Is Yogurt Ok for an 11 Month Old?

Updated on January 20, 2011
E.V. asks from Madison, AL
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Hey wondering what you all think about yogurt for babies? My girls are 11 months old..and i bought them the gerber yogurt and they seemed to like it...but it is so expensive! I have food goes fast. What about adult dannon..yoplait..generic brand? Do i need to make sure the yogurt has certain fats in it for them? I read the labels on the yogurts and most yogurts are made with skim milk or is that ok for my girls? Just want to get your thoughts on it...

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So What Happened?

Thks ladies! I have found a few brands that make either whole milk or 2 % milk yogurt. At first i bought the Greek yogurt, vanilla flavor and the girls loved it but i realized it had way too much im going for stonybrook brand, plain which has very little sugar.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

We use plain (unflavored) yogurt. It is way cheaper if you buy the larger (32 oz) container. We used Stonyfield Farm initially because it was the only one we could find with whole fat milk. Now we do either Dannon or Stonyfield with lowfat milk (I think 2%). You should be able to find that in your supermarket. Almost all of the little 'baby/kid' yogurts are loaded with sugar (sugar if organic, HFCS if not) and the plain yogurt is not. We added chopped/pureed real fruit to it and it really doesn't need any added sugar.

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answers from Mobile on

Yeah, I'd get a big container of whole milk yoghurt and mix in fruit or fruit puree and add a little vanilla yoghurt if you want to sweeten it up. YoBaby and such are still pretty high in sugar and expensive! I like Stoneyfield, but be sure to stir it. Babies should be eating whole milk yogurt. Lucky ducks!

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answers from Tulsa on

Babies and toddlers do need fat for proper brain development. So look for a whole milk yogurt. Many have mentioned the organic brands. In my experience, having 3 boys who all ate yogurt, the organic brands were the only ones to offer whole milk with no high fructose corn syrup. If you give them plain yogurt from the begining, they really do love it. Add in some pureed fruits and veggies if you'd like. But yogurt is high in protein and is recommended for babies.

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answers from Cleveland on

Don't give the adult yogurt. It's normally full of high fructose corn syrup. We give the yo-baby yogurt as it's made with whole milk and doesn't have any artificial sweeteners or colors in it. They need the full fat of whole milk for brain development at this age.

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answers from Dothan on

Yea you can give them yogurt. Dannon has Aspertame and Yoplait is high in sugar. I sugget reading your labels before giving it to your child. I wouldnt worry so much about all the fat contents blah blah blah I think too many moms overkill the food thing. Just fed them the yogurt its not gonna damage them for life!

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answers from Washington DC on

i think a good quality yogurt is important, but the designer ones (yoplait, gerber) are overpriced and usually loaded up with either sugar or worse, artificial sweetener. how about a good whole-milk plain yogurt like oikos greek yogurt that you sweeten yourself with fruit and a little juice?
we go through it so fast that we buy it by the case so i'm honestly not sure how it stacks up price-wise.

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answers from Mobile on

yogurt is great for babies! Babies need the fat, so go with the original or natural rather than the low fat versions. I have twin girls too...congrats to you! So, I understand how everything adds up twice as fast in cost. I just used the Dannon original (looking at the fat content on the nutritional label if you aren't sure). I would mix mine with a little applesauce and baby oatmeal and they loved it that way!

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answers from Tulsa on

I agree with most of the comments on here! I use organic yogurts for all of my children, and the cost isn't that much more. You can find coupons on a lot of websites, and you don't have to worry about artificial sweeteners when using organic. Good luck!


answers from Chicago on

My ped always suggested whole milk yogurt at that age, but honestly it doesn't matter if they're getting the calcium they need - milk or formula...whatever you're doing.

Yogurt was always a treat to my little man, so it wasn't something we relied on for nutrition. I gave him regularly old Yoplait and it was just fine.



answers from Oklahoma City on

I started feeding my son yogurt at 6 months. He still eats it now at 2 years old. I buy the Yo Baby brand from Stonyfield Organics. It's made with whole milk and some versions have cereal in the bottom, DHA, and iron in them. All the flavors are good (I've personally tasted them :). They are a little on the pricer side about .70 cents per yogurt. But I think that's just a little more than normal and your getting a quality yogurt, which makes the difference. They also sell plain, blueberry, and strawberry in the bigger tubs, so if you're going through it quickly...this could be a good deal for you. Good luck :)


answers from Florence on

I just give my son whatever yogurt is cheapest. He is 18 months now, but when he was 7mos-abt 13mos, he had some major diaper rash problems. My dr. everytime said to give him some yogurt because he thought it was a yeast infection. He didn't tell me I had to get any special baby formula yogurt, just yogurt. I got Great Value brand. I would give him blueberries, banana creme pie, vanilla, anything without strawberries in it (cuz I have heard that babies shouldn't have strawberries for allergy reasons).


answers from Houston on

i was giving both of mine an organic yogurt as soon as they could mouth solids.



answers from Miami on

I started offering yogurt (we do the organic variety) at 6 months of age. I wouldn't be so concerned about the fats....but DO look at the sugar. I prefer Yo-Baby yogurts.


answers from Saginaw on

Sure yogurt is ok.

I used the yo-baby yogurt with my kids. I believe it would be cheaper than Gerber. (They didn't have Gerber yogurt when my kids were little, so I'm not certain about that.)


answers from Appleton on

My kids both started out with Yo-baby yogurt, but when they became a bit older, like 1.5 I started giving them Yoplait kids yogurt which has less sugar than your regular yogurt.


answers from Tampa on

The wonderful organic mainstream yogurt is Stoneyfield Farm and Yo baby yogurt. They are great sources of calcium and probiotics.



answers from Appleton on

Yogurt is great for kids. One caution though, my grandson got a very sore bottom after eating any yogurt product. I would say try it and if your little ones can handle it is so good for them.



answers from Johnstown on

Absolutely...I give mine the Dannon Vanilla with fresh fruit blended it. No problem whatsoever :)



answers from Boston on

I'd go with something like yobaby. I flung yogurts that don't have artificial color or flavor or high fructose corn syrup they could probably split a tube of it.



answers from Washington DC on

i gave whole greek yogurt from i think 9 months on. PLain no added sugar. I would mix in some purreed baby fruit.



answers from Indianapolis on

I don't know if you are by a Meijer grocery store but the Meijer brand plain yogurt (a big tub) is $2.99 and doesn't have the extra sugars etc and it comes in whole, light or lowfat. I can't eat the yogurts if they are light due to the aspartamene- it gives me bad bad headaches! I agree to watch out for that more than the fat. My niece loves plain yogurt and sometimes they will mix plain applesauce in it.

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