

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answers from Boston on

I also use an independent agent and have for years. He shops around, and he easily loses his customers if he doesn't continue to deliver both price and service. That service comes in both routine work (they go to the Motor Vehicle department all the time for us, get plates, etc.) and in claims (finding a good and thorough insurance company when it comes to processing claims so things don't take forever). We were involved in 2 car accidents (neither our fault, both were rear-endings) and also had a major storm damage to our home - and while nothing was our fault, the hassle was all ours. Believe me, you want a competent and efficient company to handle all that, and we have found that it really helps to have an agent on our side to advocate for us and explain any insurance-ese language that gets thrown around.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Erie Insurance is local in the tristate area, and we've gotten good rates from them - we switched from a bigger company with frequent commercials, because the quote was better for the same liability coverages.

I'm not going to get into exact numbers, because so much depends on how much deductible you are willing to accept, how much your car is worth, how much you drive/year, etc.

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answers from Springfield on

we pay less than you for 2 vehicles 2 drivers. with country companies. it may be an illinois company but its definitely worth it. (we also have a house insured thru them and get a discount for multiple policies.



answers from Macon on

I been an insurance pro for over 35 yrs., when I could no longer write our car insurance because I only wrote commercial lines ins., I got a quote from "Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. I a
have been with them for around 10yrs. and I am so happy with them. Price and service is Outstanding! We are paying about the same as you for two autos but we are in Ga. Check with them.


answers from San Francisco on

I use an independent agent who shops different companies for the best prices. I've done a little online searching too but honestly she gets me the best deal. I recommend that route, it's worth it (and you have a real person to call during business hours versus only having a call/email center.) ETA: right now my auto policy is through Mercury and it's been good so far.



answers from Tampa on

You never know how great your insurance is until you have to use it. I have had Allstate for many years. I had a fender in 2014 and the claim was handled really well. However, my rates went up because of that, so there's that...

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