Is Working at Home All It Sounds to Be like GREAT? in Mesa & Just Wondering?

Updated on October 28, 2008
M.P. asks from Phoenix, AZ
4 answers

it sounds like a great idea, i work already but would like extra income, 3mth old baby and somebody has to watch him (ME), bad thing too many "i have to send money in order to start work" does no one believe in working and then getting a paycheck for an honest days work. i know i know no more covered wagons. please help greatly appreciate it, is working at home really worth it?

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Hi M.,
Just found out about Mamasource today. Great resources! You are welcome to check out my website I am a mother of 4 and love working from home. If you would enjoy doing something with your photos and helping others preserve their memories in beautiful hard-bound books, then it may be something you would like to do.



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Hi M.: You mentioned you live in Mesa. We also have an office in Phoenix. I-10 & Elliott. Here is the address. 10201S. 51st St. Ste #285. Phoenix AZ 85044. Below is a description of what I do. Hope to hear from you soon.
I work for World Financial part-time on a very flexible schedule. There are no quotas to meet so my performance is up to me. I educate families on Financial Concepts such as Mortgages, Investments, Savings, College Education Plans to name a few. The training is easy to understand and fun. The teamwork and support system are awesome.We are looking for good hardworking professional people to join our organization. If you are interested in a great opportunity, give me a call to set up an appointment at our office. Our websites are or



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I think working at home is really worth it! I get to stay at home with my son and watch him grow. I also get to help him learn new things and develop new skills. I don't have to pay for transportation costs or daycare costs, I mean with those two alone its almost not worth me getting a job outside the home. I started my own business with a legitimate company and I didn't have to pay a large fee to get started. What kind of opportunities were you looking into? I can share with you what I do if your interested.



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Hi Debbie M,

Not sure if you ever found a home-based job or decided to stay home but I wanted to share with you what I do.

My husband and I were introduced to an on-line service by one of our referral sources (Dr. Sarraf). I love the service so much and use it all the time. I really belive in it and it's so simple. I originally was just a customer but then I can the opportunity to join as an employee. Why not make money at the same time I am a customer!?!?!?!

I speak passionately about it because you can actually use it instead of some of these other home-based businesses (makeup, jewelry, etc). I am turned off by those things.

Check out my ad on ( or go to my website to see what I am selling.

Please contact me if you are interested.

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