Is It Thrush?

Updated on May 08, 2007
J.P. asks from Bethlehem, PA
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I am a new mom with a three week old and need some help. We have been having some breast feeding issues and some of them seem like it could be thrush, but not all. I am going to just list the symptoms, please help withany advise or suggestions how to help her (and my husband and myself).
-eats every hour to two hours around the clock
-getting fussier by the day
-spitting up is getting more and more frequent (projectile and chunky), we've tried burping, sitting up after feedings for a half hour, incline sleeping, nursing on one breast only, short feedings and the spit up is more frequent
- after spitting up she wants to eat again and the spit up cycle starts over
-explosive gas and bm's
-seems to have gas pains associated with fussiness
-brown, green, loose, mucusy bm's - pr a combo of all
-some blisters on her behind
-weezing, gagging, throat clearing (especially at night)
-my breasts/ nipples are hurting (could be all the feedings), breast are kind of itchy during feeding, tingly feeling during and after feeding, pain in nipples if a chill runs through me

Any ideas, I am new at this mom thing, stumped as to what to do and tired! Thanks for reading!

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So What Happened?

Thanks for the advise! We have a call in to our ped and a lactation consultant...hopegully we will get her tummy straightened out!


Thanks for the advise. We go to the ped on Mon. She doesn't seem too concerned..."babies do that". I called a lactation consultant and she agrees that thrush doesn't seem likely, but a possible over supply of milk. I have already cut out dairy, with no luck. I will give chocolate and peanut butter a try. We've also been working with suggestions on dealing with the over supply issues, if that's the problem. I have my fingers crossed but still can't wait for Monday's appointment!

Thanks for being there to help! I can't even explain how reassured I feel hearing from others who have had similar issues!

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answers from Pittsburgh on

It doesn't sound like thrush - that is an infection in the baby's mouth and your breast that is passed back and forth - yeast infection I believe. You would notice white patches in your baby's mouth, but it shouldn't cause so many other symptoms. You've only been nursing 3 weeks which could explain your sensitvities.

Newborn breastfed babies do have very loose bm's but they should be more yellow and seedy than other colors and mucusy. I think you need to check in with your ped about the baby's symptoms. I think it's always hard to know when you've crossed the line to diahreah with a breastfed baby since it's so similar, but the different colors and mucus are signs. The doc may do or have you do a smear of her bm's and have you keep a diary of your diet to see if she's showing an allergy or reaction to something you are eating. Usually you'd start with eliminating most popular allergens and then gradually reintroducing them while monitoring her bm's to see if any changes.

My little ones both went through "projectile periods" when they were tiny, but they didn't have the other symptoms of fussiness, gas, wheezing, etc. I have REALLY fast/strong letdown and so I think mine just ate too much in a very short time during the early weeks. They would "explode" at the end of feedings if I let them go more than 5 minutes, but they never seemed uncomfortable with the spitting. My ped said if they were content, then it wasn't anything to look into and to let her know if they got fussy or seemed to be uncomfortable --- which it sounds like your little one is.

As for the rash on her bottom...the thing that worked best for us was Aquaphor. It's similar to Vasoline, but the later didn't work for us, but the Aquaphor would clear up nasty rashes very quickly. My son's skin was extremely sensitive and we still use it on any skin issue he has and it always seems to help.



answers from Philadelphia on

Definitely make an appt with the pediatrician. It sounds like GERD (acid reflux) not thrush. Thrush is a yeast infection in the mouth. If you look in her mouth and see white patches on her tounge and/or insides of the cheek, then it could be thrush...otherwise, probably not. From the symptoms you described, I would try feeding her less at each feeding and make sure to keep her propped up or elevated for at least a half hour after each feeding. Newborn digestive tracts are very under-developed and they are prone to spitting up and vomiting until their stomachs develop. I had this problem with my daughter (spitting up after eating). Her pediatrician suggested feeding her slightly less at each feeding. That did the trick.

I hope this helps and good luck with the new baby!



answers from Saginaw on

well it sounds like the baby may have acid reflux and your breasts are just adjusting to being a new mom and all the stuff they have to do. To ease breast pain I nursed off both breasts at every feeding. She might also just want to suck on something and using you for a pacifier, but being full she throws it back up. Maybe try giving her a pacifier and see what happens. She might also just be a litte piggy and really be hungry. There are alot of things. Try the pacifier and nurse on both sides. On your next feeding start on the last breast the baby was on. You might want to try the ped just in case it is acid reflux, my baby had that and it isn't a good time at all! Good luck!



answers from Philadelphia on

i agree about examining your diet for allergens. keep a list of what you eat and let the pediatrician check it for possible triggers.

and congrats on the new baby!



answers from York on


I know you said you cut out dairy with no luck. It takes 8 weeks for dairy to leave your system entirely, so be patient. You will need to cut out ALL dairy, and be sure that all you eat is dairy free. It really does sound like a food issue, and not over supply. The blisters on her rear and her green poop are a definite indicator of food issues, and dairy can cause all of what you're describing.

An excellent option is to also consider providing an infant pro biotic. It is possible that she just needs some help down in her belly to handle her food a little better.

I have some suggestions, if you contact me. I can't post them now... out of time this morning.

Wishing you the best. Oh and I would take her off of the Zantac.

Wife, Mother Friend



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,
If your baby has thrush you'd notice a think white coating on her tongue that would be hard to remove. Also, you would observe some changes to your nipple area.

It sounds like her tummy trouble might be due to something in your diet that she is not tolerating well...maybe milk products?

I agree with the others, see your doctor and hear what he/she recommends.



answers from Pittsburgh on

Make an appointment with the Ped. I think that would be best, but the symptoms of fussiness and throwing up could be signs of acid reflux. My daughter had this bad. The weezing and gagging could be because the milk is making its way back up the esophigus(sp) causing her to gag. It is just like an adult having heart burn and is very uncomfortable. Ped told us to feed her less more often and gave us medication.
That is just a thought that you might want to look into.
Good luck.



answers from Philadelphia on

Hi J.,

Your best bet would to call yr doctor, And see what he has to say with all those symptom and take the baby in for a check up to make sure she gaining weight. Make a list of everything that is going on so you won't leave anything out. Let us know how you make out.

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