Is This Normal During First Trimester?

Updated on November 15, 2009
S.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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I am in my 10 th week now. Since last few days I have some pain in my vagina. It's not very severe/ constant pain but it's there for sure and comes and goes (I think it starts when I urinate - not sure ). I was diagonised with Urinary tract infection at 6 weeks and have taken medication for that. I didn't have any symptoms last time. I didn't even know I had UTI until I got a call from doc's office.
Could this be a symptom of UTI ? Could I have got it again? I had a really hard time when I was on the antibiotic - it had made my nausea so worse that I really dont want it to be UTI again :(
Also I don't have any frequency to urinate , actually I urinate less unless I have drank a lot of water.Sometimes I feel some mild burning sometimes I don't. Maybe it;s all in my head but the vaginal pain/twinges is for sure.
Please let M. know if anybody has experienced it in the first trimester. Is it anything to be concerned about? I heard the baby's heartbeat last week so I was told everything is fine with the pregnancy.I am waiting for my urine test results now. Any advice would be helpful! Thanks!

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Sounds as if your course of antibiotics did not get rid of your infection. Sounds as if you need another UA. Go in and get another round or have them maybe get you a new antibiotic. Untreated UTI's lead to bladder infections which lead to preterm contractions and also leads to kidney infections. Sounds as if you are an asysmtomatic UTI host anyway, so just go and and get another UA. Cranberry juice is a good thing to drink during and after the infection, but will not take care of the infection; especially since it sounds like you have some resistant little buggers there. Sounds like you probably never got rid of it. Many times a course of antibiotics make the infection better but does not clear it up and therefore you may not get symtoms until it has grown and grown. Yes, we get fetal heartbeats at 6 weeks gestation which means now you will for sure have a strong fetal heartbeat on any correctly implanted, growing fetus, but does not mean that the infection is not there. By the time an infection disturbs the baby's heartbeat, it is too late. A positive regular fetal heart rate is not an indicator you do not have an infection. So just pop in to your OB/Gyn in the AM and have them run an UA. (Call first of course) but it is pretty routine.

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I would go back to the doctor and have it checked out. The antibiotic might not be doing anything for you. I've been prescribed amoxicillin so many times for ear infections and sinus infections that it did nothing for M. when I ended up with one during my pregnancy.

Also, its been a while since I've had one, so I really couldn't tell you if a yeast infection would cause this but its an idea and I've heard its common with pregnant women taking antibiotics. The doctor will be able to help you with that though, its your best bet.
Just a tip though, load up on the cranberry juice for uti's (try to get one with minimal sugar) and yogurt! Yogurt will give you an edge on fighting yeast infections. I've heard that greek yogurt is excellent for pregnant women so that might be a great one for you to try.

Later on though you will experience what so many friends nostalgically referred to as "ECP" or "evil crotch pain" because when your uterus begins to grow you will get light shooting pains down there. I think I experienced it around 16 or so weeks. It was never severe though.

Happy and healthy rest of your 9 months to you!



answers from Milwaukee on

I would get checked out for a UTI again just to be sure.. it certainly could be it.. I have a friend that when she is pregnant she gets varicose veins in her groin/vaginal area. It is fairly common in pregnancies and it could also cause you discomfort. You could also ask about that as well.. I hope you can figure it out.



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Drink cranberry juice! It really does help if you have a UTI and even if you don't its still good for you. If you don't do well on the antibiotics ask the doctor if you can try just cranberry juice for a week and see if it clears up on its own.

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