Is There a Need to Switch to Larger Nipples?

Updated on January 27, 2008
A.M. asks from Longmont, CO
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I recently switched my sons Avent bottles' nipples from size 2 to a size 3. I did this for three reasons:

1. In almost 4 months he did not go up in the amount of formula he was eating per feeding but rather went up in the amount of feedings. In other words, he has been drinking 4 ounces of formula per feeding since he was 4 months old and he is now almost 8 months old. He falls asleep very quickly while feeding so I thought the bigger nipples would allow him to eat more before he feel asleep.
2. Avent recommends that you replace the nipples every 3 months so I wanted to replace them with the next size up.
3. The size 2 nipples started making that loud humming noise that is caused when the baby drinks too quickly. The noise made him stop eating as soon as he heard it.

I have been using the larger nipples for about 2 weeks and about half the time he acts like it is coming out too fast. He will take the bottle out of his month and swallow really hard. After this happens a few times he just gets frustrated and refuses to eat any more. However, when he does relax he drinks between 5 to 6 ounces with the larger nipples so I would like to try and continue using them. Does anyone have advice or tips on how to make to transition smoother to the larger nipples? Or, is he just not ready and I should go to back to size 2 nipples? Thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks everyone for your great advice!! Very helpful! I put number 2 nipples on half his bottles and number 3 nipples on the other half. That way (as Stephanie suggested) I am slowly getting him used to the larger nipples. When I read that I remembered that when we went from number 1 to number 2 nipples I did this (not on purpose though :) and eventually he would get upset whenever I used the number 1's. Also, the times that he is drinking his bottle to go to sleep I put a little rice cereal in his bottle to make it thicker and only used the number 3 nipples (as many of you suggested). This new "plan" is working great!!

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answers from Phoenix on

You know, my daughter did the same thing, it seemed as though it was just too much too fast. If you've tried them for two weeks and the baby isn't used to them, go back to the two's for a couple of feedings and see if he does better. Maybe now they'll be too slow, but he'll let you know. I did the back and forth thing until she seemed able to keep up with the bigger nipples. I think babies all drink at different rates, I know my son couldn't get enough no matter how big I made the hole, and like I said my daughter liked it a lot slower. Good luck!

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answers from Eugene on

As a mom, you know best and do not have to follow the recommended labels. I have four babies, and all were "Hoover lips." Even my 20 month old (when she does use a bottle) still only gets a #2 Avent. I'm an ex-engineer/ computer geek that stays at home now. Us "mucky-mucks" want to do everything perfect, but I've learned over time, to trust your gut. Many hugs...

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One solution we found helpful is to add some baby cereal - just a touch to make the milk consistency a little thicker - but not to thick that it won't come out of the nipple. You may have to experiment...but we found this helped keep our kids fuller, introduced cereal, and solved the too fast flow of the larger nipples!

On a side-note, I am hoping to launch a new home-based business this year and wondered if you'd be open to sharing marketing advice if I came across any roadblocks?

:) C.

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answers from Las Vegas on

Hi A.! I had the exact same problem with my son, at least with the nipples. He went up in his amounts no problem, but he NEVER would take a size 3 nipple. I had Avent bottles too. Every time I gave him size 3, he would take a little bit then throw the bottle and cry. And the few time he took a little more milk from the 3 nipple, he would throw up because he drank to fast. Finally, I just stopped trying because I wasn't going to purposely make him sick. Now he is 16 months and I have since had a hard time transitioning to a sippy cup. He's taking a sippy now, but it was hard. I would suggest to keep trying or just try a sippy now or it will be harder later on. Good luck!

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answers from Tucson on

My son is 18 mos. and we went through the same problem with the flow. Since he didn't have a weight issue or any other medical problems I started putting 1 scoop of rice cereal in his milk bottle. It seems to clog up the nipple (size 2) enough so that he still gets milk but just not as fast.We are working on transitioning soley to the sippy cup but, for now he still gets a milk bottle with rice cereal for sleepy times. Hope that helps.

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answers from Denver on

Hi A.-
My son had his bottle until he was 2. In that whole time I never changed out to a different nipple. We had some Avent bottles and used whatever size comes with them when you buy them!

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answers from Las Vegas on

Keep him on the larger size. He will get used to it. Babies get real frustrated when the nipple is to slow. Try sitting him up more and take the bottle out every once in a while so he doesn't drink to fast and get choked up

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answers from Las Cruces on

Is there a problem with weight gain? Are the nipples ortho shaped?

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