Is Yellow Poop Normal in an Almost Fourteen Month Old?

Updated on December 07, 2015
K.T. asks from Nampa, ID
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My son has had brown poop since he was 3 months old. He just today started pooping yellow/cream color, and it smells like chicken/ this normal??? Or am i just paranoid? My son has had transition problems n his pediatrician has had us give him laxatives n he hasn't had his laxatives for about 5 months per pediatrician orders. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Please help? Before i go to the pediatrician i would like experienced moms advice for if i should be worried????

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So What Happened?

My son only breastfed off and on for the fist two months after he was born...he has been eating food we eat just less seasoned...he has not had this colored/smelled poop before that is why im worried

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answers from Miami on

I don't think that the laxatives have anything to do with this.

Start writing down everything he eats for the doctor. Everything, every single day for a week. Meanwhile, go ahead and call the ped's office and tell them. See what they say. They may want you to run by the doctor's office and pick up at stool sample kit before you take him into the ped.

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answers from Portland on

It could be what he's eaten (corn etc. can make bowel movements more yellow). I would be more concerned about consistency. If it's loose almost like diarrhea (runny, a few times a day) then I'd be more concerned - it could be like my kids' which is caused by lactose intolerance (where the nutrients don't get absorbed, so it's very watery and light colored). But I think you'd know if that were the case - there are a lot more signs. So I doubt it's that.
And if he had an infection, the consistency would be more diarrhea like too and he'd be ill in other ways (fever, etc.)
You might have to do a stool sample if they ask for one. I just did one here this morning - fun fun. But to me sounds pretty typical. My kids' movements changed depending on what they ate - you didn't mention what his diet has been like. Go back a few days and jot down what he's eaten so you can let your doctor know. Good luck :)

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Depends on what he's been eating. If he's eating a lot of one food then it's going to effect his poop. See what happens if you change his diet a bit.

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answers from Denver on

give it a few days before you rush him to the pediatrician. Poop changes color and consistency. The color and smell could be some kind of virus. Sick poop smells different. If it hasn't resumed its normal color within a week then maybe ask the dr. Its nothing life threatening. Is it still firm? If it turns to soft/ diarrhea its a virus.

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answers from Washington DC on

if it's been 5 months since he had laxatives it's not that.
what do you mean by 'transition problems'? going from breast milk to solid foods?
what has he been eating for the last few days?
it's probably nothing. everyone's poop changes in color and consistency according to diet. if he's not experiencing any other symptoms i'd just keep an eye on it. make a note of what you're feeding him in case for some reason you need to take him to the doctor, but a simple change in bowel movement consistency wouldn't cause me any concern in the absence of distress of some sort.

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