Is This an Early Sign of Pregnancy? Have You Had These Symptoms?

Updated on September 21, 2011
M.B. asks from Phoenix, AZ
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I have been having period like cramps along with lower back pain now for over a week. I had intercourse on September 10 intentionally in hopes of getting pregnant. This was the day of or within a few days of when I was ovulating. About 3-4 days later, I started getting period like cramps and still have them a week later. I never ever get cramps unless I'm menstrating and that is usually just for a day at most. I know it's too soon to test so I will probably wait till Sunday or Monday as that will be about 5-6 days before my period is due. But what I was wondering is... have any of you Moms had this symptom soon after you conceived. And if you did, how long did it last. Some people have told me that my mind might be playing tricks on me, but this is definately happening and very umcomfortable. Tolerable but uncomfortable. I have read that it is a possible sign of implantation, but how long does implantation take because it's been about 7 days of cramps. Is any of you familar with this. should I be concerned? Thanks for your responses..

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answers from Chicago on

I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been having period like cramps since about 1 week after conception. It is how I knew I was pregnant. Everybody is different and can have all different symptoms.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I had a millon symptoms like this when I was trying to get pregnant. Turned out to be "phantom pregnancy". It was in fact the months I felt nothing like this that I turned out to be pregnant. In fact, the only real early pregnancy symptom I had was frequent urination. Don't the days drag when you are dying to know and waiting to test? Do let us know when you find out though.

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answers from Springfield on

yes, it can be but you will never know until you take a test. I had the same symptoms then had a period and bleed for 19 days....turns out I was pregnant the whole time.



answers from Cincinnati on

you could be getting implantation cramps, its pretty common. or you could just be feeling symptons because you hope you are pregnant. I would wait to take a test till the day of your period (you dont want to be disapointed with a false negative) I knew I was pregnant with my daughter about a week after I concieved, and my mom said she knew she was pregnant with my sister right away to.



answers from Phoenix on

Implantation occurs about 7-10 days after ovulation. Cramping and spotting in a few women is thought to be caused by the irritation of the uterine lining as the fertilized egg burrows in and takes hold. 7 days of cramps is not a common sign of pregnancy, but who knows. Symptoms are individual and highly inaccurate in predicting pregnancy. Take a test in 3 or 4 days and you should have an answer. Nurse midwife Mom


answers from Phoenix on

I haven't read the answers so far but I am currently in the same situation. I had sex on the 11th and today is my 3rd day of cramping, bloated, spotting, headache emotional mess day. However with me I'm not sure when my period would be because I have always been irregular. I know I cant help on answering your question but I can let you know I don't think your going crazy. Unless we both are. I cant thinking am I pregnant. I was going to wait another week or so to take a test but it is always on my mind now that I am having symptoms. Now I will closely watch the answers to this question and hope for some for myself :)


answers from Pittsburgh on


It's obvious that you are anxiously awaiting being able to find out if you are pregnant, since you've posted this question multiple times now. I think you can gather from the responses that some other women in very early pregnancy feel similar symptoms as soon as you are describing, and as others have said, it's possible that you wish to be pregnant, so you are interpreting your 'symptoms' as pregnancy, when in fact, it could be normal pre-period symptoms. That's not saying that your mind is tricking you, just that you are interpreting what you body is doing as pregnancy (because you want to be pregnant), when it may be normal pms stuff.

The bottom line is that you will not know if you are pregnant, no matter how many ladies tell you they had early symptoms, until you test. Yes, it's possible that you are pregnant. It's also possible that you are not. So take a deep breath, wait a few more days, (I know, if feels like an eternity, but it isn't) and take a test.

Best wishes for a + outcome... And please, let us know!


answers from Dallas on

Yes, I do that - have with my five pregnancies so far. And it lasts for weeks. It's not just from implantation. It's also from the uterus growing. I'm not sure how long it lasts for me...but a long time. Maybe 14 weeks or more (they came off and on, not constant). it's from the growing uterus. And, it started pretty soon too.

I hope you're prego!



answers from Dallas on

I had cramps like you describe with both pregnancies. Do not remember how long they lasted- maybe 4 days??? Try not to worry.

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