Is Temporary/Contract Work Worth It?

Updated on October 28, 2008
C.K. asks from Rockwall, TX
4 answers

I am back in the job market again as a single mom. Someone recommended I do temp/contract work until I find a permanent job. Then I read that some temp agencies offer benefits and holiday pay. So, I was just wondering if it is possible to earn a decent living doing just temp/contract work. I did office temp work many years ago and I remember meeting a woman on a job once who said she only did temp work because the hours were more flexible so she could be at home with her kids after school. Of course, I don't know how much she got paid, but I am really needing about $25/hour, so didn't know if temp/contract work paid that much.

Anyone know of temp agencies that offer benefits and holiday pay? Is $25/hour realistic as far as temp/contract work?

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My sister works for a temp job for Time Warner Cable in the payment center and has been there for over 3 yrs. It doesn't pay as much as you're needing to make but it has very flexible hours and it's been steady work for her.
She works Mon, Tues, & Weds and is off the rest of the week. She makes approx $400 a week.
Good luck in your search!



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Hey CK, thanks for your response. One of the reasons I'm going back to school is that, like you stated, I don't want to commute and finding a job around here means I will only make $10 an hour. All temp and contract jobs pay about $10-11 an hour and to me, it's just not worth my time, gas, etc. So, I feel your pain! I am currently making an additional $200 or so as a wine consultant. It's easy, fun and I'm looking into approaching companies for corporate events. If you're interested, let me know! Good luck to you!!!!!



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What kind of work do you do?


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C K -

I would recommend that you contact Samantha Clark of Express Employment Professionals. She is the Franchise owner and opened up an office in Garland this past January. I was in a simlar situation as you when I met her. I was in transition and did not want to take on a permanent crappy job but wanted to do contract work until I could get a career position. I remember her having relationships in Rockwall. I apologize for not having her number but I do have her email ([email protected]

Another resource I have is Stephanie Ward with Ward Group Executive Search Firm ([email protected]

Good Luck


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