Is This 'Sciatic Nerve Pain' or Something Else?

Updated on November 09, 2010
A.K. asks from Minneapolis, MN
7 answers

I am only 26 weeks along. I do have the shooting pain down the left butt cheek when I roll over or get up. But I also just feel an ache in the V of where my legs come together. The best way to describe it is it feels as if I have been horseback riding for a long time (obviously, i haven't). Especially in the morning, or when I first get up from sitting for awhile, i feel like I have to walk bowl-legged. I just had a DR app last week but forgot to mention it, and it has gotten a little worse since then. I do sit a lot at work, but it aches on the weekends too when I am more active. Is this sciatic nerve pain? Does it sound abnormal?

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answers from Spokane on

I remember having that when I was pregnant with my daughter. It usually was from me sleeping on it wrong but it would last a couple days at a time. It definitely could be sciatic nerve pain. I would suggest finding a place that does pregnancy massages.



answers from Omaha on

Hello, I had these same symptoms. My doctor recommended a "pregnancy belt." This is a belt that you wear and it helps to support your belly. It helped me tremendously. I found the pregnancy belt at a maternity store and they showed me how to properly wear it. Made a world of difference for me in those last few weeks. Good luck to you.



answers from Denver on

I am also pregnant with number three (24 weeks) and also have varicose veins down there. Awful, excruciating pain. I have to wear this horrid crotch brace but it does help the pain. The good news is they go away right after the birth. I also have sciatic like pain that shoots down my right leg--not constantly but when it flares up--oy vay! Your pain could also be caused by the loosening of the ligament that holds the pubic symphysis together. There is not much you can do if that is what it is except to get off your feet as much as possible. Good luck. I feel your pain. Literally.



answers from Cedar Rapids on

I had both sciatica (which I went through physical therapy for, although that didn't help much!) and the ache in the V of my legs. The ache isn't part of the sciatica, it's just the weight of the baby and fluid and extra blood pushing down on your pubic/pelvic muscles. They're bearing extra weight 24/7 right now and it's just like if you went backpacking and carried around extra weight in a bag, your shoulders and back would hurt the next day. Nothing to be concerned about!



answers from Los Angeles on

No, it's not true sciatica. It's called piriformitis. Many people are misdiagnosed with this, especially pregnant women. The sciatic nerve pierces through the piriformis muscle and when the hormones are changing/acting up/etc., the pririformis get inflammed and puts pressure on the nerve causing sciatica-type pain, but it's not true sciatica.

Also what you are describing along with it is Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction.

Here's a concise explanation with something you may try at home:

I, fortunately have a great chiropractor who is a woman, since none of my male chiropractors have ever checked my pubic bone. It was night and day after an adjustment. I am in my 4th pregnancy and I honestly have no idea how most women deal with "normal" pregnancy pain - and why, when there are answers. I see a midwife, so they are more open to chiropratic, but some of my firends were told by their male OBs that it was normal and there was nothing they could do for it besides Tylenol. They finally went to see my chiropractor and were so mad that they lived with the pain as long as they had, when there was such an easy solution.

I even get adjusted in labor. The last labor, I was having contractions for hours at 7 minutes apart, so I called my chiro, got adjusted and instantly, they went to 3 minutes apart. 45 minutes later, my water broke and 20 minutes after that, my 10 pound 4oz baby was born.

You might be able to find a chiropractor proficicent in pregnancy adjustments, etc here:

Good luck, sweetie. You don't have to live with it.


answers from Chicago on

The butt cheek shooting pain is definitely sciatic nerve IMHO (and experienced as well- 2 kids 17 mos apart and had it with both) BUT the pubic pain is likely pubic bone pain or blood pulling in that area. The entire area is more vascular during pregnancy and sitting or lying can cause it to pool there a bit. I ended with a varicose vein there (yep- yech) at 27 weeks with DD and 10 weeks wth DS. Currently almost 13 weeks with #3 and no sign of it yet. This is despite being extremely fit and active and not overweight or gaining over the recommended. Remember to make a list of things to ask your doc for your next appointment or call the nurses there in the meantime (mine are always happy to answer questions in the interim or check with the doc for me)....we all suffer from baby brain and forget during the appointments :) It happens!

best wishes.



answers from Bismarck on

I'd check with your dr. but it could also be round ligament pain. I had that all through my pregnancy. It hurt to walk, especially in my leg and groin area. Not much can be done but if it's really bad your dr. may recommend physical therapy.

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