Is There a Stomach Bug Going Around???? - Rio Rancho,NM

Updated on March 06, 2012
M.P. asks from Rio Rancho, NM
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So last week I was sick with what I thought was a stomach bug on Tues/Wed. But then went to the doctor on Wed night and was diagnosed with a sinus infection. My headaches have gotten better but I still get nashious occasionally. Now my 4yr old came to use yesterday morning and said her tummy hurt. She ate pretty much normally all day and slept well. Then this morning when she woke but she was coughing quite a bit, said her tummy hurt and her head hurt. She also had a little bit of discharge on her eyes. And my almost 1 yr old had a temp of 100.3 last night. We gave him some tylenol and his antibiotics he has been on since Tuesday for dbl ear infections then we gave him his nightly bottle. Once he finished it he proceeded to throw up on me. He hasnt gotten sick again and daycare says he doesn't feel warm just pale and whiny. He hasn't drank much milk today but drank some pedialyte and has had wet diapers but not diarrhea. The 4 yr old doesn't have a fever or diarrhea. What could be causing all of this?????

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So What Happened?

Thank you ladies! I ended up taking my daughter to the doctor because she started throwing up and couldn't hold anything down. They gave her some anti nausea meds. She is doing much better and should be back at school tomorrow. However I now believe it is a bug that is going around because looks like everyone is getting the same thing. Daycare, daycares daughter, my husband, daughter, son, SIL, 2 of our nieces and a few friends on FB. Wow this is is nasty and then the cough and mucas that follow it dont make them any better. Fingers crossed this doesnt keep making its rounds in my house. I dont want it back and I am sure non of them want it back either.

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Yes, from what I've seen from my friends on FB there's a stomach virus AND cold combo going around. VERY unpleasant.

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This has been a record year for the norovirus, a very common and very contagious gastrointestinal virus. Maybe your family got a pretty mild version; in some people there are days of stomach cramps, lots of vomiting and lots of diarrhea. In our area, whole college campuses have been scrubbed because of it, with hundreds of students sick, and at least two elementary schools in our state have been closed down for one day each so they could be scrubbed after dozens of kids and teachers were sick with norovirus.

Usually you just have to ride it out but be sure that your kids are not getting dehydrated; it does not sound like that's the case yet. You shouldn't give pedialyte unless your doctor says to do so, and usually that's only when a kid has been vomiting and/or having diarrhea for a while -- please don't give it just as a substitute for a regular bottle, because pedialyte is designed to replace electrolytes for kids who are really vomiting a lot, and giving it as a regular drink could throw off their electrolyte balance. I'd bet your baby, if he hasn't thrown up again, threw up not because of a virus but because his tummy had gotten Tylenol, antibiotics and a bottle all too close together and it just upset his stomach.

I would keep the kids home, away from other kids, and ensure hands stay very clean.

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Tons of bugs going around. This season seems to be pretty bad here in our area of Texas .... sounds like that may be the case all over the US. My son was sick with cough/boogers/fevers off and on for 4 weeks. This weekend he had diarreah and no other symptoms. And I've tried my hardest keeping him away from people and for sure other kids! Poor kiddo hasn't played with other kids in 4 weeks!

So to answer your question - it's just a whole lot of bugs everywhere. Tis the season for sickness and allergies!

@Nizzy - what's the "brat" diet?

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We just got over the stomach flu here..Thank GOD! I had it and my symptoms were, headach, stomach ach, my body was hurting to where I could barely walk, coughing, vomitting and fever. Our youngest who is 4 and goes to preschool came home from school and that night she had the exact same symptoms, I caught it from her and she caught it from a class mate, or so I was told by her teachers. She kept vomitting everywhere, wasnt eating, had a high fever complaing that her head was hurting, she couldnt even keep water or sprite down! After seeing her vomitting all morning long, from 5 am to 10 am I called her doctor up and he said she needed to be seen, she was vomitting bio only because there was nothing in her tummy, she also wasnt urinating, her dr prescribed this medication to help her to stop vomitting which worked, and after that I had her doing the "brat" diet and she was better. My son had it last week :( and it took him 3 days to heal from all of it. Alot of kid's that go to our childrens schools are having the samething so I was told that its the stomach flu. Btw.....for us, the diarreah came at the end and was never ending! Ugh! Just keep hydrated, ommit the milk and dairy products only because if they have a fever then the dairy will upset their little tummy! Do crackers (plain), pretzels, toast, bananna's, ginger ale and popsicles. Hopefully they all get better soon! Here is a little info on the brat diet. It helps out alot and isnt to hard on the stomach! I first learned about it when I had my first and was always sick and my stomach was sensitive to things I ate.

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My GD missed 3 days of school week before last because her tummy was bothering her. She didn't have any diarrhea or a fever, just tummy ache, nausea and general fatigue. Something's going around!


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Call your local emergency room and ask if they have had an increase in that area. I think the CDC has stats on thier website too. They track things as the swirl around the country.



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My daughter just had a 24 hour bug thing. And so did a couple of her classmates.
Keep in mind that a stomach ache and fever could also be strep.

Sorry to hear you are dealing with this. :-(



answers from Seattle on

Ugh yes, I had it and my youngest DD at the same time now my oldest DD has diarrhea and bad stomach cramps. For us it lasted longer than usual. 4-5 days.
Hope u guys feel better soon.



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There is a stomach bug going around. It tends to last 12 - 24 hours. But the headache & stomach ache can also be strep. My youngest has those symptoms and we are now on another round of antibiotics for strep. I would at least have your 4 year old tested. Oh - and you may not have fever with strep. My kids don't. Hope everyone feels better soon !



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It is at our house too. My youngest missed part of school last Monday, all of Thursday and is home today. His symptoms have been on and off and he seems fine for a day and then is really miserable. Hope you guys feel better soon.



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A virus. Yes, you have a sinus infection. That doesn't mean that the virus is also not working on your stomach. Or the symptoms of the sinus infection are causing the nausea.

For example: I'm having some pain from a rotator cuff injury. I'm also nauseous. Pain nearly always causes nausea for me.

The virus that is causing your sinus infection could be causing your family's stomach illness. When we're exposed to and made sick by a virus the virus attacks our weakest spot.



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My son (7.5 year old) was sick over the weekend. It was throwing up, temp of around 100-101F and very tired. He got sick on Saturday afternoon, all day Sunday and we kept him home yesterday to recover. When I called his school they said that several students & teachers were out with the same thing.

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