Is the Online Version of Weight Watchers Worth the Money?

Updated on February 25, 2010
B.L. asks from Roanoke, TX
6 answers

Just wondering if any of you have used the weight watchers online program!

Did you lose weight? If so, how much? Was it worth the monthly payment?

Thanks for your help!

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answers from Minneapolis on

If you have the self motivation weight watchers online works. Have you ever heard of I would check it out before paying for WW. It is free and has many awesome articles to keep you motivated, a journal area for food diaries, exercise, how many calories a day to lose your goal amount by a certain date, daily emails of things you are interested in, etc. I have loved it! I just have used it to lose those last 10-20 lbs of pregnancy weight. It is also great once you lose the weight and want to make sure you stay on track! Again, it is if you have the motivation to do it!



answers from Chicago on

I am currently doing weight watchers. I pay $39.95 a month and that includes both meetings and the weight watchers online program. I love it. I don't do the tracking in the little booklet but do it all online. so much easier. it calculates things for you and you can look up pretty much any food. go for it. those big numbers across the top keep you honest each day as they show what you have used and what you still have left. good luck


answers from Milwaukee on

ww's is great. i was in the program last april til november and lost 30 lbs. the meetings are what really helps and if you have a friend to join with you. i paid $40 a month and felt is was worth every penny....the only reason i quit is my son was diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and we couldn't afford ww's and his meds!!!! but if i could rejoin i would in a heart beat!!!!



answers from Houston on

I started in Jan. of 09 and lost 65 lbs by Halloween. With the holidays I pretty much plateaued and actually gained back about 7 lbs. I've now re-lost that 7 and I'm starting to see progress again. I have about 15-20 lbs to go to my target.

Also my husband started it in the fall of last year and he has lost 20 lbs as well.

Give it a try!




answers from Chicago on

If you stick with it, it absolutely works! When I put forth the effort of entering my daily points and activity, I lose weight. When I do not, my weight loss stagnates, or I regain some. I have lost about 20 lbs on it, but if I were to be more committed, I know I would lose much more.



answers from Indianapolis on

My husband and I are both considering it. His brother has lost 30 lbs on it and has done well at managing it.

Most dieticians I know strongly recommend Weight Watchers as the most balanced plan out there for helping people not only lose weight, but to also make lifetime changes to control their weight.

Good luck.

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