Is My 8 Yr Old Daughter Going Through Puberty Early??

Updated on September 24, 2009
T.F. asks from Bensalem, PA
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Well this started about 2 weeks ago. My daughter who turned 8 in march started having the whitish/yellowish discharge (very little). Then the past week she has started having (very little) brownish gooey (thats how she explained it) discharge in her panties. My questin is, could this be the beginning of her period?? I did not get my period until i was 12, my oldest daughter also at 12, my mom the same!! So isn't this kind of early?? This is the funny part, she has been bed wetting ever since she was potty trained, i had her at urinologists, sleep disorder clinics and our regular doctor and tried the meds. They all say it's "normal" ecspecially if the father had the same problem, which he did!! BUT, ever since she started having this discharge she has not wet the bed!!! She is extremely excited about not having to wear sleep pants. So could she be going through puberty and this is why she is no longer wetting the bed?? 8 yrs old is way too early to get your period and i hope it is not that. She is also extremely active, plays softball, basketball etc..

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So What Happened?

Thank you all for the responses, they are appreciated. I will be calling the doctor to schedule and appt. this week.

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Could be a yeast infection; check with your ob/gyn. Best of luck.



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I know it seems really early, especially in light of when you and others in your family got your periods, but the fact is that some people are just early bloomers. I know this for a fact b/c I got my period when I was 9 years old, and had no idea what was happening (had not had "the talk" with parents and they hadn't taught it in school yet, so I thought something was really wrong!)

Anyway, is there somehow you could call your OBGYN and ask advice from them (or maybe your family doctor?), I'm not sure if they would give it without seeing her, but it might be helpful to prepare yourself (and her if you already haven't) for the possibility that this is her period. Hope this helps and good luck with everything!



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Girls start puberty earlier than boys, generally. Girls start as early as 8 years old and this is normal. Although many girls can look to their mothers to see when they may start, there's no set rule. Girls are starting earlier than years past due to diet.

It sounds like your daughter was dealing with Enuresis (bed wetting in older children), which occurs mostly in boys but happens with girls too. It can last up to about age 12, but many times will stop as soon as puberty hits. This is what happened with my oldest son. The bed wetting stopped and the nocturnal emission started. So this sounds what has happened to your daughter. She's going into puberty.

I've not heard too many girls who had a discharge before actually bleeding but it does sound normal. I would call the doctor's office to be certain that the discharge is normal in the beginning to be sure it's not an infection or anything.

Either way, you need to have a talk with her about what's going on with her body or will be and why. There's books out there and videos and it's important that she understands everything that will be happening to her so there's no surprises and you don't want her listening to old wives tales out there by other girls. If your older daughter is close to the 8 year old she can be involved too if she's willing. Sometimes it's easier to go to someone else to talk to rather than Mom so big sister could be that other person, rather than some dorky friend who thinks she knows all the answers and filling your daughters head with wrong information.

Do a Google search for girls in puberty to get some info as well to help with your talk. Illustrations can help a child understand the body as well.

K. B
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Dear T.,

I would suggest that you take your daughter back to a doctor. BUT this time to a neurologist who specializes in hormonal issues. The reason I suggest this is a good friend of mine wet the bed for many years past the age of 5 and finally after visiting a neurologist for debilitating headaches, the bedwetting was mentioned and a hormone levels test was done and it was discovered that she had hormonal issues which were easily corrected via medication. The bed-wetting and headaches soon stopped. If your daughter is having an irregularity in her hormone levels it may induce early puberty or early physical manifestations of puberty. All which might lend to other problems further down the road.

Good luck and how wonderful a mother you are trying to be supportive yet concerned for your children's health & well-being.

ann m



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There are girls in my family who started their period at 9 so it is not to early or so unusual. Keep a close watch on her and get her periodic check ups with the doctor
I hope this helps
El W.



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She could be starting puberty. I was 8 yrs old when I got my period for the first time. So it is possible. I would talk to your ob/gyn or family dr.

Good Luck.




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She could be starting puberty, or she could have some kind of infection. Either way, check with her ped/your gyn.



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She could have a UTI or a yeast infection. I'd take her to the doctor and have them check it out.


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Hi, T.:

Contact your local OB-GYN Doc. Get more information.

Good luck. D.



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It could be a coincidence with the bedwetting part - she may just have outgrown it (which most do eventually). As with the period, it is possible also - I have known of girls that young getting it, does she have other signs? (breast developement, etc.) You may want to call your ob/gyn - just to ask - it wouldn't hurt to have her looked at if you are unsure - just to make sure everything is OK

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