Is My Daughter Developing?

Updated on January 10, 2013
K.W. asks from East Greenwich, RI
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My daughter is 6, at one point she was flat then all of a sudden I started to see her nipples. The I noticed with her shirt off you can start to see the tissue getting puffier than before. Is it to young. I went and bought under shirts to help. But I noticed she has noticed also. Not sure what to think?!!!!!!!

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So What Happened?

I want to thank everyone for there help. Now I just need to find a ped to see her.

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answers from Washington DC on


Welcome to mamapedia!!!

Yes, at the age of 6 she COULD be developing. Do you want to slow it down?

Get her off processed foods. Buy organic milk that doesn't contain hormones. Start eating FRESH foods....anything that is processed has hormones in it.

Think back to when you started your period. It's very possible she will start earlier than you. So if you want to "push it off"? get rid of the hormones in processed foods!!

good luck!

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answers from Norfolk on

It's possible.
Talk to your pediatrician about precocious puberty.
What does she weigh (what is her Body Mass Index)?
Obese girls (22 or more pounds over weight) have an %80 chance of developing breasts before their 9th birthday.
I wasn't chubby but I got my 1st period the day after my 11th birthday (in the 70's) and breasts didn't really come along much until a few years later - I didn't need a bra till middle school (7th grade).

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Please have her seen by your pediatrician.
It could be nothing or it could be something.
If she IS showing signs of puberty, they are going to send her to an endocrinologist right away.
Kids that enter puberty too early also have the puberty growth spurt too early, then stall out on the growth chart. They won't recover and growth will be dramatically stunted. (Ever see those people that look like a bit smaller version of grown adults?)
All the organic, non-processed foods in the world aren't going to counter that!
So, please, get an informed opinion from her doctor. Good luck!

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answers from New York on

OneAndDone is right on track. Especially if you notice and hair - she will need to see the Endocrinologist. So go to the Ped and see what is best for you to do.

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answers from Chicago on

My daughter had the same around 6 or 7. She got her period like I did at age 9. She also outgrew me this past summer. She will be 11 in March. Did you or your sisters develop early? It's likely she's following the same pattern.

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answers from Portland on

I've read that girls are maturing earlier than 25 or more years ago. I've also read what you describe, tho early, is normal. My daughter's breasts were like this at 7 but her daughter's just started to develop at 11.

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answers from Columbus on

The body starts to develop years before you get your period. I got my period in fourth grade, as did my sisters, my mother, my grandmother. I was in a bra, a real bra, in third. My daughter started wearing a training bra in third and started developing, as you're describing, in second. Precocious puberty may be a growing problem nationally, but it also could just be that she's developing on track. Also, bear in mind, that a girl with a little more padding on her body will enter puberty earlier, because fat cells harbor estrogen, so if she has any extra weight on her, she may start earlier. In my family, she would be considered completely normal. And all the girls in my family are skinny and tiny -- my 10 year old weighs 62 pounds. But if no one else is developing early and she is a skinny 6, you might want to have her seen. And One and Done is right about the stalling on the growth chart -- they stop growing a year after they get their period, typically -- All the women in my family are under 5'2", but again, genetics vs. precocious puberty? I'd say genetics... After all, all the men are under 5'7".

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