Is This Normal for My 4 Year Old Daughter?

Updated on October 25, 2012
A.R. asks from Rocky Face, GA
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My dauughter every couple days has this whitish/a tad yellowish mark in the upper part of her panties...almost like a skid mark? But whitish/yellow? She never complains of any pain, itching, etc? Just curious as to if this is normal or un-normal? Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you.

Also, the mark has just a very faint smell, but not profuse. Sorry if this is TMI, as I am trying to figure out if this is "normal" or something that perhaps needs medical attention?

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answers from Washington DC on

could be yeast infection, although that usually would itch her. Could be just poor hygene or normal discharge from the heat. My daughter sometimes has had issues with different types of toilet paper that would cause irritation. I would call the pediatrician just to run it by them.

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answers from Portland on

It can be normal. My granddaughter has had this for years. She's 11 now. Hers has no smell. A smell might indicate and infection. But if she's not itching or uncomfortable I'd wait awhile.

Are you sure she's wiping every time? This could be a urine stain. It takes awhile for urine to smell bad. When it's fresh the smell is minor and not nasty.

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answers from Omaha on

My 4 year old had this too when she was 3. I think even little girls have a bit of discharge, but nothing too significant. I wondered about it, but didn't worry too much until she started telling me her "pee pee" hurt (this was about a year ago). I did have to look down there to check it out, and I noticed she was pretty red. I talked to her doctor's office and at first I was told to try Vagisil cream, which took the redness and pain away overnight, but I ended up having to use it frequently. After a while, she still complained of the soreness and said her butt itched a lot. I checked her out (which I had begun to do frequently after I initially noticed the redness so as to make sure she was not getting worse). Then I noticed more white stuff actually on her, she was more red than before and it was getting a little worse in her panties so I took her to see the doctor. At this point she in fact had a yeast infection. That was a long explanation, but I wanted to make sure you knew the chain of events that we went through before she had a yeast infection. The doctor recommended medicated cream three times a day for one full week. We purchased the Monistat equivalent at Walgreens and it worked well. She hasn't had another infection, but has complained of redness/soreness and then I apply the cream again. My advice is to call the doctor the first time she complains of soreness/redness The stuff in the undies that you explain right now I think is normal, as long as it doesn't get thicker or the odor doesn't get worse. Good luck - this was an ordeal for us and I hope your little girl doesn't get uncomfortable. We had some very hard nights with her screaming it hurt so bad - even I cried at having to apply the ointment. Of course by that we were seeing the doctor. I hope this information helps you. Good luck!

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answers from Honolulu on

Take her panty, with the stain, to the Pediatrician.
Take your daughter to the Doctor.
Otherwise, you will just be guessing and not knowing, what it is.

Sometimes it can be a yeast infection.

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answers from Minneapolis on

As long as she doesn't have any pain or itching, then this is just normal vaginal discharge.

When my daughter was 8, she showed me her undies and asked if this was OK. I told her this exact thing - "it's just normal discharge", and she asked me if she would need her batteries changed soon...she's such a comedienne!!

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answers from Seattle on

It's PROBABLY just discharge. Little girls have discharge just like we do (it's how the vagina self cleans even before menarche), but ALSO just like us, they have varying amounts of it. Women who are very "wet" / never need lube for even spontaneous sex, sometimes have to change panties twice a day if they don't want "crusty" underwear. Or skip panties altogether so they can 'air dry' as they're moving about.

It could also be
- yeast infection (not all yeast infections itch or burn, and with kids they sometimes don't realize that's not how they're "supposed" to feel)
- vaginosis
- semen

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answers from Redding on

Is it hot where you are? Little girls bodies can get sweaty. The yellowish could be from urine either leaking or she's not wiping well after peeing.
She may be trying the drip dry method.

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answers from Nashville on

It sounds like feminine discharge to me, but I'd ask your pediatrition just incase. Kids can get UTI's and such like us, without always having symptoms!

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answers from Washington DC on

Mine gets that too. Usually after she tries to wipe herself herself.

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answers from Oklahoma City on

Well this also happens to my daughter and i started to notice it more after i potty trianed her . Now im no expert but ive looked it up in the internet and all my research has come back saying that discharge is normal as long as its not in very large amounts and that the color stays at what is considered normal which is milky white and i may have a bit of a yellowish tint to it now if you start to notice a very strong fishy smell or the color change i would go to her doctor and ask them or you can just go now and tell them about your worries they should understand and be glad to help u ....... i hop e that this was of any help to you ... good luck



answers from Memphis on

Take the child to the doctor, she may have a UTI. My granddaughter used to get them all the time. Also, be sure and bathe that area well every bath. She can't do it yet, not well enough. It could be an allergy, though.

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