Is My Pregnant Belly Too Big Lol

Updated on March 27, 2010
C.B. asks from North Olmsted, OH
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Hi Moms, I am 16 weeks pregnant with my third child, and although I had LOST weight according to my last OB appointment, I feel like my belly has just POPPED lately. It's pretty round, and noticeable. I dont remember this happening so early with the other two. Is this pretty common? I almost feel like its too early to be wearing maternity clothes, but theres no getting around this bulge! I almost feel like anyine knowing Im only 16 weeks are thinking "wow, shes gonna be huge" What have been your experiences with the tummy popping at this stage? Just curious, thanks!

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So What Happened?

Thanks ladies!! You are all so great! I feel so much better. I really was feeling self conscious which I know is silly, but I feel like I look 6 months pregnant, not just the beginning of my fourth month!! It literally feels like over night my belly just popped!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

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With my son, I was in maternity clothes by the time I was about 10 weeks. I just exploded for lack of any other way to describe it. But then quit expanding until I was in my late 2nd trimester. I wouldn't worry too much and just enjoy having a guilt free reason to buy bigger clothes :)

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answers from Bloomington on

I'm 14 weeks with my second child, and I saw a noticeable change in my belly (it felt like) almost immediately! I had to switch to yoga/exercise pants around 9 or 10 weeks because my jeans just were getting too small. I told my OB about it, and he said it's not because the uterus has actually grown much in size, it's the elastin (I think) in the belly. Unfortunately, after previous pregnancies, the elastin never really regains much shape, so when you have subsequent pregnancies it tends to make the belly pop out sooner in readiness for everything to change. My husband (who's also an OB) said that it's pretty common to feel like you're showing sooner in subsequent pregnancies. I don't think it's a measure of how big you'll actually be by the end of the pregnancy. It's just something that happens. Good luck!

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answers from Albuquerque on

Ha Ha... I'm 24 weeks along with #3 and I have people tell me things like "you must be due any day," or "My your going to have a big baby!" I had to start wearing maternity clothes at like 8 weeks. My belly was the first sign I was pregnant. I also have not gained a huge amount of weight, just the average. Many people have told me that you just start showing sooner with each pregnancy.

My son is also measuring 27 weeks even though I am only 24. They estimate he will weigh between 10-11 lbs!

Enjoy your belly!



answers from Dayton on

With my 3rd I was in maternity clothes before I actually missed my period! I lost 10 lbs, and with the 4th (!!!) I'm not in them yet but it's coming fast and furious. I'm carrying this one higher and that is the only reason I still am in my own pants. I was told your body just knows what it's doing at this point; I think it's b/c my stomach muscles have been stretched and just aren't as strong. Either way, it happens. Last time it popped early then just stayed the same for a LONG time, so it doesn't mean you'll keep growing at this rate. Congratulations!


answers from Austin on

This is very normal. For most women the more children you have the quicker it will show. Your muscles are still nice and stretched from the previous pregnancies and knows what to do and is all ready to expand.

I have a dear neighbor that had 4 children, with each pregnancy she seemd to be further along earlier and earlier. She always weighed about the same (the last was the least), but when we went back and looked through photos through each pregnancy it was pretty amazing the difference from the first to the last. Her last child was the smallest in weight and she did not gain as much as the first pregnancy, she just carried really large.



answers from Des Moines on

It's normal!! I understand though, I was absolutely convinced that I was pregnant with twins till I had my 20 week ultrasound. I'm not kidding when I say that when I was 12 weeks pregnant, I looked to be more like 4 or 5 months pregnant. My belly was huge and round and stuck out. There was NO keeping this pregnancy a secret. I also think I was in maternity clothes at 8 weeks. Where with my first, I wasn't in maternity clothes till 6 months and with my 2nd I wasn't in them till about 4 months. 8 weeks and I was pulling those suckers out of the bin. LOL
I am now 29 weeks and I'm actually smaller than I was when pregnant with my other 2. So, you don't keep growing at that rate. LOL Which was another huge fear of mine.



answers from Des Moines on

With my second I felt like I popped out a lot sooner than my first. I was wearing maternity clothes a lot earlier too, but some of that had to do with already having them, and putting more emphasis on comfort this time! You may notice a difference with your third if there is a shorter amount of time between your second and third pregnancies. It can take a long time to get everything back to "normal" (and then it still really isn't the same as before!) after being so stretched out. Congratulations on your third!



answers from Kansas City on

Depending on our much your stomach stretched during your prior pregnancies you can show much earlier. During my 1st pregnancy my stomach muscles disconnected (to be fixed after my last baby), so when I got pregnant the 2nd time by 7 wks I couldn't wear my normal clothes, even though I hadn't gained any weight. Congrats



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It's perfectly normal. One day you barely show and then 2 days later you just pop out. I wouldn't worry too much about it but if you have concerns, ask your doctor on your next visit to ease your mind.



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Don't panic , with each pregnancy you start to show earlier but it all measures out in the later weeks. I also have 3 kids and in the 3rd pregnancy I started wearing maternity jeans (under belly) at 10 weeks because my own clothes were so unbearable to wear. By the time I was around 25 wks I was actually looking quite small and neat , it's just because all your muscles are so relaxed from having been there done that before!!


answers from Norfolk on

I've heard it's normal to show earlier the more pregnancies you have. The muscles relax faster and your body knows what to do. Just 2 days before I had my son, I had a 54" waist and was wearing men's 2X polo shirts. Nothing else would fit. Congratulations!



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A woman will carry each baby differently. My first child I was in maternity by 12 weeks. I knew I was having twins. Now this was 26 years ago so the ultra sounds weren’t as good as they are now and the doctor even kept looking to see if one baby wasn’t “hiding” daughter was 9 and ½ pounds I gained 50 pounds. She just “laid” outward all sprawled out with her hind end pushing against my belly button. My second child was 9 pounds, I gained about the same amount of weight and I hardly needed to wear maternity clothes until the 8 month. He curled up and hung in close to what felt like my throat.

I wish you well.



answers from Raleigh on

I am 18 weeks and I was just thinking this morning how it seems like my belly really popped out overnight last night. Crazy! And the baby's kicks are VERY strong today. I walk into work, and a coworkers says 'Wow! You have really popped out!" The worst part is my belly button has popped right out too, and is visible through my clothes, even with a bella band on. I don't remember this seemingly overnight transformation with my son. So you are not alone. :)


answers from Fayetteville on

My belly has done the same thing. I didn't show until I was almost 5 month pregnant. then I compared a picture from my 5 months to 8 months and it like doubled in size. I looked like I had swallowed two watermelons. My mother in law still thinks I am having twins even though the doctors have told me I wasn't have twins. I feel my belly is huge too, my mom said she was huge with my sister and this baby might be taking after that. I am having a boy and I am 37 almost 38 weeks pregnant. Congrats on your new little one. I am getting nervous since this is my first baby and all. I am sure your belly is just fine though.

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