Is This Thrush?

Updated on February 20, 2015
A.S. asks from San Angelo, TX
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My son is four months old and last night I noticed a tiny patch of something on the inside of his upper lip. It looks like dead skin that is slightly whiter than his lip color. I noticed another patch of it on the side of the inside of his lip as well. This morning it was still there but is nowhere else in his mouth. He nurses a lot and I use a nipple shield. Does this sound like thrush or could it be that he has caused his inner lip skin to peel from nursing with the shield? My first thought was that it must be thrush. But it is nowhere but his lip. Thank you!!!

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answers from Toledo on

It sounds like it could be, but it's best to ask you pediatrician. If it is thrush, it's pretty easy to treat.

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answers from Atlanta on

Ditto Marda's first paragraph! If it is Thrush then your little one needs to be on a probiotic and also needs to have all sugar withdrawn from him and you as well since you're still nursing. If you supplement with any formula, they are full of sugars as well. Most likely he won't have it unless you do. Check your tongue..if it's clear it doesn't mean you don't have it but if your tongue is white then it's a definite...


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answers from Portland on

My babies would sometimes develop almost a little blister on their lips from nursing. It would sort of dry up and flake off eventually, but sounds like what your son may be experiencing. Kind of like a callus. It was only on their lips, and it wasn't a regular thing - they each got it about once or twice as babies.

Maybe google that to see if it looks similar? It wasn't painful and it would just slough off over time. I didn't pull it off, more it would rub away. Hope that helps :) Good luck

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answers from Portland on

I've had thrush as an adult and it covered my tongue. I have seen thrush in babies and it also covered their tongue. Thrush is a yeast infection. With thrush the stuff looks fuzzy and can be scraped partially off. I suggest you google thrush to see pictures of thrush. What you describe does not sound like thrush to me.

If you think it might be thrush see the pediatrician. Your baby will need treatment. And as others have said, early treatment is better.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Probably. Call your ped, they'll check it out and give you a prescription to treat it. Don't ignore, because it can be irritating to him, and can spread to your nipples and to his bottom, causing diaper rash.

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answers from Los Angeles on

the main problem is if you get yeast on your nipples, they will crack and form open wounds making it difficult (painful) to nurse.
I notice you are from tx. We just had another round of yeast ( me and baby) due to hot weather in So cal.
So yes, its very possible and will need to be treated. the sooner the better. Baby won't notice much one way or the other. Its you that you need to watch out for.
the tell tail sigh for me is that it seems like baby is using teeth while nursing. I know when I feel that I better treat fast or I will have open wounds while nursing. And let me tell you it feels about as good as it sounds.

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