Is the Jjbundleme the Best for a Stroller?

Updated on October 14, 2010
T.T. asks from Philadelphia, PA
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it´s getting cold outside and I am in need of a blanket or something else for my daughter(3month) which will keep her warm enough through the hardest winter. How are your experiences? Or are you using something different and it works much better?

Any advices are really appreciated. Thank you very much.



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answers from Pittsburgh on

We love love loved the Bundle Me! While they were in the baby carriers, our kids didn't even need to wear a winter coat during the cold winter months. The Bundle Me kept them so warm. My Mom was totally skeptical and was utterly shocked when I took my son out to lunch and didn't have a coat for him. It was all she talked about during the entire drive to lunch. I just smiled and let her go on and on. Once we got to the restaurant, she pulled him out of the carrier and he was sooooooooo warm. My Mom's mouth dropped and she immediately apologized. We've since used the same Bundle Me for my daughter and niece (both infants during winter). I would highly suggest it to anyone. Winter jackets/snow suits for infants are incredibly difficult to use, especially when strapping them into the carriers. This is so easy. My sister used a snow suit with my nephew and when we let her borrow our Bundle Me for her 2nd child, she couldn't believe she'd ever struggled with the snow suit.

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answers from Laredo on

I have lived in California my entire life up until a year ago when my hubby got transferred and now we live in texas. So needless to say with my first I didnt need anything like the JJ because it just wasnt that cold, my newborn is just five weeks and with how cold we were last winter here I already got the JJ for the carseat. I havent used it yet but all the moms that live around me said it was the best thing for winter.

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answers from Seattle on

I loved ours! We live in Seattle, so it never really gets too cold here, plus of your baby is dressed with socks, pants, long sleeves, and a hat, we found that the bundle me lite was enough.

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answers from Philadelphia on

The bundle me is awesome! I had the infant sized on I used in the infant car seat and just plopped a hat on their heads and they stayed toasty! If you want to use it in the stroller without the infant seat I would reccomend the toddler size... I had to get the toddler size with my last infant seat because it was one of the big graco ones and my infant one was just not quite big enough.. and even though it was too big it still worked. Then as she got older I would put it int he stroller for cold nights your, but would also use her coat with it too because in the stroller without the infant seat it doesn't stay high enough to keep their sholders warm.

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answers from Philadelphia on

LOVE LOVE LOVE the BundleMe!!! It was worth every penny. I agree with Katie that even on the coldest days we didn't need to put a heavy winter coat on my son because he would be soooo warm in the BundleMe in his carrier. We put him in the carrier before we put it in the car and then we would carry it in to daycare or stores, etc. so we weren't pulling him out of it in the wintery elements. Its much better than struggling with a snow suit or heavy coats.



answers from Philadelphia on

My son was born in April, so I never used a bundle me for the infant car seat/carrier. By the time winter came around he had nearly outgrown the infant car seat and I didn't think it was worth the investment.

But we did a lot of walking and I used the toddler bundle me for his stroller. It was big the first year (like his feet only came halfway down), but we are going to continue to use it this year and probably even next year because I walk him to day care in the stroller everyday. We have the original toddler bundle me, which is fleecy on the outside, but a friend of ours has the urban one and it is more water-proof, so if I were to do it over again I'd get that one.

Given your daughter's age it seems like you might use it all winter in the car seat and the stroller, so you might want to get both. Strapping them into the car seat with a coat or snowsuit on is not safe.

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