Is Sesame Place Appropriate for 2 1/2 Yr Olds?

Updated on May 14, 2010
K.S. asks from Winnetka, IL
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I have two boys (who will be almost 6 and 2 3/4) when we go. Are the rides appropriate for both ages? Are there different sections of rides for them or could they go on the same ones? I know they would both enjoy the Sesame Street aspect of it, just don't know about the rides for the little one...and are the water rides in a separate area or mixed in with the "dry" rides?


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answers from Philadelphia on

Most rides will accomodate both kids. The younger one can go on the rides with an adults. There is a roller coaster which would only be for the older one, but most of the rest will work for both boys. There's a section of the park called Elmo's World which has rides and play areas geared towards younger children. There's a toddler play area and lots of wading pools. The younger boy could hang out with you in the wading pool while the older one does the slides- most of the water rides have both aspects. The dry and wet rides are all sort-of intermingled. There are way more water rides than I thought. There are several live shows which are fun and the older boy could possibly get picked to go on stage and help. The parade is also fun to watch. Check when you get there about times for shows and the parade.



answers from Harrisburg on

You mean Sesame PLACE. Sesame Street is the TV show. Sesame PLACE is the place to go for amusement rides.


One thing to understand about Sesame Place is that it's mostly water rides, but it's not advertised that way. We went last year, mandatory for hubby's military unit. (love mandatory "fun days") We checked online to see how to prepare. When we got there, it's not a huge park, but most rides are wet, so I would put the kids in suits and bring the swim diapers! Pack as if you're going to a waterpark and bring dry clothes along, and rubber clogs that can slip on and off. Sunscreen is a must because for some reason, that park is so much hotter than all the others we've been to. Drink plenty. The park wasn't that busy but it was still an hour wait per dry ride, because there's not that many. They have a parade daily so check at the front when you get there on times for the parades cuz those are worth watching, if you can get up front, which means sitting early along the main "Sesame Street". Bring a camera! They have "Sesame Street" that you can walk along and take pics at each door, like Big Bird's Nest, and a fire truck. They put in a merry-go-round a couple years ago so that's at least one more dry ride. But it is very appropriate for a 2 year old. Just plan to stop a lot to stay cool, drink plenty and take your time. The wet rides are pretty much in the same area and the dry ones are pretty much in another corner, but again, the park is small so it's not like you would expect from the big theme parks where things are separated. I think it's worth going once, and mostly for great photo ops!

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answers from Philadelphia on

Yes! My kids have LOVED Sesame Place since they were 2! The little one can go on the rides with an adult. The majority of the park is water related though, which is mostly wading pools perfect for little ones, with some water slides for the older ones. There are fun shows to watch of the characters and a really fun parade!


answers from Pittsburgh on

We love Sesame Place! I'd say that there is a good mix of things for both ages spattered throughout the park. No singled out toddler area. It's pretty well mixed through. Have fun! We can't wait to go back...



answers from Philadelphia on

We live 5 mins away from the park and I have had season passes since my daughter was less than 2 yrs old. Since we go so often we don't feel that we have to do everything all in one day, but that said, it is possible to do it all. My advice is that you have another adult along because there are some rides that the 6 yr old can ride, but not the 2 yr old. I usually go alone and the older one would get upset because I couldn't leave the little one alone to take her on rides. There is a section called Big Birds nest that is geared just for the little ones to romp around it is shaded and a good place to take a break.



answers from Philadelphia on

I also live really close to the park. My son turned 2 in February and we're had season passes since last year and he loved it then too. He loves the characters and just the whole place in general. There are things for the little ones to do but in my opinion the 'younger' things seem to be more tailored for a 3 year old. You definitely want to have at 2 adults go. There are a bunch of water features that your younger one will like (as well as the older one). And if you plan on going more than once, get the season pass!! It more than pays for itself in 2 trips and if you get the big bird pass($119) for you (that includes free parking which saves you $15 a trip) and the regular pass for the kids ($89), you get a 30% discount on food and merchandise and discount on bringing guests. And just to get in the park alone is $53 (not counting tax). And if you go and decide you like it and want the season pass, you can go to guest relations and they will upgrade your tickets to a season pass. So you'll only pay the difference for what the pass cost vs. what you paid for you ticket. My sister did that after the first time she went with me. And the water rides and dry rides are all spread out together. There is no water/dry ride area. You see people walking all around with wet swimsuits.

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