Is This Illegal Regarding Insurance?

Updated on June 28, 2009
C.G. asks from Fort Worth, TX
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We need a new roof. Our insurance company agrees and has already given us a $6,000+ check. We are supposed to pay the roofer and our deductible and then the insurance company gives the roofer another check. 2 roofing companies have told us we won't need to pay the deductible, but in order to get that last check, we need to prove that we did pay our deductible. We don't want to lie to the insurance company and just say we paid it or have the roofers make a bogus receipt. They've told us they will charge us and then give it back as a "advertisement" fee if they can just put their sign in our yard. Is this legitimate? Thanks

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We had a slate roof before and went back with a composition roof...we received more from our insurance company than it cost to replace the roof...we got to keep the rest...they did come out and inspect the roof and were aware of what I went back problems or concerns from them...go for it...and keep what is left over...



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I don't know, but I think that explains why I always see the roofing signs in people's front yards. I always wondered. I think technically they are scooting around the law with the "advertisement fee" but I've never really had to deal with that situation before.



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I think the way it is described here sounds fishy, but I also think it's waaay incorrect. From what I know about this, having roofers in my family, the first check pays for all materials and labor. The second check is the roofing company's profit for all the running, advertising, and overhead they have. It is alot of work to run a legit roofing company, and especially one where all the guys have their green cards these days. So many other companies don't hire Americans, they don't pay decent amounts for those guys sweating their tails off on your roof and they don't pay their taxes. Please do not short the roofing company their profit as they have earned it dealing with your insurance company on several occasions as well as many trips to make sure you get what you ordered. If they do a good job, tell everyone you know. Put that sign in your yard with pride. See if they have a referral program. Ours did and we get $100 for each roof they get referred from us. So far, we've made $200! Easy money. If they do a bad job....tell everyone you know! Good luck! B.


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Sounds way fishy to me.

We got a new roof and upgraded it when we did so after a storm. Insurance did cover the expenses EXCEPT for the upgrades and new venting we chose to do.

We gave the checks to the roofing company and we paid the difference.

We used Bert Roofing and were very pleased. Be careful of the fly by nighters out there who solicit you to get a new roof.



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My husband has been in insurance claims for over 10 years and he says this is legitimate. Just be sure the roofers are local and have an established office in your area. Also, he said to get references to be certain. Lastly, you may not actually get the deductable back unless you have something in writing from the roofing company. Be careful, check referneces and get everything in writing for your protection.

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