Is This Pressure Im Feeling?

Updated on August 12, 2007
M.P. asks from Pocomoke City, MD
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Im sorry if this is a stupid question. I am almost 8 months pregnant and a few days ago i started feeling almost like cramps, everytime i wake up it feels like i just did a thousand crunches (but lower down than my abs) in my sleep. It feels kinda harder to walk and it sometimes sends a sharp pain to my lower back, could it be that the baby is upside down now and its pressure from her head? I was just wondering in case i was sleeping wrong or something. I know its not contractions or anything.

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answers from Dover on

Hi M.,
The pressure you are probably feeling (iam feelng as well) I am 8 months pregnant myself and due in Sept. My doctors basically told me it was the ligaments in yourlower abs doing there best to keep tummy flat and your growing Uterus will not let that happen. I also find it hard to walk with some shooting pains in the lower back area as well this is common.
right now all i can suggest is Warm Tub baths to soak yourself in with making sure you have someone to help you in and out of the tub beings you are almost 8 months and can be clumsy.
Other wise Thats about it. Or ask the dr if there is anything else u may be able to do.

Good luck
M. Puckett



answers from Washington DC on

Hello M.,

I think it is pressure of the growing baby and possibly your body starting to prepare to give birth. I felt that pressure late in my pregnancy with my 1st son and now I'm 6 months along with my second son and am already having the same pains you described. The 1000 crunches is definately growing pains and it only gets harder to walk as the end nears. CONGRATULATIONS and I have you have a great birth!

S. from Springfield



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Dear M.,
My name is M., I had a baby for the first time in 2006.
I had similiar feelings at the same stage that you are in.
It's perfectly normal for you to have cramps at this time in your pregnancy.
At times I thought, " Man, Am I about to go into labor?or what?"
The Final weeks went by and the cramps remained.

What is happening is: the baby is positioning itself for birth.
You feel the cramps as she moves around.
If the head is down then that is a good sign.

You are almost there!
What helped me was taking a few pillows and putting them one on top of another.
Then I would lay on my back with my feet resting on top of the pillows.
I would watch a movie or write or something for like an hour or so, my doctor said that elevating my legs before bedtime may help reduce my cramps by allowing the blood to flow freely from the feet to your head.
Also drinking alot alot alot of water!!!!!!

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask me.



answers from Washington DC on

Yep! Sounds like the baby is getting ready. That lovely pressure and pain you feel is most likely his/her head down in your pelvis.
With my first he went down almost 2 months before he was born. I had to quit my job due the pain when I walked on stairs! His head was so far down that they said he was just rubbing up against my pelvic bone.
Not to scare you or anything, just so you know you're not alone!

PS. Like the first mommy said... My second one didn't go down until right before she was born!



answers from Dover on

Hi M.! First off....Congratulations on the upcoming addition. This is such an exciting time! I am SAHM to 3 kids (10, 8, & almost 3). I remember how confusing it is to know what is happening with the first one.

It sounds to me like that is probably what you are experiencing. Also, maybe some braxton-hicks contractions too. I would let your doctor know about all of those when you see him/her next. I am assuming that at this point you are going every week or two. Just mention it when you go in and he/she will check to see if the baby is in position already. It is common in your first pregnancy for the baby to drop early. Subsequent pregnancies, the little boogers will wait until contractions start to make their way out!

Best of luck!



answers from Washington DC on

Hi M., I am a labor and delivery nurse. The pains could be from the baby engaging into the pelvis, but what concerns me more are the cramps. You may want to check to be sure they are NOT contractions. Many times, people confuse fetal movement with contraction pain. Especially if it is radiating to your lower back, it could be that you are contracting prematurely. Make sure you are hydrating yourself and I think it is worth a call to your OB. The other thing it may be is pubic symphasis pain. As your fluid increase, your joints get a little looser and can cause sharp pains. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs may help. But I would still have it checked out. Best of luck!


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