Is Normal Have Sex Every Week or More?

Updated on October 04, 2009
J.M. asks from Woodridge, IL
4 answers

Hi friend,
I been married for 10 years w a wonderful guy and 4 chidrens.
I am a little concerd about my husband, he doesn't have sex w me excep every week, i dont want every day eigther, but every other day or 2 days is fine, every time i ask for something he said i am tired, i am old and had stress.
Rigth now we have money problems but i dont know if it is excuse.
I think he still pretty young 40 to we can have more often sex.
I dont really know what to think, I dont like to him anymore?, he need some vitamins?, he has another women?, or the situation make him down?.
Please help me.

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well i think he might be telln the truth my husband is 30 and recently he has been putting all his time and moneny into moving into our new store and im lucky if i get it at all he works 14 hour days and when he comes hone he's exhausted, for min i thought the same is he cheating? is it me (i jus had a baby 10ms ago) what can it be and im not gona lie i snooped oh did i snoop and guess what i found nothing and there is no way he could of tried to hide it....but i do kno that when men get extremly stressed they do lose the need to have sex...maybe you can try and spice things up go to lovers lane and see whats there that you think he will like....



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Ironically enough, I am like your husband. My husband wants it more, I am literally always tired and stressed over work and the kids. It has nothing to do with the fact that I dont like my husband anymore, or I dont find him attractive, I literally feel like I run on empty and all I want so badly is to just sleep!!! My husband has had the conversation with me to find out what is going on and he knows it is not another man, there is no time for that lol :), I know it hurts him, and you need to let your husband know if it hurts you, b/c I know it hurts him, I Try to make more of an effort instead of just blowing him off. But to be honest, if he did not tell me it hurt him, I would never had considered an issue, I would have thought that I am tired and stressed would have been ok and it would not have hurt him. Talk to your husband, tell him how it makes you feel and hopefully you will see better results from that.



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Hi J.,
I would talk to him and try to find out what is going on. Some men think differently about affection and intimacy, and it's frequency.

All the Best!



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Normal is different for everyone. The stress and strain of life changes everthing.Maybe you both can take some time for relaxing non sexual activities and things may change.

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