Is There Such a Thing as a "Skin Care Consultant?"

Updated on March 23, 2013
M.N. asks from Torrance, CA
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I'm turning 40 this year and like most women in this age group i am seeing signs of aging on my skin. I have had the same skin care routine for at least a decade and know that its time to change it up a bit because my skin certainly isn't the same as it was when I was 30. I would LOVE to sit down with an expert in skin care who could tell me about my skin, talk to me about the products on the market that are good ones that might help my trouble spots, and maybe also give me some makeup advice in terms of products and application. The only people that I know who do this are in the business of selling a certain product line. I'm not interested in that. I'm interested in someone that can accurately diagnose my specific needs and knows about A LOT of different products out there and can tell me the best ones for my needs. Does such a person exist?

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answers from Columbia on

Yes. They are called Dermatologists. Your insurance may cover a visit, depending on what type you have.

They won't tell you what type of make up to purchase. But they will tell you about your skin type and how to correctly care for your skin.

MOST of the time "products" are so individual that even a professional won't know what is best for YOU.

However, each makeup dept at the mall will have a "general manager" over that area. they are familiar with each makeup line, and can probably offer you the most impartial view.

But the best thing to do is go get a makeover from EACH place. they will do them for free. see how your skin reacts. My mom, my sister and I can't wear the same makeup. But we all have the same skin types and issues. But I break out with Lancome or Clinique. My sister breaks out with Lancome or Mac. My mom breaks out with Clinique or Mac. A professional would have sent us all the the same place, probably.... because our skin is IDENTICAL.

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answers from Dallas on

Go to your dermatologist!!! Even if you see the PA you can get excellent info.

I am an avid Clinique user and have been for many years. I just adjust the product to my need. Clinique is also recommended by many Dr.'s.

I do pay $60-80 for the good stuff but I use it a good 6 months before I have to re-purchase. So bottom line.. $10 a month is not bad.

Talk to your Dr.

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answers from Minneapolis on

Find an esthetician at a spa that does skin treatments. That's what they do and can recommend good products.



answers from Los Angeles on

If you don't want to or can't find a good dermatologist, then contact either a Mary Kay or Avon rep. I know that they both have their consultants that will specifically gear their products or other products to each woman's personal needs. But you do need a moisturizer, an eye cream and a cream that has SPF in it. The basics are Protect, Moisturize, prepare. Pricing will always be a challenge but start off with the Sun screen moisturizer first and the eye cream and then build slowly on those. You need to make sure that you don't have any reactions to each product. Good luck and be beautiful!!


answers from Austin on

Dermatologist.. Many times they can tell you a product line that will match up. Explain what you ar saying here and they can help you.

I like the Clarins . This is a company that specializes in the care of the skin.. The initial investment will be high, but from then on you just replace what you are out of.

The other company that is awesome is Kiehls.. This is a pharmacy out of New York city. They have been in business for over 100 years, They are not glamorous bottles.. packaging etc But just good products..You can go on their website and look for the places close to you that sell their products.. Or you can order on line.



answers from Chicago on

The department stores have people, but they are biased by products. When I was 12 and wanted to wear make-up my mom took me and she showed me what cleansers to use to keep my skin looking great. Each make-up brand will have someone who knows the products and how they work.

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