Is Lead Test a Routine Test for 1 Year Old in the United States?

Updated on May 04, 2010
S.T. asks from Edison, NJ
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Is lead test a routine test for 1 year old in the united states?

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answers from New York on

IN NY it is, most peds do it at 1 year, but i think mine did it at 9 months and 18 months.

Dont see why anyone wouldnt want it done, it a simple test!

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answers from New York on

YES! There are a lot of children growing up in old homes, appartments, etc that lead paint was a standard for so they always test (at my pediatricians) for lead!

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answers from Jamestown on

YES!! There are so many residences that still have lead based paint that can cause damage or death to small children.

My youngest son was so hyper at the age of 4. I just thought he was my one "problem" child out of the three at that time. I didn't think his behavior was due to being poisoned by lead.

My son received a lead test in 1996. The levels the Doctor's worry about is between son's level was 67.9!!! We had to leave the house immediately and not return until the EPA got the test results back and clean -up was done. My son underwent 6 months of treatment and had psychological damage. He was on medication until last June. (He's 17 now)

The house was covered with lead based paint and so was the soil. The landlord scraped the porch and brushed the paint chips into the yard. My son played with his trucks and helped me in the flowerbeds. Needless to say, the tests from the EPA came back and we were not allowed to remain living there.

He could've died if that test would not have been done. I sued the landlord and the government agency that approved the house...and won.

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answers from New York on

Lead testing is required in many states. This is due to the exposure children might have to lead in paint from older houses and now with many children's toys. It is a simple finger prick blood test which they would be checking anyway.

Lead is such a dangerous thing that causes irreversible damage and needs to be caught early.

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answers from New York on

I'm in NY, and my kids were 3 when they had it done, when they were starting preschool. The schools required it. It may be common to do it younger now, I don't know - my kids are turning 15 and 11 so things may have changed in terms of what is typical

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answers from Topeka on

At my peds office it is and if your on state assistance it is if it weren't i'd have it done anyway



answers from New York on

My daughter was just tested at her 3 year checkup - it was a finger prick. I'm pretty sure she's gotten tested once before, but I don't remember at what age.



answers from Chicago on

Pretty much. My older kids were tested at 2 but my youngest was tested at 1. They take other tests as well so that was just one more at the time. With kids moving around so much and able top put losts of things in their mouths, lead can be picked up anywhere. If your home is built in the 70s or older, it most likely has lead somewhere. Also older building everywhere. For school entering 3rd grade (transfer into a public school) they did not have record of my sons screening at 2 yrs old and I almost did it again when the doc double checked the records and saw that he already had it done.



answers from Philadelphia on

maybe it is in NJ... i am also in NJ and both of my girls were tested at age 1 and 2



answers from Sacramento on

It depends on how old your house is. If your house was built before about 1970, then a lead test is routine because there is likely lead paint on the walls (even if it's a few layers down).




answers from Detroit on

YES. Very normal! Doesn't hurt!



answers from New York on

Here in NJ they test at age 1 and 2. It could be a state thing. I am glad they do because we have an old house. Our son dropped 6 points on the test from age 1 to 2 so we were very happy. And its not a finger prick. They take blood just like they would from an adult, in the arm. It is very upsetting but worth it.



answers from New York on

yes, all my friends with kids the same age have had the test.



answers from Boston on

I'm in Massachusetts and I believe it is routine to do it at 1 years old and again at 2. Not sure after that since my little one isn't quite 3 yet. It's seriously just a finger prick to get the blood and my daughter didn't even cry (meanwhile she screams when she gets vaccinations).



answers from St. Cloud on

Nancy B is right on! My husband is a certified renovator and the instances of lead contamination in homes are astounding.
It should be required in every state!


answers from Savannah on

I've never heard of anyone getting a lead test unless they've requested one from their pediatrician. But thats just me...



answers from Kansas City on

my ped recommended it but it wasnt required.



answers from Albany on

Yes and NY wants it at age 2 as well. With all the lead on toys now, I almost feel better about it because it used to drive me nuts but now I almost want to get my older kids tested to to be sure.


answers from Columbus on

I isn't a routine test in Ohio, I just happened to request my kids' levels be tested...the three youngest had unsafe levels. It is kind of scary to think of the behavioral and lifelong effects lead poisoning can have-my daughters unborn children could one day be affected by this. Luckily we found out before we got any farther than we were on buying the home we were living in, fixing the lead problem would have cost more than the house was worth.
IMO, lead level testing should be routine all over the USA, it's such a simple test. Lead poisoning presents itself much like ADHD, and strangers were actually making comments like 'have you had him/her tested for ADHD' right before my kids were tested--that makes me wonder if doctors shouldn't maybe test for lead poisoning before making the ADHD diagnosis. I have three cousins who have been diagnosed ADHD and none of them EVER had their lead levels checked. We live in Ohio where something like 59% of the homes are estimated to contain lead based products (paints, pipes, etc.)...I'd just think they'd check something like that.



answers from Seattle on

Never heard about that and it wasn't offered to us for the 12, 18 or 24 month check up.
However if might be a regional/state thing since some placed have higher likelihood of contamination.
Good luck!



answers from Honolulu on

Our Pediatrician, at that age, has the parents fill out a questionnaire... just a routine non-invasive check list type thing.
Base on that, if there are red-flags... then the child can be screened for it.

Lead.... can be leeched into the body in many ways, or if a house is old and has lead containing paint, some lunch boxes have it too, kids jewelry, etc. Many sources.

all the best,



answers from New York on

my son had a blood test for it at one year old.



answers from Houston on

To my knowledge, neither of my children have ever been tested for it. I don't think they would test for it unless they suspected it was an issue. I've not heard of it being a routine test for children.

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