Is That Sprain or Toddler Fracture?

Updated on February 23, 2010
K.P. asks from Plainsboro, NJ
11 answers

My son is 2 years old and had twisted his leg a week before. Immediately after fall he was not able to stand on that leg. so i applied some ice.Next day he was able to take some weight but not fully and he is showing improvement as he walking,squatting,standing on tip toes..but when he is trying to run or walk fast, i can see that something is wrong he does but with a limp . i am concern because i thought it might be minor injury.. but as it is already a week now and he is still not back to normal running ... any body with same experience ..please guide me

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answers from New York on

If after a week he isn't walking/running properly, I'd have him into a doctor. I'd have had him there the 2nd day. How could you imagine we would know whether he has a fracture? The internet is a great place for support and sharing experiences, but it is not a place for a medical diagnosis. When you want to know the extent of an injury, you see a doctor. Good luck.

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answers from Dallas on

I would certainly have him checked out. It could be a fracture and it is not healing properly.

I've had 2 instances in my close family when a toddler took a small fall that seemed to be nothing and both had broken legs. One of these children is the daughter of my cousin (THE DR.), and the other one was when THE DR. was a kid and he fell off a couch and broke his leg.

Check it out.......



answers from New York on

Go to the doctor or ER and have him checked!!!! TODAY!!!! Kids can have breaks without having deformity but they still need to be casted or braced for proper healing! A.



answers from New York on

My son fractured his forearm about a year ago (at 20 months). Like you we didn't know he had a fracture until we noticed it was sensitive to the touch. We took him to his pediatrician who sent him for an xray. Sure enough he had a fracture and had to wear a cast for two weeks. It completely healed. Your son probably has a fracture as well that has started healing already but they may want to put a cast on his leg. I would take him to the doctor asap.



answers from New York on

How about going to a doctor. A quick x-ray will give you an answer.


answers from New York on

You will only know if you have it x-rayed


answers from Rochester on

Definitely the doctor's. I've cared for children who had undetected fractures for several days before being diagnosed (even WITH X-rays, it took a specialist eventually glancing at them to see the tiny fracture), so give it a try. If a 2-year-old has inhibited movement after a week, there is something wrong. If it is not a fracture, you should at least get some good advice on helping him recover.



answers from New York on

I agree - you need an xray. My son had injury which was examined by 2 doctors and neither thought it was likely to be fractured - they xrayed 'to be on the safe side' and it was broken.
Little ones do not always express pain the same way as us - especially if they are happy & well attached.



answers from Honolulu on

Take him to the Doctor. They will x-ray it, or do an exam.

If it is bruised, then possibly a fracture. But sprains can do that too.
Is it swollen?
Where is the injury? his foot? leg?
If broken or fractured, they will also probably x-ray it to make sure it did not affect the growth plates. Which young children have.

Best to have it checked by a Doctor, so that it can heal properly... especially since he had twisted his leg prior to that.



answers from Nashville on

It needs to be xrayed. Toddlers can have tiny fractures that don't seem like much because thier bones are still more flexible than adults, so you might not think it is too bad at the time. But if he is still limping a week later, it really needs to be looked at by a doctor.


answers from Dallas on

I would take him to the dr. My 2.5 y/o jumped off of a slide at the mall play area and was limping. I went ahead and took him to the dr later that day, it turned out he just twisted his foot. He was fine a few days later. I debated whether or not to take him in, but ultimately decided to go. I felt more comfortable knowing he was fine, b/c I would have felt bad if I didn't take him in and he hurt his foot worse than I thought. Hopefully your son is fine, but take him in just to make sure!

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